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  1. Think you'd consider trying some more rhythmic variations at the beginning of "Aggression?" Maybe playing around with some sparse use of effected and/or reversed snares, high-hats, or cymbals?
  2. It's not really my style, but I can appreciate when an experimental track like "Lamiera d' Acciaio" has a clear rhythm I can follow. I like how the artwork on "Proiettili di Plastica EP" goes with "Zona." This is off topic, but that picture reminds me of an independent game that recently became popular (I think it's called "Pathologic.")
  3. It sounded pretty crowded to me, but then it kind of sounds like that's the point. Also, I like the contrast in that papa johns track.
  4. I particularly like "Dreagins Bane." A lot of playful rhythms and melodies going on in that track.
  5. Reminds me of the 90's and early 00's, which are a time in music I sometimes have a REAL soft spot for. You're kind of mixing elements of different styles of those periods that I've happened to listen to over the years, so this is pretty much up my alley. I try to mix live instruments with digital synths, kind of like what you seem to be doing, but I almost always have trouble with it. Also, I'm pretty jealous of those vocals. My singing is pretty weak.
  6. I listened to Selko 11, and I liked that melody that repeats a few times, especially that moment right before it repeats again.
  7. It's too random and atonal for my taste, but I do like the textures and weird effects.
  8. Sounds kind of frightening. I'd like to figure out how to make strange sounds like these in my beats someday.
  9. I usually like minimalistic stuff but I didn't enjoy what I checked out here. Also, I would try programming some more beat variations. If possible, I'd also fool around with some effect and tempo automation.
  10. I really like this track. If you were looking for suggestions, I would try playing around with sparse complex weird glitchy IDM beats every now and then to switch up that main beat a little. Other than that, I personally wouldn't touch anything else. Really love the melodies and progressions you threw together hear.
  11. Out of all these, I preferred Alliance for survival the most.
  12. In Performance Mode, FL Studio seems to only allow you to use a 1 pattern at a time in each horizontal row (or "track.") Is there any way to bypass (control) this?
  13. https://soundcloud.com/bitterlad/fly2_6/s-k9DdN I had vocal tracks, but they never come out sounding right. I think I might just leave it.
  14. Forgot this one somehow: https://soundcloud.com/bitterlad/plumage47-3
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