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  1. @brian trageskin Root-third substitions in chord progressions are pretty common, especially in jazz but you hear it in pop as well. It's always root minor - major third as well as root major - minor third, unless you're going for something Boccy or grandiose major pop thing. Is that what you were going for?
  2. The main reason that stuff is expensive unobtanium today is because every studio threw their units right into the trash once solid state gear appeared and made tubes uncool... See the pattern here? Also there's that cultural osmosis factor of what we expect a record to sound like. I've spent plenty of time with a Fairchild clone and it's very woolly and 3D but sucks a lot of presence right out.. The Beatles mainly parallel processed vocals thru theirs if I remember correct. Wouldn't hate a Chandler REDD preamp though.
  3. Beatles aren't the greatest example for that, EMI made history building that ww2 surplus looking gear and inventing designs for them (stuff from that REDD console is still being cloned today)... But other than that you're right, people played tight back then and didn't need fancy signal chains or a gajillion tracks. Stevie Wonder's Superstition always astounds me as out of 16 tracks, 8 were Clavinet overdubs and everything else had a pair of channels each at most, from drums to horns. I think back then it was so hard to record in the first place that you had to pull off the maximum S/N and sound just in the soundbooth.
  4. No more stuff to buy, ever again!
  5. Mixers don't need a lot of fluff, just a decent transformer pair at the output. What about Neve 5059 Satellite or the little brother 5057 Orbit? How much mixer do you need in your mixer, something like Radial Space Heater might work? The right sound might be anything from some grungy toy to a Steinway. Loads of people on GS and beyond confidently claim that discrete and class A don't matter, and it's probably true, but whenever the sound of something wows me, those two terms tend to pop up in the specs. I'd love for the naysayers to be right as Class A is pricey, power inefficient and generates heat. There are loads of exceptions of course. Prologue, P6, OB-6, OB-X8 - didn't wow me. Old Roland, AJH Minimod, latest ISE-NIN demo - certainly wows me.
  6. I only hear about OB-8's being a nightmare to upkeep so I dunno, but I don't think the X8 compares. It is a lot more modern and tight sounding, kinda like the P5 rev4. It'd be superb for some woolly pads but the asking price is a lot for what it does.
  7. In better news, Black Corp just posted a new ISE-NIN (Jupiter 8 clone-ish) teaser. Just need to figure out which of my kidneys I like the least.. https://fb.watch/cG0BJkfKH3/
  8. It's also ZenCore, i.e not even ACB which is their best modeling. A used Juno doesn't cost much more. I'm guessing this will fail and R will take that to mean the retro fad is over so they'll focus on new uninspired crap as usual.
  9. Haha, wow at these stubborn idiots...
  10. The prestigious DOA standard.
  11. Yes, their long time collaborator and posterboy cenk left at the same time, no official connection between the two. It's simply not competitive today to make & support a Machinedrum every ten years, but the backlash is getting pretty sour on this one. It's already sold out so only time will tell. This has to be Knobs' studio... Beats me, at some point all the features are spread too thin to really amount to anything, and the pricing is insane, you're competing with serious gear. You need a pair of tweezers to adjust the panning and aux knobs. For any recording other than DI:ing your Moog® Grandmother® into your Apple® Macbook® Pro with Logic® you still need preamps. Field recordists? They have Zoom H6 and F8n. DJ'ing? Really? Hell you could get a Babyface and a fairly decent digital mixer and still have money left over for a Youtube-friendly FX pedal or two.
  12. $5K+ gear is also toys.. Doesn't sound half bad, looks like a better Digitakt for the drum part but consequently, a worse Rytm (except for the 2 vertically spaced rows, which is neat & ergonomic). Guessing the sequencer doesnt extend beyond the Digitakt (funny looking at the demo artist showing off old tricks), no song mode probably isn't going to cut it for a lot of folks. No sep outs is kinda crazy too, can always trust Elektron to fumble these things.
  13. Right outside my workplace, this time of year a bunch of toads make their perilous journey from a brook (their Tinder) to lay their eggs in seawater. The males hitch a rather progressive ride on the females' backs. When I saw a couple on the nearby road, I offered them an express shovel to some bushes, which leaves them a stretch of wood- and grasslands that should provide cover from hungry birds. Later in the day, another pair of lovetoads appeared on the road and recieved the same service. Incredible experience... Godspeed little ones!
  14. Fat sound as always from Dave. Hope he'll be back up to speed from now on.
  15. I have an old 1402 vlz pro, not sure how much lineage is shared. Physically it's an insanely sturdy piece that has proven handy in lots of weird setups and gigs, and hasn't suffered a single scratch. Soundwise it does the job but it's kinda dark & metallic sounding, fine for live & fooling around but I wouldn't want my tunes through it today. Aside from the no-input trickery posted earlier, DNB heads used to abuse the distortion in these on their square basses. Using mixers to record in 2022 is kinda icky... Sure there's no ADAT option on your interface? Usually a modestly cheap way to extend the ins.
  16. I don't think it's a good example of Russia's vulnerability as much as it is the western hemisphere's ability on the global platform to shut anyone down right now. Don't like you? Bam - drop all credit, drop all citizen credit, etc etc. Again, as EU citizens we have a vested interest in this going the way it's going, but It's pretty scary. People who have been vehemently against arms have been for Ukraine civilians arming themselves every step of the way. I regret to say it but I really don't care, Russia needs the blowback.
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