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  1. New-old mix - industrial, hardcore - around 2001 live jams
  2. phudoshin

    afx nft

    little podcast on this by Irish music journo Nialler9.. 20 mins in gets you to the energy-issue: https://nialler9.com/podcast-nfts-when-music-art-cryptocurrency-collide/
  3. phudoshin

    afx nft

    with the sound playing, has anyone else got the "Am i doing this againn... am i ddoing thisss agaaain?" sample playing in their head?
  4. Like the OP I'm well behind on Mike's back catalogue. I dont even know the "classics" like Tango etc. I've recently fell in love again with XTEP and the bangface set that showcased it. Its the only vinyl I own. Can anyone list in order of xtep-alikes, his other output I should check... I want to go down the rabbit hole from xtep's chilled vibes outward.. Ta!
  5. Lets not forget that one of the musical highlights was Nightmail, which totally blew me away when I recognized it - Richa often plays a track related to the location he's in - did you know that? - so the Post Office got this one. I've just got a copy of the exclusive Printworks 2019 vinyl that has this track, as a xmas pressy to myself so I'm very chuffed that it ties in with the 4th anniversary
  6. Sorry I missed mentioning xxx ... the soundest fella. I also met Richard divine at the preparty, was blown away by OPN, butthole surfers and squarepusher too. Never got to meet paparex nor went to nasa but you can’t have it all. I ended up doing a fun radio show with kattin and Whitley over the waves and it’s still going in some form so fair play. let’s hope rich plays again in 21
  7. Happy 4 years since this epic event when the Aphex Twin came out of a small hiatus to wow us with such an extraordinary performance including his first live twiddling in years, a secret event-only vinyl release, tracks from Jlin , qebrus, sd laika, acid rain, supreme visuals from weirdcore and the getting together of a lot of former, current and new watmmers via the dischord channel. I flew over from Ireland to throw myself at the US reave scene before Trump took hold and it was spectacular... met really amazing people but have drifted away from contacts over the years. Still it was su
  8. i disagree.. i think Ae and Afx catalogs are so far ranging in styles that mixes i have enjoyed do tend to journey through their tracks nicely
  9. That's a monolith sent to decrease intelligence - sign me up
  10. Its happening.. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/23/helicopter-pilot-finds-strange-monolith-in-remote-part-of-utah?fbclid=IwAR2B6W6PKPd6zmERKQGUwWlkVisktWpL7THhUAjd7W7sAEysDILll49lrA0
  11. I think the Autechre one is fab and a bit more even. Remind me that autechre is more emotional than aphex twin: discuss
  12. T I made - sorry warp I went with black as I think the silver-blue washes out the logo a bit
  13. on qAnon followers compared to gamers - brilliant! https://medium.com/curiouserinstitute/a-game-designers-analysis-of-qanon-580972548be5 (same true of watmmers but its all about the choonz innit - im thinking of the BoC TH treasure hunt and that guy with his phone to a london letterbox)
  14. My kids, girls 7 and 9, LOVE "sign" in the car - especially my own favorite "Metaz form8"
  15. No sign yet...no body, most time missing in his entire residency (fungy not clark) .. locals think hes gone off an died elephant-like (he was old and stopped jumping years ago), but others think he may have gone off with other dolphins seen recently. Before Covid there were dozens daily tours to his mouth-of-the-bay location but these all stopped... so maybe he lost his "Purpoise"
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