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  1. yep, was not expecting him to be in that squarepisher mode
  2. loved the mix, nice to know what they listen to. anyone recognised the beatless ambient track that was heavy on the tape hiss? could of been boc themselves?
  3. just shazamed this, very nice, kept on expecting it turn into sweet home alabama
  4. whatever is playing now is very buff, sounds like boc production?
  5. design for all WXAXRXP stuff is banging btw
  6. got a ticket, I only bought one which might of made it easier to get one? I've never refreshed a page so fast in my life
  7. no rustie :( maybe he is the special guest?
  8. agreed, more like end e2 please
  9. abundance10edit... I'm convinced the frequencies have healing powers. If you have fallen ill or have a sick family member, this will restore their constitution.... I want to live in the 2nd half of this track. No headphones, this needs to breath in the wilds of Gary, Indiana. ^^ agree 100%, that moment around 2:43 really lifted me up, i never wanted it to end
  10. abundance is wonderful, that moment at 2:43, "happiness" and then the pads come in and then eventually those slightly stutterry tom-toms, hits me in the heart
  11. the aphex twins haven't been the same since it become a one man band after druqks when that bass comes in, uplifting buff stuff
  12. i hear the whole country is being ripped up and torn into the aphex logo, waiting for the satellite shots he needs to start using a daw, like fruit loops or something, something easy to understand tbh i would love a album of 90 second loops of beautiful melodies
  13. Maybe it was Teh Aphix Twims herself... how could it be if their was only one guy?
  14. A WARPocalypse™, you mean? Precisely, a WARPocalypse. Perfect time for that renaissance painting containing the Aphex logo that was floating about at one point RIP WARP RIP APHEX RIP AE
  15. what if this is it, warp has gone forever, all warp artists cease to release music, all warp music gone from shops, spotify, youtube etc and the last bit out put was a 3d aphex logo in a tube station
  16. lets see if the houston track gets taken down for copyright
  17. the latin freestyle secret track with lil uzi vert was unexpected and a highlight
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