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  1. Not Primavera but.. "Les Nuits" - which is French for "deez nuts" similar set - excellent sound!
  2. not a breeze! It's amazing tho 😛
  3. Im I totally thick for hoping Lightning Bolt joined Tom on stage for a insane fast-drums "double" bass mashup?
  4. Hey man - yep.. lovely to meet you too, Good spot on the Overlove track.. I was all confused with that slow intro which was excellent. what a set though - blistering! Could've gone on another hour easy - excellent niche-crowd vibes too with plenty of room. what else you see? My highlights were: - autchre being more autechre than ever - moshing to lightning bolt - discovering Idles and how they're woke AF - Richard Dawson loopiness - NOT queueing for drinks but exiting festival to hotel across the road bar which was 1000 x faster does what it says on the T
  5. I just saw the trailer - so I'll answer for him. "why the fuck would i want to watch it?"
  6. Me too.. Piezo! Montreal! Re Sean's "albums *eyeroll" comment - I've defo chewed more on AE_LIVE than NTS and Elseq - hell Im still trying to wrap my noggin around exai to be honest - thats not a complaint tho
  7. this is the perfect post-Primavera listen back at the office... Whiltely - well done that man
  8. My gf came to low>autechre in the auditorium. She's generally not an electronica listener so I was stoked to hear what she'd think. The only reference point she had was the theme music to Playdeads's Inside game, wheich she introduced me to the week before. As soon as I heard that I said "omg you'll love autechre - just imagine that game's universe when listening". She also doesn't do drugs Result: she totally tripped out on it, staring at the soft reflections of mobile phones on the ceiling, imaging the game For me it was the most autechre yet of their sets - AE_LIVE_2015 were amazing with drops and definite threads, AE_LIVE_18 was a lot more organic with fewer solid hooks and this is definitely further along thta trajectory.. very little regular melodies, beats. Nothing to hang onto..super organic and blobby. LOVE IT.. Mind you as I re-listen Im sure the hooks will emerge.
  9. in-crowd recording from Android phone - a backup to my zoom recorder that failed!
  10. Gorgeous - much better recording than mine
  11. I'm ready - say hi/ola! Old school DJ set? Vic Acid Set? New material? Band?
  12. I'm ready - just need to spare-batteries/wash/press - is it washable?
  13. Yeh just saw this - my new fave reviewer - cos he nails it. I'd love him to do loads more aphex as well as the other biggies new and old: aphex (tha, xmas_eve) squarepusher (beep st/my fucking sound), 'chre (piezo, pendulu hv moda), BoC (anything!)
  14. But where's he at or what is he at?
  15. ah twas a real shock to hear this - waaay too young. Must dive into the back catalog - huge soft spot for Khala
  16. If someone Novachek'd Putin it would pretty much solve everything in the most poetic way possible But the reality is: - Ukraine split in 2 - Cold War 2 - European Army Development and/or Nato expansion - China emboldened re Taiwan?
  17. its defo in my top5 desert island disks for sheer repeated listenability and non-stop action. Nothing else like it. Nearest to its twisted jungle take I could possible compare it to is DJ baleys John Peel set with all its jumpstarts/pitch changes - but thats very tenuous
  18. Wore a wig - have a ginger beard 😛 Vinyl? I think so. I had a old school wind-up camera an took snaps of Richie low on the stage in between a gap on the desk. Richie I think took some back too - there was a bit of a flash battle anyway I then lost the damn thing
  19. Peeps thought I was Richie before the gig "shouldn't you be up there?" <-- actually said
  20. This is me That was some gig - he played beep street too and i nearly died
  21. because he was not alive 😞
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