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  1. Had the displeasure of yet another "gourmet" burger joint that doesn't even bother mentioning they smash their burgers. As if it's the new religion to love extremely greasy trashed patties and happily pay north of €20. The burger was named "Pops", presumably for the floppy cucumber resembling old man dick. Earlier example from another place. Just way too greasy which kills any flavor. Dirty fries were great though. Two recently homebrewed quickies. Nothing fancy but way better than the above at a fraction of the price. Prefab chuck patties on low heat on the cast iron, gouda/cheddar, Scorpion Tabasco for a few dabs of heat, raw onion, a lot of black pepper plus hickory bearnaise on one, whatever dressing I found in the fridge at the time on the other.
  2. Disregarding all the progressive anti-royalist stuff, she was an effective diplomat and has likely prevented many wars and conflicts... regardless of how you might feel about colonialism and the Commonwealth.
  3. As far as historically relevant people in our lifetime go, she kind of takes the cake. Respek
  4. I was looking up matrix mixers once and the options aren't abundant out there. This looks really good for solving all kinds of headaches with routing and FX chains. $1300 doesn't strike me as a lot for a thing like that, some pretty basic rack mixers and summers can be more than double that, but with these old big boxes I dunno how the upkeep is going to be... All thru-hole apparently.
  5. AI Rapper FN Meka has been dropped from Capitol Records after just seven days. The world apparently wasn't ready for a white guy using an AI avatar to get away with the N-word... https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/24/entertainment/fn-meka-dropped-capitol-records-cec/index.html
  6. Yes! And Derelic7 & Dr Drumatix - miss Mr Modular, wonder where he's at...
  7. I spent an embarrasingly long time trying to look for what was so funny about the video part...
  8. @iococoi Ah yes, the perfect woman.
  9. Has potential. People who don't dig the restrictions of Dall-E, for whatever reason, are going to have a field day.
  10. Kudos on the comprehensive list. I haven't used Reason in many years but I have fond memories of making wacky sounds with Malström, especially patching the back with Dr Rex.
  11. There was a Radiolab episode that brought up side-channel attacks, meaning that you could glean passwords using hi-tech microphones aimed at the processor or even monitoring the power draw of a computer. Cool and a little creepy. I wouldn't put it past mechanical components like a HDD to have a number of quirky flaws, whether it's crashing from a Janet Jackson song or accidentally broadcasting your bitcoin wallet.
  12. RIP Wolfgang Petersen https://variety.com/2022/film/news/wolfgang-petersen-dead-air-force-one-1235342734/
  13. People who piggyback on famous franchises with fan art to maximize their audience. The original twitter poster does a lot of pokemon & mario shit.
  14. Damn, RIP one of the OG's. I'm pretty sure he wrote perl scripts that automated the long-ass posts at some point.
  15. People have been whining about digital cheating for a long time. Big whoop, these cookie-cutter fan artists are easy for an AI to mimic...
  16. Ketron have released a ton of cool stuff over the years, like the instant Italo Disco machine:
  17. chim

    AI Art

    A cyberpunk goat riding a Harley Davidson A labcoat scientist experimenting with a monstrous modular synthesizer
  18. Mad God Pure magic and a masterstroke of a dying craft. Soundtrack was intense too.
  19. chim

    AI Art

    Not super often these days. I don't really look at them as similar in any way, even though I mainly painted digitally. This is more of a novel dice roller gadget with visual results. So it's pretty cool but it's nowhere near the enjoyment, effort and involvement of constructing something stroke by stroke. There are lots of aids and tricks in the digital painting world and I always disliked relying on those, but I'm also aware there's a world of traditional painters who think all digital art is BS. You could tie paintbrushes to your dog's paws and claim you're the creator of whatever happens. It's easier to feel removed from what Dall-E does as it's pretty unexpected. I'm not sure how I'd feel about a version with super specific instructions or direct brain link. It's a bit like generative music versus playing an instrument, I'm not saying one is strictly better but they are different.
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