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    That's an amazing discovery. Really puts a spin on the issue, not just in terms of probability but maybe we're the ET's after all.
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    The only plausible argument against ET's that I've read is that the combinatorics of biochemistry are just too great for it to happen more than once within the universe's current age. There are counter arguments in alternative protein compounds and other non earth-centric solutions. It also just doesn't make sense to me considering the amount of matter out there, and exoplanets in the goldilocks zone. Black holes are devouring eachother every 20 minutes or so out there, billions of LY all around us, but this little fluke of an atmosphere is unique?
  3. Some good stuff by Lawrence Krauss on big cosmology, starts with a lot of familiar info but it gets pretty revealing about the theories behind spontaneous creation of a universe from nothing. I had a few real a-ha moments. One thing that surprised me is that he seems convinced that the universe is closed but just so big that it appears flat to us, a thought I've often had myself, and he actually explains the physics behind it. There's some overlap in this talk but it has a lot more on gravitational waves, fundamental forces at the big bang and inflation theory.
  4. There's this one, I've linked the best album! It's better than Syro! https://chatmm.bandcamp.com/album/volume-12-soothing-sounds-for-bachelors
  5. Merry Christmas! https://cytoplantastic.bandcamp.com/track/silent-nyeet
  6. Some stuff will do you good to get rid of though, workflow-wise...
  7. Wow, amazing sounds!!!
  8. I'm gonna be so anxious when this launches.
  9. On my 5th birthday I wanted a cake with an edible model of a JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet on it. I got a cake with M&M's placed roughly in the shape of an airplane. Commemorating that great primer of reality, here's a cake special!
  10. We finally did it, we uninstalled McAfee.
  11. Friendhelloroasty Spantano
  12. YouTube algo finally gave this guy a break, it's the best channel ever
  13. Why are you even bothering with linear timecode stuff outside of a DAW? The classic way to do it was ride a bunch of mixer faders. You're not going to get much more precision than that outside of a programmable DAW.
  14. I think he said he's tried to go back in style and method a few times but felt it wasn't the same.
  15. Stop it! You know what I'm talking about
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