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  1. I think his reaction to Joyrex's "quite good" comment shows how much of a personal album it was for him
  2. how did you get to 16 pubes? Were they carefully selected.. or a handful ripped out or is it all you had?
  3. I had a quick listen to the EP-rip and then burnt it straight away so I could revirginise my ears for the hi quality version when it drops.. Also from what I remember i think the beatwork in a few of the tracks sounded similar to DJ Hvad (and jlin). It may have been his take on that style, with a heavy dose of afx flavour
  4. i've heard that afx doesn't perform at festivals.. he just gives Skrillex the windowlicker masks and lets him play for him
  5. Even though afx and sp deny it steinvord sounds too much like explorations from the Go Plastic and Drukqs era.. prob locked in for a Men release ,but didn't get around to it for whatever reason. Afx moved away from DSP style to Analords and Sp went jazz funk. Also Afx has denied aliases before - like with Tuss he said it wasn't him and something along the lines of he'd never name a track Death Fuck
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