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  1. reminds me of this: KOOL AD getting high watching Action Bronson Getting high watchign Ancient Aliens
  2. 20 years later they went back and added CGI to the classic star wars. Why cant they go back to the trilogy from the early 00s and replace the dated special effects with current CGI? Im guessing because it was a stupid George Lucas idea to begin with and now that disney owns Star Wars they wont let Lucas anywhere near it to do something like that again. Also they probably dont want to remind anyone how bad the 00s trilogy was by putting it back in theaters.
  3. When I opened this thread I thought this was a pic of 12 more cover arts for Aleksi's next series that would begin releasing simultaneously with Cycles 😅😅
  4. Ive been playing Vampire Survivor also! Ive been busy recently and its so easy to pick up and play for 10-20 minutes here and there. Ive been able to sneak in some play time between waking up and leaving for work (something i never really do with games). Ive only made it to level 14 tho.
  5. Great post that got me to revisit some of this stuff! I thought the AB5 track posted to soundcloud was just another version from the time period, but I could be wrong. I still have a hunch theres a load of tracks from SYRO era we havent heard. Here Mandy Parnell mentions that she mastered a "phenomenal amount of tracks" for syro. She isnt listed on any afx release after syro so I wonder what those tracks were?
  6. GF is very paranoid and nervous about traveling to Texas from NYC for the holidays. Shes been mentioning it to me every day saying she might stay and pay me back for tickets or that maybe we should both stay. Were both vaxxed and boosted. She has been working from Home for a year + , i have been on the subway 3 days a week to commute and also flew by myself to see my parents in June. The airline has changed our direct flights next week to having stop overs both ways 😬 The infection numbers are crazier than they were in June and there are cousins flying in and staying at my parents at the same time we are (back in June I just had a quiet few days with just me and parents). then we are all planning to go to xmas events at other houses("dont worry theyre all vaxxed!" for one and "dont worry it will only be 4-5 of us" for the other) 😬 Cousins flying in were anti-vax until the mandate so Im assuming they're gonna be loose with everything like seeing their friends and going to Xmas parties 😬 Also an old band i used to be in has booked rehearsal space to jam for old times sake since two of us are coming in from out of town. I don't keep in contact with most of them and have no clue their vaxx status. except one. Ive been staying away from Twitter and news channels just for fun recently - mostly so I could focus on other things and hopefully have a cleaner mindset and more interesting things to talk about during holidays so I didn't see the numbers til today... now im getting more paranoid too. 😬
  7. self defense made total sense to me but no gun charge makes me sick. 😔
  8. yeah only ever heard of him and saw him on the ultravisitor tour he played a lot of jungle. it was my first time hearing jungle really loud it was great. that Chelmsford Film Club is realy familiar. I remember there was a dude named PhillieT who was posting here around Ultravisitor era. he had snippets of the album before anyone else and woudl post all those Film Club vids. dont know how involved in them he was. I could have sworn there were more rap tracks like that odd job men vid. but not vids. Found this but i dont know if thats him in the first part :
  9. I guess there's still more to be heard on side B of the cassette. but a good chunk of that is B-Sides we already know very well.
  10. can some hacker help us out with a 15 part minidisc dump of the sessions?
  11. Earliest memories - Age 4-5?. First interaction w cassettes was blanks and some disney christmas carol tape. but Records - My dad was super strict about me not touching his stereo system, but my grandmother didn't care if I used hers as long as I was gentle. She only had spanish records and sinatra type stuff, except for this Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer LP . I would always come over and want to put it on even though wasn't Christmas. I think part of the novelty was that I was allowed to use the record player. My parents played a lot of music growing up that reminds me of being a kid, but that Rudolph record was the first one that felt like it was my mine.
  12. perfect halloween thread the demons are YOU
  13. LMFAO those ads are EVERYWHERE. I would have loved to see how long it took them to give up. (Found a second video - it seems that woman starts losing steam while trying to get all of the ads int he subway car, so i have a hunch they didnt make it much farther than that) That woman seems like just the right type of nut job for 2022 and beyond.
  14. Weird... so the front has the logo from ON, the disjointed Aphex Twin logo from SAW II and then the back says "Selected Ambient Works" in the font from SAW I, but then has the "piechart" icons from SAW II
  15. great stuff! all of these recent remixes have been awesome!
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