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  1. I have read that it's at least in part related to China pollution changing weather patterns...it wouldn't surprise me.
  2. exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if Mag is 100% correct regarding the sense of freedom an average individual feels on a day-to-day basis. Hell, I live in China, and while you can criticize the country on any number of global comparison metrics, the experience on the ground - minus the pollution (!!!) - is much more enjoyable than in the US. I went back to the US recently (Hawaii and San Francisco) and experienced: an obese native concierge in a hotel giving me attitude; an obese native tattooed guy in the restroom near the beach growling and acting strange and somewhat threatening; a guy in a pickup truck getting road rage and flipping me off for just slowing down slightly to take a picture; rude drivers blocking me into my parking space and only reluctantly agreeing to move; every parking area being zoned with street sweeping etc; extremely high parking rates; extremely high public transportation rates; constant panhandlers; constant weed vapor everywhere; surly black female employees of Best Buy acting like they were doing me a favor by taking my money; etc. Most of this stuff never happens in China, people are largely courteous or minding their own business. The streets are safe. No drama, no attitude, no identity politics. Edit: to bring it back around to Putin, I've always kind of liked him in interviews, I find him charming. Same with Assad, for that matter: a smooth, intelligent speaking style without all the posturing that American presidents do. Now, Putin may be a royal authoritarian prick with blood on his hands, I'm just talking about appearances for now. He is articulate and likable, and sometimes cuts through the bullshit nicely: [youtubehd]ZlY5aZfOgPA[/youtubehd]
  3. ive stolen mad shit in my teenage past but if i had been confronted by police, you know what i wouldn't do? REACH FOR THE COPS GUNS Shot to death 30+ feet from the cops vehicle. No fingerprints on weapon. No signs of altercation on body of cop. Gun wounds indicate shot to death while kneeling or falling to the ground. Completely incorrect. Dna from Mike Brown on the gun, on the interior doorhandle of the car (!) , Brown's blood inside the vehicle, and burn marks from the close-range gunfire on Mike's hand: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/brittany-m-hughes/evidence-brown-s-dna-was-interior-door-handle-police-vehicle
  4. truth bullets from Zeffolia (though he was only 6 ft. 300 lbs heh)
  5. several of "the artists" have lurked and posted under aliases going way back, including the wild and wooly days of yore
  6. hi delet...! I'm a chauvinist pig, I have two kids now and have probably changed only 10 diapers between them. Thank heavens for a dutiful wife and maid (though truth be told I actually kind of enjoy changing diapers...they just won't let me do it!)
  7. I'm so zen I can feel strong opinions on this subject and yet keep them hidden behind my wide and some would say child-like smile
  8. looks really terrible, hopefully they improve the cg before it gets released.
  9. nah it's crap, it's basically an early 30's dad forum where 90% of the posts are about depression, diaper brands and balding. hey now
  10. no it's a good post, I think you're on point re: their rather laughable "we hate exposure and the media but by the way we have whole album's worth of unreleased material, are never going to give you the boxed set we teased multiple times, or the film projects, or the acoustic MHTRTC, or anything else really. In fact we're as uptight as a mosquito's asshole...but we LOVE the attention! Peace from Hexsun". I've gotten over my anger about this but it does make them laughable in my eyes. Some of their last interviews (for TH) made this really blatantly obvious and ridiculous (can't bother finding the quotes). I also used to have dreams about BoC, they were always very vivid and hyper-real. It was actually quite odd, as I've never dreamed about any other act that I can recall. It sounds a bit fanboyish but there it is; it surprised me too. I have my own pet theory, which is that Mike used to be the prime mover in the band - as evidenced by the brilliant drums on their earlier work - but fried his noodle on drugs (you can see this progression through their band photos) partway through the process of Geogaddi, and from then on it's been more of a Marcus project - more emphasis on production, but less originality. Mike is seemingly back to earth but I think the genius has left. I don't have much of anything to substantiate this, and it'd take a long time to gather together all the bits and pieces that led me to this (admittedly conjectural) theory. But anyway that's my guess. Btw I think the same dynamic applies to Orbital and to a much lesser degree Ae. In both cases I think there was a special dynamic between the partners that kind of got lost a bit due to the drug use of one of the members. In Orbital's case it was obvious that although Paul Hartnoll was probably the more musically gifted, Phil added some special dynamic that disappeared when he monged his brain out on drugs somewhere around the time of Middle of Nowhere. With Ae I don't think it's been quite as evident, but I think Sean does quite a bit of drugs and there was a point around Quaristice where he started looking pretty monged out in a lot of photos, certainly different from his previous laser intensity. He's still managed to keep up his love of making music which is great, but their stuff has been more terrestrial, more loose and jammy, and more hit-and-miss since then, though I still love it and they are my favorite act. What can you say, drugs giveth and they taketh away. And you never know which dose is going to be "one too many" until it's already happened and you're picking up the pieces on the other side. In the end it's usually the more stable but less inspired of the two - Paul Hartnoll, Rob Brown, Marcus Sandison - who ends up having more influence over the group. This has been repeated time and again, see Pink Floyd etc.
  11. I'm still angry at Amber, actually, for all the US releases having the gap of silence in TearTear. I bought two copies and they both had the damn gap. Come to think of it, I wonder if other people did the same thing and helped fund Sean and Rob's future career, heh.
  12. I think the Fleure - Irlite intro is one of the best of any of their albums. Fleure is underappreciated and Irlite is brilliant.
  13. I like it, not nearly their best, but it's okay...don't like newbound though, I find it way too cheesy (though I like the birsong-esque/space squeaks...not the lasers). But M39 is sick, Tac Lacora is a bit ae-by-numbers but still very sleek, and Osla for n is really repetitive but kind of interesting. I would rank it pretty low on their list of eps, but it's not bad. As someone else said, better than Move of Ten by far.
  14. the bridge/breakdown part of Minipops is so ripped off from Orbital's "You Lot"
  15. zip is dead though now...right? Is there a mirror?
  16. same, but for me the reason is the album, track titles, and interviews from the time all seem to broadcast "the world is doomed, we're tired, and fuck you." That cured me of my fandom like a splash of cold water in the face. I think it's actually their most boring album, message-wise - it beats you over the head with the doom scenario
  17. no way. Not even sure why you'd say that, you think "the wait" is the primary reason people are ripping TH? TCH was a bit of a surprise in that it seemed more polished and commercial than previous releases, also a bit more bombastic with Dayvan Cowboy (although arguably 1969 had been similarly bombastic). I also found it to be less chock-full of fresh ideas than previous releases, but over time I really grew to appreciate the mellowness of it, and level of detail. Satellite Anthem Icarus, OSTRE, etc. To me it's the perfect "car album" and though I sold my car several years ago I spun it for years before that without getting tired of it. Whatever you may think of TH, it's not a "generous" album. Tracks are cut off quickly without being allowed to evolve much, or become hypnotic (with a few exceptions). It feels, to me at least, drawn out and thin - it starts with a bunch of intros in a row, ends with several outro tracks, but there's very little "meat" between these thick pieces of bread. That's not necessarily a deal breaker as their short tracks have sometimes been their best - Sherbet Head ended up being my favorite track off of TCH - but there are no short tracks of similar caliber here. I think those who enjoy the album will argue that's an artistic choice befitting the sparse, wasteland feel of the album, but I think in this case less is just less. I also find one of the few intended "epic" tracks - Jacquard Causeway - to be pretty annoying. Also I find it interesting that it seems their "secret weapon" synth seems to have broken or something. They had a bunch of earlier tracks where the synth alone could send chills down my spine, eg. Oirectine, but now to me their synths sound pretty unremarkable. Not sure the reason for the switch but it was noticeable to me. Different strokes of course, but at least give those of us who don't like it the courtesy of assuming we're mature enough to not let "the wait" influence us that much. I don't think it factors into my thinking, there was also a good-sized wait for TCH.
  18. Prestige was probably his best film imo, you should check it out.
  19. i dunno, doesn't do that much for me...I laughed two or three times, once when the wonder woman span around multiple times, and again a few moments later when the guy got killed in the middle of his transformation and his superhero self and alterego died together...chuckled a few more times... the thing I kept thinking was "damn the production values are crazy high"...it looks like a ton of effort went into it, with not all that much payoff... seemed like it tread the middle road when it probably should have either gone the straight sitcom spoof as D-lo said, or have gotten even weirder and more satanic/demented/lynchian...I liked the screaming people being worn by the titles at the end, could have had more shit like that and just descended into madness... might have been better if they split it up into different skits going haywire in different ways, so the battlestar galactica/space 1999 could have been another clip entirely... just my 0.02, I get that it's all "meta" and "wacky crazy cool" but it didn't actually contain so many laughs for me...production was off the charts good though
  20. Absolutely agree with this. Some of the tracks on this album are so forced it's just sad. And a few of them sound like they are just plucked from older work that hasn't been released (which they admitted to doing). As far as every release this by far my least favorite. Their multitude of amazing stuff just suffocates TH, and therefore I am not upset that I do not enjoy it. Too much to look back upon and smile about. same. It's weird how you can seemingly feel the "forced" in a musical effort, and yet when someone who disagrees with you asks you to justify the impression, it can be difficult to do so. You either feel it or you don't...maybe it's projecting but I often feel I can gauge the "sincerity" or "passion" of an artist when they were creating their work...TH sounds like an intellectual exercise,has moments of seeming "fan service" (epic gestures), and is short on emotion and surprises. I'd go so far as to say it is morbid and dry enough that it went a long way to killing my interest in BoC, it just really feels like a headstone - "nothing more to see here, move along..." in any case, I haven't come back to TH since the first couple of weeks I listened to it. I think that was a fair shake. Campfire Headphase was also arguably overproduced, but it still had enough meat and amazing production and density that I kept coming back to it. I think whether by design or accident, BoC just squeezed all the life out of TH.
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