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  1. Word. My sequencer can do all the CC automating, and I have a knob box that I could use with something like the lexicon or similar. The interface of the kp3 definitely looks like it's geared toward live settings, but I might need two of them since it can only do one at a time. Trying not to lose too much by going from the infinite power of a laptop to hardware. I don't doubt the kp3 is fun and useful, but I kinda get the feeling I'd feel the same way about not being satisfied with it. Maybe I'm judging a book by its cover, though. Pedals are nice, trying to keep it as compact as
  2. Those both look pretty nice. Do you find the PCM80 sounds better than current models, or is it just more for your money since its discontinued?
  3. Hm, that's an interesting one. I can only guess price point concerns made Korg design it so... not-as-useful. Something like this that you could use any of those FX for any of those 4 slots would be bangin. As it is... it doesn't look very exciting. Or even useful. Thanks for the info!
  4. I feel like I would need way too many for that to be viable. Unless you mean like a Boss GT6 multifx sort of thing. I had one of those and it just didn't work out like I'd hoped, the interface was super lacking and pressing foot pedals wasn't very fun, besides not sounding very good. Other than that, I may as well start accumulating modules instead of pedals, right? I'm having trouble finding out specs on the kp3. Like, even how many inputs/outputs, how many FX can be used at once, etc. That Korg site is awful haha.
  5. Yeah, I'm looking for something that you can chain different FX internally. Def. needs reverbs and delays, other stuff doesn't matter quite *as* much, though EQ/dynamics and such would be great. For crazy stuff I can just go through my little modular first. I think I looked at the Kaoss stuff at one point. Don't really need a looper (any more), but I'll look into it again, thanks! As for overdirve/compression for the x0xb0x, and little pedal or something similar in size would be ideal I think.
  6. So I'm trying to move my live sets to all hardware and I'm down to only using Ableton for effects. Long term, I'm aiming toward using modular for all of my signal processing needs. But since that's thousands of dollars I don't have, the short term goal is to get a cheap-ish ($300-400) multiFX processor. Is the Lexicon MX400 worth the money? Do you prefer the TC Electronics units? I'm guessing straight away I can disregard the Behringer. Any I'm missing? Also, I'd like a dedicated (hardware) overdrive or distortion for my x0xb0x. What would you recommend? I have no idea here.
  7. Hello, all. Couldn't find a thread dedicated to this new sequencer I just found out about, so I figured I'd start one out. It looks amazing. It seems to have everything I ever wanted in a hardware sequencer: midi fx - especially MIDI delay -- you can make some whack shit with MIDI delay and a monosynth long pattern length - Why is it always just 64 steps? How about 64 bars? Yeah that's more like it. individual lengths and time signatures cv and midi - strangely only looks like 1 or two outputs, unfortunately. For something that looks to bill itself as a central hub for MIDI output tha
  8. Hi, WATMM! Not really sure what the protocol is for posting albums in this part of the site, but here goes... This was released a couple weeks ago by a local label in Portland, OR, USA called Lifelike Family. It's heavily influenced by the core WATMM crew -- AFX, Squarepusher, BoC, etc, and also a slew of classical and modern composers. Live concert flute and electronics. The first 12 or so minutes is made entirely from the flute and it's case, with more sources mixing is afterward. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2745553518/size=medium/ There's also a list of materials used h
  9. Cuz like, it's up to us, you know? Honestly the numbers could be anything from a patch number on a synth he's got to the auto-save version of that track he's got to some track list order. So, just leave it, eh?
  10. 37 [bicycle wheel] almost sounds like a SAW II rework with updated gear.
  11. I was just about to say. Same theme, anyway. Exactly the same first few intervals. Yeah, the whole thing is practically the same as Avril 14th. Well, with percussion of course. https://soundcloud.com/waffenss/109-organ-14th about? Hahahaha! Nice try, mate. I think Avril 14th must be transposed up a little. I wouldn't expect them to be exact, though. I mean, with my own work I definitely take sketches of things that didn't really turn out and rework them, remix them, steal from them, etc. Sounds like this is what happened here with Organ/Avril14th
  12. I was just about to say. Same theme, anyway. Exactly the same first few intervals. Yeah, the whole thing is practically the same as Avril 14th. Well, with percussion of course.
  13. I was just about to say. Same theme, anyway. Exactly the same first few intervals.
  14. Ya'll realize this is like a study in the transformation of general production methods and technology over the years? Also, someone get a musicologist in here. There are papers to be written.
  15. Love this girl/boy dark, especially sans drums.
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