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  2. mass production of animals is wrong and dumb. eating meat in excess is unhealthy and stupid. don´t do wrongdumbstupid shit. u have to understand that u have been programmed all your life to think that eating meat is ok. i know because i was in denial for so many years, but finally went full vegan 4 years ago. only thing i regret about that decision is that i did not do it earlier. it is really (sad)funny to see the same arguments here that i used to justify my moral lazyness
  3. Simple. and yeah i am sure that avocado farming pollutes and causes more suffering than the meat industry. Great argument actually. ....hmm btw what do the animals eat and how is that shit is grown?
  4. depends on the quality and quantity of snow. 0-5 cm of light powdery snow is ok for 35mm tires. anything more and/or wet snow calls for a mountain bike with wider tires. studded, of course. the roads i use in the wintertime are pretty well maintained though
  5. biking is so great. i think i like it even more in the wintertime. last year did +8000 km
  6. cheers man. you´re close, that is from the finnish archipelago. full moon setting and mars on the rise, such bliss
  7. biking is awesome! did some short bikepacking tours last summer and now i am hooked. riding in winter though....
  8. wow u too..and menu others. great thread canon 6d with canon ef 16-35 f4 L. my favorite (and only) lens at the moment
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