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  1. C'Mon They are funny but musically not very good I guess that's the point
  2. The first set had me laughing and dancing in my chair. His tracks are not that good but the videos are funny
  3. Yesterday I discovered this dude channel lol & [emoji3590] https://youtu.be/oynRwBki8GE
  4. Link to Google music playlist https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXyl3KSZyN81hbFgTBuh6uDYmSGuJXoKgWlgBSrm0BaT-JHJdd11P4IiJ6kQwDveQ2QbdKlVJaaETY7Ngf5zVZaZnSVhCbw%3D%3D Is not complete but closest I could do
  5. Joyrex.com Good old times
  6. I liked it too Now I need to watch the documentary
  7. They need Chuck testa
  8. Let's see what happened in all these years. Dante is 18 and has a little 6 year old brother. I quit the smokes I started vaping 6 years ago Now i barely even vape 0mg Nicotine. I been driving an EV since 2015. I have a zztop kind of beard....
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