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  1. ...and I’m drunk. If you are trolling me that was a lazy troll and fuck off.
  2. If I don't get this, am I not an AFX completist anymore?
  3. TEED is the reason I took a listen to this. Golden.
  4. Nah that dude is legit. I’m basing all of that assessment on this one track btw.
  5. Bleep cassette version has exclusive bonus track? Damnit Bleep!
  6. Cancellin’ Furies Selection Eighty-Six Nonvisitor Plaistow Pull-Out (😆 can’t take credit for that one) A Journey to Reedham (But Not the United States Mix)
  7. There we go. https://evolution-merchandise.bandcamp.com/merch/evot01-global-communication-t-shirt?fbclid=IwAR2ZPNMP59Wugm6JpDwiWQ45hLlfSqPT_LWqxXeuzlQn_eNpAQQiQ_LdxGY
  8. Aye. Pioneer. Psychedelia, electronic, spiritual and otherwise. Respect. https://obits.al.com/obituaries/mobile/obituary.aspx?n=simeon-coxe&pid=196760627&fhid=18119
  9. I just saw one dude who unfortunately got an LP that some warehouse boy hit wrong with a box cutter. I fuckin hate when I get that.
  10. HA! If you don't like that, don't watch Midway. My fave war movies always seem to be Vietnam war movies, but one of my all time faves, "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison" is a WWII film. I saw a Sam Mendez war movie before but it was the Gulf war film Jarhead. I was just really bored with that.
  11. One of the two dudes (the one with the brother) looked just like a boy Rachel Weisz. He was adorable! I wanted to take care of him.
  12. Watch 1917. Single tracking shot gimmick. I was unaware of that going in. Odd choice that may have cheapened the experience, and not at all what I was expecting. Made the movie feel like a WWI third person game that you couldn't interact with. Or it was like being on a theatrical amusement park ride (i.e. Universal Studios back lot tour) with these predictable timed stops for conflict and tension. Not bad. Not in love with it.
  13. Yeah bring all the weird shit like go completely bonkers overboard w/ Reload related extras. The μ-Ziq remixes of Peschi, The Augur, and The Biosphere. And maybe even Mark Pritchard remix of µ-Ziq‘s 3 Time Egg. what else is there?
  14. But still Octo Octa, you lot need everything. Before she did heart string pulling house, she used to do IDM stuff on her laptop.
  15. I believe the Bleep coloured vinyls have come and gone. They put up some coloured batches on the Withhold Bandcamp earlier today and they were all gone in like 1 min. it seems.
  16. Cheers, nabbed. Thanks but not into it anymore. Kinda got vinyl gimmick fatigue.
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