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  1. http://vk.com/album1803045_153645853 They are from the Chris Cunnigham booklet that came with a DVD with his videos. OMG, every single time I watch photo no. 30 from the booklet I can't help having a fit of laughter. It is so crazy it makes me happy. I think I'm gonna make a huge poster from it!!
  2. Richard, Thank you very much for making so many people's lives better with your beautiful music!
  3. pek

    The Muss

    The Muss IS Aphex Mwin!!
  4. I am actually loving this track, this guy is genius. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSJZ7mCErHg
  5. Hi there, you watmmers! The Minister of Information from UR knows very well how to make it REALLY nice in 2012. Superb new release. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nVzzZ4B6Ms
  6. pek

    The Art of Acid

    Thank you very much, psn!!
  7. pek

    The Art of Acid

    I really like your mix a lot. Where can it be downloaded from? Thanks and Merry 2012!!
  8. Hey, man! Your shit ROCKS!! I started trying to compose electronic music back in 1996. I´ve gone from ReBirth to Cubase VST to Logic to Max/MSP to hardware: samplers, drum machines, digital/analogue synths, MIDI and CV/Gate, etc... Although I´ve recorded tons of CDs & DVDs never finished a single track. Never ever! However, every time I listen to your stuff it makes me to retry to write my own because your music fluently moves me to it again. It is so inspirational!! Thanks a lot and keep on rocking, Chris ;)
  9. Willemjan, very kind of you. Now it is downloading fine. Thank you, man!
  10. Hi! I was looking for this session to download but links seem broken. Does anybody know where to get it? Ta
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