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    I have watched this four times by now, I've managed to make my Sci fi-hating S/O watch it (she loved it), I think it's one of the greatest films in recent times. What an achievement. It gets even better when you read the book and Leto knows what he's getting into...
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    I had way low expectations but was really amazed by this. The visuals and atmosphere fit the story so well, and it's mature and mystical. I'm excited for the next part and currently plowing through the book(s).
  3. I would consider it a success when you can give a certain publisher stakes in Spotify stock in exchange for cheaper artist streaming rates. The publisher would never agree to that if it's not a profitable move. The rest is just pulling at human nature. You don't want to pay $10 for an album that may or may not add to an already healthy playlist.
  4. Streaming wouldn't be so successful if it weren't as exploitative.
  5. What you can do is check DPC latency and LatencyMon results on sites like notebookcheck. There are also CPU comparisons in Dawbench results. Many recent laptops perform a lot better latencywise if you temporarily switch to integrated graphics instead of Nvidia graphics and drivers.
  6. There's no right or wrong way to go about it. Usually pre-comp EQ is for cutting, and post is for boosting. I prefer to do most compression before EQ as the EQ changes won't affect the compressor behavior.
  7. Most of the important stuff has already been posted. The best EQ is the volume fader Paint in broad strokes. You don't need hard Q and a gazillion band splits everywhere. My general rule is to do half the adjustment I think it needs and let the brain adjust Avoid graphic interfaces, they tend to make us overdo things (brain sees squiggly curve and thinks more=more) Avoid EQ charts like the plague Adding bass or air during writing/mixing usually takes you down a slippery slope An adjustment on the stock Ableton EQ will sound pretty different from the same adjustment in an elysia musEq, Pultec etc.
  8. PLogue dropped their DX7 emu. I lost my TX7 so this is a gift from heaven, it's dead on so just get it. https://www.plogue.com/products/chipsynth-ops7.html
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    Sorry, no dump... By the time I've gathered the images someone else already posted them
  10. No idea this existed, highly recommended. The film calls them unsung heroines but watmmers ought to recognize a lot of great names from the true OG days figuring in here.
  11. xxx should have some input on this...
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    IDM has officially reached dad rock status!
  13. Ok so is there any reliable info on this besides the massively politicized IPCC? Their models are pointless, it's all a bunch of ridiculously chaotic variables that just complicate exponentially with each year modeled. They have themselves admitted to skewing the figures towards the extreme. In the 80's NASA "predicted" that parts of NY would be underwater by now. The global temperature was hotter a couple thousand years ago, most countries' heat records from up to a century ago have not been broken in the last decades. Deserts have actually shrunk in modern times. Most industrial countries' CO2 footprints are no more than a few percent of the CO2 produced from worldwide human breathing. While the IPCC panic porn is touring the western world, China is classified as a developing nation until 2060. During 2020 alone they built 50 GW's worth of coal plants, thrice the amount of the rest of the world, with another 74 GW's underway. Let's not forget the recent mass migrations from countries where the average person produces 500kg's of CO2/year, to a lifestyle of 5 tons. Good luck countering all this with paper straws and wind power... which is far more pollutive and destructive to the environment than nuclear energy, which all the panicky environmentalists are shutting down, not to mention that solar and wind power is ineffective to the point that you need to boot up the coal plants yet again to counter the dips. At this point it might all just as well be the Rothschilds' plan to create artificial scarcity. No government will be complaining if they can squeeze more taxes on the way.
  14. What kinda midi klobber do y'all rock? I'm ditching my Studiologic SL73 keyboard and on the lookout for a replacement. It's just unwieldy, lacking in CC controls and the syrupy TP/100LR keybed is hopeless. Well, actually I'm looking for two replacements to cover all bases but I've settled on the Roland A-88 for realistic key action, which leaves a DAW/synth oriented control keyboard for quick key input and nifty controller features. I'll probably be alright with 49-61 keys. I've looked at the usual big name candidates like Komplete Kontrol, Keylab, Nektar and Novation SL. The SL mk3 is looking pretty juicy since I'll be using ableton and there's hardware connectivity, arp and sequencing, it just seems a bit bloated with menu diving and the sequencer is a bit gimped. I suspect a lot of these fancy features will go unused. The keylab is a close second but I'm not really into the proprietary gear focus of arturia and NI. Nektar Panorama looks really cool but seems to play well with everything but ableton. No idea about the keybed on any of these. I guess I want quality but not the full weighted experience, the A-88 has that covered. There's no unanimous verdict on anything these days, all of these receive equal amounts of "the last keyboard I'll ever need" and "overpriced plastic toy" opinions.
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