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  1. tell you what, I'm rather fed up of Furthur Electronix releasing stuff and it selling out immediately. How does anyone even know it's been released? I'm assuming Anil just has a private mailing list he announces the releases to, who then all buy it? Coz it's always sold out as soon as I look.

    Yeah its Facebook, somewhere no one would ever look. Seriously though, some of it is good but most of it is a fever pitch hype he’s created by doing hyper limited vinyl releases and cultivating this little audience on Facebook around that. If you don’t happen to be free the moment the thing goes on sale, its like popular show tix. Gone in mins.


    He’ll say stuff like “One per customer please. Give others a chance.” Fool YOU give others a chance by doing decent pressing amounts and digital!

  2. I'd like to hear this big and loud



    1997, that was one of my first jaw drop moments seeing him in San Bernardino. It was the second track I think. Unforgettable!




    It was supposed to happen at Running Springs but they moved it cause the dust and wind in the mountain wrecked all of this equipment at Organic 96.

  3. Yeah I was refreshing and every once in a while I'd get the number of tickets you wanted box, I'd hit "1" and then get fucked with that 'somebody else already has it in their cart' thing. I did that like 20 times. Still couldn't buy 1.

  4. Still listening to 1995... so this will be interesting to see what he considers Spectrum 2 material.

    And then Mike P had been talking about Planet Mu doing their own Jega archival album after Skam’s 1995. I wonder if that is this Spectrum 2, like other tracks from that era.



    Just to remind the youngins here, he's played Coachella before (10 years ago in fact)

    and 16 years ago

    Indeed! I neglected to mention it since it makes me feel old(er) :dadjoke:

    He did not play Coachella in 2001 but originally that was the plan, and posters were printed. But really something happened and he was replaced by Plaid and Squarepusher, which was amazing!!

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