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  1. I like Attempt 8... morphs between Alberto to BOC to a Burial track
  2. imagine.. we could still have another 50 years of Afx
  3. Isn't this just a bootleg press from CD/cass - the clips sound dodgy. The original Rephlex press only had 8 tracks
  4. Was his beef with the government control/new world order or the rona itself? I think he acknowledged in one of his comments that the virus was a real thing but he was against the way the government was handling it?
  5. Streetwise is an old fave about homeless kids in Seattle in the 80s. Just saw it's up on yt but if you have access to Criterion it'd be worth checking out there
  6. I think his reaction to Joyrex's "quite good" comment shows how much of a personal album it was for him
  7. how did you get to 16 pubes? Were they carefully selected.. or a handful ripped out or is it all you had?
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