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  1. it gets faster till peoples brains melt
  2. ive been listening to demos. it really does sound nice. nails classic deep sound really nicely
  3. I would love to have a go on a sunsyn. I like jomox for being a bit crazy. wasnt the sunsyns pcbs hand made crazy things? it never worked properly but had a great sound from what ive heard
  4. The OB6 hasnt got the scope of the P12 - 1LFO, less envelopes etc. its a pretty basic keyboard to me. whereas with the 2/12 you can do an entire patch just in the synth, I.E saturation, wow & flutter, BBD, layer & split.. 4 envelopes, loadsa LFOs, amazing mod matrix and all controlled how you want The pro2 is so inspiring but its para & I would love multitimbral. its also got a very bitey sound so ambience just isnt as nice & i think the 12 is more bitey so im skeptical... Like this is just me trying to play the pro2: Maybe its just me but I love what it does, just super critical of the sound of it, I dont think it sounds the 'right' emotion. Maybe im just too self critical, ive always been like that Maybe the deepmind might be a good choice what with all the FX & lush Juno sound
  5. You are really right there, this certainly isnt the be all of distortions is it. No wavefolder/shaper like you said. The GC is great, ive got one & love its insanity.
  6. It really does sound nice doesnt it. I would really love something like the prophet-12 but with more of a lush sound. I love playing the pro-2 but always with it could be poly, and slightly nicer sounding, I would sit playing that for hours, just learn that instrument if there was a synth like this for a decent price. (I dont own a '12 & I like the music easel sound so much more)
  7. Donnacha costello uses a music easel... https://donnachacostello.bandcamp.com/track/ten-ton
  8. rytm sounds hench. Not only does it smack like a techno drum machine should, it has the energy of a 909 & for me thats all I need. its not slow & swampy like some 808-style sound, it plays very very well & 140-150 which makes me grin but yea, AH is a bit of a meh product. cool & that but for the money (jesus in pounds its a fortune) its a bit of a rich persons toy. they probably have a big boutique range of stuff coming out havent they. I hope we dont have to buy 5 units @£700-odd to get the new elektron. The A4 is priced really really well. seems a bit strange
  9. Lovely photos the last 2 pages.. Phones & even mid range DSLR are amazing in low light, so you can just use those really so tempted to sell my body for a new camera body
  10. maybe they'll be the first ones to use that new blue pigment
  11. Any other world problems needing sorting out? come to watmm
  12. Yeah I saw this! R.I.P. Quite recently there was a bit of buzz about some code for one of the old buchlas being put up online, so I think we will see something appear in that vein. I cant remember which it was but its a weird sounding one
  13. Yeah its propriety iirc. But c'mon, Roland buys those chips in the thousands, they cant be that expensive.
  14. I also feel a bit cheated when you look at multitimbral digital synthsof the past (Q etc) & the amount of polyphony they had compared to now. Especially the boutiques & systems. How much extra ££ to make them 8 Voices? bah At least with the DM its 12 voices & thousands of components. extra chips to up the system voices or whatever & its $1499? Oh its got a better keybed & some extra sliders
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