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  1. im back to kind of not liking it. i mean its ok, its just not the quality id expect from Gescom or AE


    damn this thing has stages. i wonder if the songs actually change the more you listen to them, but like subtly to the point of you not being able to notice until months later when the song has become drastically different.

  2. really...don't know, this could be the wishy washy one for me. i LOVE A Hundred Days Off, and theres always been something that jumped out at me right away with every record but this new one. while a lot of the tracks are good and decent, just doesn't seem like what they're capable of.


    that said i just finished dancing my ass off at their first London gig from the comfort of my California living room. Quicktime live shows tomorrow night and Friday as well. the whole gig; best seat in the house.

  3. yes it was quite good.


    other then the unstable violent drunken meathead down syndrom kid up in the front ruining it for everyone around him.


    Ulrich was the business though. think he opened w/ Einfield, my favorite from the new one.

  4. just like the basis for BoC's Beck remix, is Adam Ant's "Wonderful"

    and Tycho's best song "Dictaphones Lament" is a direct take off of the live version intro to AFX's "Laughable Butane Bob" from the '97 shows.


    you can transpose them on top of one another.


    i don't have a problem w/ it.

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