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  1. I reckon he meant someone stole his hard drives, but who knows. I have this little hope he's come back and check the forums every x months, but looks like we aren't getting any more tracks by this dude.
  2. Not the vord... just another heorge garrison again setting his location at "Spain" as tribute or just for clicks. Cool tracks tho.
  3. Any update on Monolith? is he really gone forever?
  4. Anyone has any news on Dave monolith? did he really just drop off the radar steinvord style? He was pretty active back then, even doing live shows, why would you suddenly stop?
  5. He said that after hello everything he was officially not using the amen break ever again. I reckon he used it somewhere tho.. I don't believe you can resist not slicing up an amen for so much time! There's some great freak outs and he's obviously still a v clever sausage but the whole thing sounds so fucking brittle and there're a lot of horrid, cheesy melodies wafting about on it. I think he gets unfair amount of hate lately but I can't help but agree with this. There's something off with the production, at least to my ears. Some of the tracks literally hurt my eardrums some
  6. It sounds more like 192kbps, it's well encoded with joint stereo and noticeable artifacts are rare How is that even possible? I can easily notice 96 from 128 from 192. 192 to 320 is harder but definitely audible with good gear and good ears. It's very strange to me how 96kbps could trick you into being as high as 192, now im tempted to check it out but feel bad about it. I will wait for the real thing. It's been a while since I got a physical copy of something. Hopefully it's easy to find when I go back to London. Funny how the day I left for a week all these aphex twin ads start s
  7. I agree with you, however, I go from thinking that into the opposite, for instance certain moments in "untitled 9", the melodies are awesome, the acid lines, the beat too... there is a certain magic there, maybe a different type of magic, if they aren't the same person after all it feels different, and something feels off in our brains if we are focusing in expecting he is RDJ, squarepusher or someone else known. Heorge Garrison was him. It was pretty close to Steinvord imo. EDIT: When I asked him, he said he has a lot of other aliases. Heorge garrison is this guy: ht
  8. Im not paying these prices unless im guaranteed unreleased tracks, top notch sound engineering and the special guest being steinvord and the tuss doing a live dj set.
  9. I wonder what's next for Tom once he's done touring these for the rest of the year. 2019 may be the time for some new tunes. Put in on a mega link or something and someone will.
  10. I reckon I did read in some interview once how they used way more sampling than most people believe (as they think it's all generated with complex algorithms and whatnot)
  11. Universal Indicator Red has as cat# TR 606 I wonder what "ALL Rephlex mate" means. It will include other artists that aren't afx? TR 606 isn't even confirmed that it was Rich isn't it? I reckon it was rumored it was a collab with Mike, maybe even Grant was involved. I would like love to see all the Rephlex discography on the shop, but since Rephlex artists now own the copyright of their music, they would need to ask every single person that was part of Rephlex, but it would be worth it as that site gets a lot of traffic and having it all there nicely ordered it's better than scattere
  12. its all the same track homie. We need a release from 0:00 - 6:53 I think it sounds like Tuss/Syro outtake, good track.
  13. Great post, but surprised you didn't add Steinvord. Too bad he only released one record. Considering those tracks were released in 2008 in myspace I wonder if it would be 3rd generation or current. And what about that Plusten guy? or was that JK too?
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