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  1. yer all dummies "all end" is a joke on how so many tracks tend to just fizzle out at the end, like nothing interesting is happening anymore and the synth line is just cycling & fading away while they finish the spliff or whatever (viz. ISS:SA). So all end is funny cuz it's literally all end. PS. it's also super underwhelming & among the worst NTS tracks, wotever m8 fight me
  2. doorjamb

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    One of many reasons I admire Ballard is that he does straightforward SF stories & fragmentary antinarrative pieces equally artfully. Also the fact that just hearing/reading his name instantly fills my mind's eye with glassy sand dunes & skeletal skyscrapers—the man painted with a truly magic palette of imagery. Gonna borrow Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire (pretty sure that's the title) from my brother tomorrow; gave it to him a few years back but never actually read it myself.
  3. 1. Bernie has the best shot of any of them vs Trump, hands down. 2. Bernie is clearly BoC. Do you even IDM, bro?
  4. doorjamb

    Now Reading

    Wahey, I picked up a cheapo Infinite Jest a couple days ago. Looking forward to another run through. I think it tops my list of most viscerally '90s books (that same weird parallel reality feeling I get from Ventolin-era Aphex, kinda). Did a bunch of Don Quixote this week but then I found my old copy of Giles Goat Boy & got distracted
  5. doorjamb

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    Maybe closer to Borgesian surrealism than speculative fiction than you want, but a couple authors they've republished that come to mind for whatever reason are Adolfo Bioy Casares & Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky. As for SF, check out Christopher Priest's Inverted World; I love that book.
  6. doorjamb

    Now Reading

    NYRB put out a new edition of David Bunch's Moderan stuff from the '70s. For those unaware, it's kinda like PKD's more wacked-out, Exegesis stuff. Brutal cyborgification, plasti-coating the whole planet, etc. Who knows how the hell Bunch kept getting it published back in the day
  7. ELEKTRO MOSKVA (Dominik Spritzendorfer, 2013) Pseudodocumentary about early synthesizer development & culture in Russia. Excerpts of interviews with Leon Theremin, secondhand synth resalers, & circuit benders. Nothing hugely mindblowing, but some nifty factoids here & there amid lots of synth porn. Legit knob twiddlers will dig it, I bet.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4wpaoC35Vg
  9. Gave up on omelettes awhile back cuz it was too much work (beat eggy goop, babysit vigilantly, flip without dropping, wash like four dishes later for only one meal…) but now I've got a new modus operandi which I now shall share with you that we may all live better through chemistry (or something). Eggs à la doorjamb: 1. Bring a splash of water in a lidded frying pan to a boil. 2. Spread a bunch of leaf spinach in the pan & re-lid until wilted. 3. Crack in yer eggs & top with any seasonings, fungi, veg, etc. you like. 4. Cook to desired cookedness, adding water around the edges if necessary (after a couple goes you'll know how much you need from the start & you can just wander off or think deep masaokis thoughts while it cooks). 5. Fold in half, tip onto a plate if you're feeling fancy, or onto a bagel/roll/tortilla if you're late for church, & scarf. One pan, no oil needed, no blender/extra fork, no awkward flipping, no heterogeneously burnt edge bits… I feel like a new man. Power to the people
  10. doorjamb

    Now Reading

    I'd not grant him legitimate crazy status; more like highly self aware paranoiac with a vivid imagination & a keen feel for style. Much like Poe, he's mostly really good, & very much single-minded in terms of subject matter—but you can tell he's hamming it up quite deliberately. (And, fair enough—the man had bills to pay—but it's far from the genuine "outsider art" of a truly crazy writer just scribbling his/her hallucinations or whatever.)
  11. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie <3 Watched the longer cut this time, but I think I actually like the cut-down version better.
  12. Zizek is great. I once asked him about something he wrote re the Lacanian doppelgänger; barely heard a word of his answer for being distracted by his constant caffeine vibrations & beard-smoothings/de-spittlings (but it was doubtless exceedingly illuminating). Peterson is a moron.
  13. I do my shites while handstanding. Particularly useful for maintaining shoulder mobility during the parkour off-season. Wipe direction is dictated by my horoscope
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