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    The new Wolfenstein is a very good game.

    unfortunately just started destiny 2, otherwise I'd be all over wolf.


    Is it pretty much like playing DOOM? Looked like the same engine etc.

    Same engine but plays a bit differently. If you want to run and gun like in Doom you'll probably want to lower the difficulty. It's pretty difficult.


    But same engine I think, ye. It looks insanely good and the shooting itself feels even better than the previous games.


    Also feels good to support a linear SP game with no bullshit microtransactions or tacked on MP stuff in the current year I guess.

  2. hella loving this album. black halcyon is too perfect.


    also really happy with the second disc! never got around to listening to Tomorrow's Explorers when it came and now I feel bad. glad you're putting out stuff on cd again <3

  3. "Those drums that sound like they are bouncing off a GTI's tinted window are in full swing, flashing past like reflecting LED signs from all night takeaways and off licenses that litter the endless, urban streets that first gave us these sounds."


    "While a garage bounce is ever present, here it sounds more than ever like a rain soaked USB containing some of EL-B's finest dubs, that has been found in what was a smoking area outside Plastic People (RIP)."


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