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  1. Wore a wig - have a ginger beard 😛 Vinyl? I think so. I had a old school wind-up camera an took snaps of Richie low on the stage in between a gap on the desk. Richie I think took some back too - there was a bit of a flash battle anyway I then lost the damn thing
  2. Peeps thought I was Richie before the gig "shouldn't you be up there?" <-- actually said
  3. This is me That was some gig - he played beep street too and i nearly died
  4. because he was not alive 😞
  5. I find them difficult to like, and I like that and other people don't like that Same with film... same maths, same with puzzles, same with untying knots I think I get a sort of dopamine hit form the "puzzle-solving" I get from listening to their music Over time the melodies emerge, the beats make sense, the narrative reveals itself Having 2 kids who have been raised slightly differently I can tell these things are developed early on and its probably hard to retrain the brain That's fine, i don't think everyone HAS to like them. Let people feel rewarded in their own way - no harm no fowl
  6. I reckon Richies working on stuff and will release in some form or another I reckon BoC will release something in time My lack-of-any-insight hunches based-on-fuck-all However i think the monetization of music production is in flux and perhaps the touted open-source Web. 3.0 near-future will support their endeavours more than the current stream-ageddon no-money-for-artists model
  7. Album title for release 22/2/22 <- after they get all their ducks in a row 😛 "Let's see what else happens.. if anything"
  8. Tonight's movie club with friends is "Censor" On another note, the local cinema in the small town near me (pop 2000 ) has closed officially due to Covid. It remained closed at the start of the lockdown but the family who run it have given up - I hope it gets bought out and rekindled. It is called the Phoenix cinema after-all . it was so warm and friend ran byt 3 simblings in their 50's and their dad before them... free tea/coffee biscuits on Tuesdays, classic films... and old style cinema shop, anual film festivals.. lovely for my kids. VERY sad to see it go
  9. Recently..... Dune 2021: Pure and utter shit. HATED the overblown score mostly but the pace, script, dialog,. acting, were all wooden and stale and the film is soul-less 1/10 Dune 1984: watched this afterwards and while it ends VERY badly with rushed editing etc overall itc compelling in its characters and crazy 80's space-opera production 4/10 The Rental: Very poor choices by its protagonists making you scream at the screen to cop-on but a nifty little thriller all the same 8/10 Host: One of my faves of the year - tight, original, well executed, and genuine jumps. Bravo! 10/10 Old Henry: starts of ordinary Western ... its gets a 9/10 though
  10. The girl I was dating at the time of Ultravisitor was standing by the back wall in the club crying bc it was too amazing, lol Im-not-joking
  11. On my second listen - its a fantastic set - a proper rave-up! Loving the bass noodles. Can't wait to see him in Primavera next year
  12. ooo nice! Ive contacted him to see can i up it to my mixcloud
  13. My record player don't to that but thanks for the link.. will play on my drive home
  14. Gonna hit this up today on vinyl now that ive a loaner amp aftee the shop finally agreed to replace my amp
  15. Good ol tori As for LV/apex .. saw them DJ vinyl at the Warp rave in Hackney years ago... intense jungle set. I think aphex just handed LV records but really hard to know given the state i was in!
  16. I love that he ditched the mask - we want to see him gurn Please wear a mask. everyone else 😛
  17. There's nothing as twisted and chaotic yet so coherent as Go Plastic.... fair play to tom for just saying fuckit and mess with time sigs, poppyness, jungle etc in such a way. When there's melodies they're soo good.... nothing is at rest. But these beats! when I first heard the Japan live CD i was convinced it was a dark warehouse not a family filled daytime Fuji fest. However, TJ rages hard, the crowd reacts perfectly and its just no holds bar assault on everything
  18. I can appreciate that for sure. It is what it is and despite my qualms it does have a nostalgic place in my heart being of-an-era. Totally being a nitpicky cunt
  19. Those 2 tracks i do like.. .. but in my fantasy Aphex land they'd have tussy/syro drums.
  20. Massive Aphex fan.. but i still find drukqs grating a little bit, like harsh and the drums "tinny", except when RDJ plays individual tracks in sets. (In comparison to later Tuss tracks, analord, syro era and his 2019 era output in live sets)... "mount saint michael" gets a pass for its warmer synths and less tinny drums and certainly theres many moments that stand out. also the ambient pieces are genious. BUT.. overall... as a full listen through, its a harsh mess. I think i can compare it to Go Plastic, its contemporary .. which to me is chaotic and drilly too, in a good way but a lot more unified and warmer. IMHO!!
  21. I forgot how emotional this track is... like a sort of lament
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