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  1. ^^ The dude in that vid makes some decent points!
  2. We're cool, Salvo. There's just a big part of me that's stuck in "old WATMM" (which was all shitposting all the time) that I have to actively make an effort to turn off when I want to make real points. I'll openly acknowledge that PragerU was founded by a right-wing thinker to counter left-wing narratives. I'd still love to hear you explain why the content of the video was wrong, though.
  3. We have an equivalent here in the states, we call them "dive bars" and I don't go in them. I'd take you up on your offer but I'm not allowed into the UK because my pug is a Nazi.
  4. Well I did preface my comments with "don't want to" and "seems like" so I apologize if I mischaracterized your views. The last line of the above post is telling, though. It seems like most of the people who are furious about Peterson's work are mostly furious that he's making money inspiring people and revivifying western culture, which then makes his claim of a widespread ideological infection of Marxism seem more and more accurate. Please see the above video I posted in regards to climate change, and if you're genuinely curious about Peterson's actual views on environmentalism, in his deconstruction of the Adam & Eve story in Genesis he explicitly makes a case for taking care of the environment when he unfolds the symbolism behind the walled garden of paradise. Your claim that he hasn't addressed this at all is actually inaccurate. @Salvatorin - Bye, Felicia. Typical leftist tactic of dismissing an argument because of assumptions about the source rather than the content within. I'd love to hear your refutation of the content of the video if you can drop your ego long enough to watch it.
  5. Looking forward to playing the remaster at some point too...just may wait til it's on sale in a few months though. Everyone's saying good things about the remaster's quality so that's great. Irithyll wasn't too bad, but definitely has a few stretches that are treacherous. What kind of build are you playing? I have a few builds but the one I got the furthest in (to Irithyll) is a dex sword & shield build. I have an "easy mode" pyromancer build that I play on when I just want to have fun and not cry, but only made it to the Cathedral of the Deep with that one.
  6. Not checking that spoiler but I am very much enjoying Far Cry 5. I've been consistently impressed with the series since Ubi took it over, especially the balls to go as heady & provocative as they do with their plotlines. Counting down the days to Dark Souls Remastered. Still haven't beaten 3... getting my ass handed to me in Irithyll.
  7. In his deconstruction of the book of Genesis he explains that in the Christian symbolic tradition, paradise is a walled garden. A garden must be cleaned & maintained. The idea that humanity has to take responsibility for keeping the planet clean/healthy, not pollute, and cut down waste as much as possible doesn't at all contradict anything he's said. All of that could be considered part of the "individual responsibility" that people have to take, as "individuals" include everyone from the average consumer to the EPA to the CEOs of mega-corporations. I don't want to speak for CWMB but it seems like he's operating on assumptions from the various Buzzfeed-esque hit pieces that masquerade as journalism which intentionally paint Peterson as a right-wing fundamentalist, and then concluded this must mean Peterson believes humans should pollute because God said it's ok. It's similar to how those same blogger-activists paint him as an alt-right neo-Nazi despite there being hours of video footage of him denouncing right wing radicalism & identity politics. Clean your room & do your homework.
  8. https://soundcloud.com/foxsounz/sub-fm-20180421
  9. Mid-week dubstep b2b sesh with the homie. Cover show for another DJ. https://soundcloud.com/foxsounz/sub-fm-20180418
  10. ^^ Those are all classics. Can't go wrong. https://soundcloud.com/foxsounz/sub-fm-20180418
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