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  1. speak of the devil: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/overbridge-2-0-public-beta/71063/5
  2. They have different teams working on each product, from what I can gather. It doesn't make sense for a company that offers many different products to go all hands on deck just to work on one. The industry seems to be changing in favour of a "minimum viable product" model, as is the case with software. This is to be expected in the era of easily updatable firmware, people wanting things now now now etc.. though it's interesting that they're working so much behind the scenes on Overbridge 2.0 without releasing anything publically. I did sign up for the Digitone OB beta but I guess my use case wasn't unique enough. Yeah ok, but ob isn't currently supported for any of the updated machines of any of the mk2 machines right? It'd be kind of weird if they'd either release a new machine that won't be able to use ob at all or one that will be ob compatible "in the future". Neither one of those scenarios really looks good for them I think. So if they announce any new hardware it should be accompanied either by an ob2 release or a definite release date. I'm happy using my a4 mk1 with ob1 though, I seem to be one of the few people who doesn't have a whole bunch of issues with ob although there are some annoying bugs. It's a lot more than a simple distortion pedal though. It has a whole bunch of different circuits, there's a multifilter, lfo, envelope follower, etc. It's stereo. I've been on a private beta for OB for a while now and they only just got the Rytm/Analog 4 VSTs, which have some bugs but are working great for me. I think they're supposed to go into public beta in the very near future, my guess is probably shortly after NAMM. I've been unhappy with the pace of development, but I am feeling more positive now that I have been participating in the beta. There's been some peaks into it on Synthtopia sometime in the last few months. You're right that OB isn't supported on any of the new machines publicly yet, though. And they deserve at least some derision for missing so many deadlines. Someone else in the thread said to wait a while after they release something and I do agree, and I also cannot see myself not sticking with them, as I love the Elektron workflow.
  3. True, although most of that stuff is coming out of the same factories as the full priced alternatives. It's more something I threw out because I usually find that the price of a power supply can be a pretty good indicator of the kind of markup you're seeing on a piece of gear. But regardless, this thing does seem really nice and I appreciate the use of Gameboy cartridges for the filters (although again, $100 seems like a lot for clones of existing designs made with surface mount components). FWIW, the thing is built like a tank and has been nothing but solid for me since day one. It's a joy to play, too. I'm honestly not sure what a fair price would be for the filter cartridges, but with a click of a button I can switch from 303 to a completely different sounding synth, and hot swap in another, and then switch between filter modes to get totally different tonal characters. The love that seems to have gone into building the thing, along with the extra features (extra envelope, filter tracking, frequency range, sub osc) seems well worth the price to me. You can definitely get a different clone for a lot less, but I'm not sure now that I've had mine for a long while that I'd want to give it up.
  4. Might pull the trigger on a SEM in that case, the adjustment wheel looks neat. Hope he does another run of the R:OTA. I guess the wasp is next though? Running a Monomachine thru the Avalon is pretty fun I must say. The wheel on the SEM makes it--I've got some awesome sounds with it. The R:OTA does pop up on eBay/Reverb from time to time. Might be worth an email to them to see if they plan on doing another run. I'm hoping anything is next, they've been pretty radio silent about new cartridges since the R:OTA released. I've run a Grendel Grenadier through the Avalon, using the Avalon to sequence it, and it sounded awesome.
  5. SEM cartidge is by far my favorite. R:OTA is also good--almost turns the Avalon into a 101. The ladder is pretty bland to my ears next to the other 2 cartidges. Can't go wrong with the SEM if its available.
  6. my copy from clone came with a bandcamp download code that allowed me to download the lossless files
  7. About 10/11 minutes each, so almost as long
  8. Subscribed to the ILA releases so got it a couple of weeks ago, solid couple of tracks. Good and bouncy Vibert acid. Also, in case anyone didn't know, separate from the ILA releases they do release what amount to digital only EP/LPs, so, you know. /shrug
  9. I lurk around here and I never post, but fuck me, this called for it. This has to be one of the worst things I have ever heard. My god. Fuck. EDIT: some grammar! :D
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