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  1. odd collection of tracks.. ive already been rinsing pancake lizard for the nearly 2 decades its already been officially released. radiator alt is great but i associate too strongly with saw2, which is also already released. slo bird whistle sounds more like a caustic window interlude. p-string im probably most excited for, but again already released on another compilation that it arguably fits better on (TRP006) I get that they have the peel session in common, and not complaining as theyre all good tracks, but cant decide if ill pick them up in this format
  2. for some reason i felt very empty when xyz just ended without john peels voice coming in 'excellent, very nice' that track.. ill continue to listen to both versions (the rip and the new official version) because the rip is so special
  3. ive been sleeping on zuli. that track trigger finger is (one of the many) highlights of the set for me
  4. Digital compilation out nowww!!! Ive been putting it off until this came out so rather excited.. https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/acid-cask-trilogy?fbclid=IwAR2W937cSbUObmL1iBThAEJj111XY3vt0JDoaWCmR7WTr6eJbNQ6mcJA70o
  5. Yeah i hear it. its a great album closer, once you get in the groove it doesnt feel like 9m long. I do feel like some of the songs on this album just fade out or end like he didnt know how to end it. But that one feels 'complete'. Since no one has brought it up.. how horrible is that album cover.. i immediately think of those douchey ed hardy shirts whenever i see it
  6. my opinion of this album hasnt changed too much, which is to say, i still quite like it! Its objectively not as strong as pbvgr, but i really appreciate that he is pushed a new sound and expanded on it for a whole album, rather than just churning out more of the same. i can already sense a bit of cult status (kind of like discovering weird pop albums from the 80s where you go 'what were they thinking' but kind of dig it anyway)
  7. @Tim_J would hang out at your place.. with tunes like that spinnin..
  8. Just did a quick interview check, and they explicitly call the album like a soundtrack in almost every one of them. So imo.. the album is 'successful' in the goals it set out with The interviews are catalogued here for further reading: https://bocpages.org/wiki/Interviews#Tomorrow.27s_Harvest_era Mike: If we’re talking about contemporary composers there are too many to mention really. I’d say maybe Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek. Also Mark Isham, Thomas Newman, Clint Mansell Sandison: "There are quite a few influences on this record. Carpenter is kind of an easy reference point for most people though I'd say the main ones would be Fabio Frizzi, John Harrison and Mark Isham. We're very much into grim 70s and 80s movie soundtracks so there are maybe nods to composers such as Stefano Mainetti, Riz Ortolani, Paul Giovanni, Wendy Carlos, even Michael Nyman Sandison: "For example, I guess the timing of the whole intro section to the album, the neutral tension in the high strings hanging right at the start of the record, or that short glimmer of hope that takes over in New Seeds near the end of the track. Those things hopefully imply a visual element. Some tracks deliberately finish earlier than you want them to, like actual cues in older soundtracks where they've been ripped out of much longer original masters that nobody ever gets to hear. MS:. Actually, we decided early on that we wanted to give it a soundtrack feel, but to make this type of album is a real challenge without it sounding too cheesy. So when we started working, we listened to a lot of soundtracks, including some from the 80s, by focusing on specific issues, studying the practices in terms of layout and timing. The ideas we learned gave us a framework, a structure to expand upon. We knew exactly how it should begin and how it would end.
  9. Nothing that hasn´t already been said here, but its their most soundtrack-y release, it opens up beautifully when reading or watching something where it can enhance the mood. Example: it makes A+ listening for a wikipedia binge about the Atacama desert (driest place on earth, strange or non existant plant life, abandoned mining towns) I also need to revisit some of the composer references they name-dropped in interviews when it came out.
  10. to play devils advocate.. i think this is good but not amazing.. every song has a similar palette (wow check out my modular synth). dont doubt that id love to hear it on a club soundsystem, but for home listening i dont think it could hold my attention
  11. ^ya sounds like a mutant lightning bolt/battles offspring. music like that can be awesome live.. Not bands per se, just some stuff that came to mind that sounds genuinely different, formed > 2010 Ramzi Don't Dj Sugai Ken Foodman Galcher Lustwerk
  12. this is one of those albums that was on my radar but never got around to checking out, about to change that. from the previews, all sound great but in particular this 'interlude' track caught my attention.. its gorgeous
  13. odd, bad technically or vibe? The live set i was referring to was a few years back at one of those unnamed warehouse venues by newtown creek. and it was the only time ive heard a modular synth used in a way that got everyone dancing but also emphasized the hypnotic qualities of his music. it was also in the deep hours of the morning when you start to feel loopy already so it was perfect for that vibe. hope jelinek is better for ya, curious what you think or to elaborate on the aforementioned badness hah
  14. lush album, I somehow missed it until the most recent andrew pekler thread this solo piece by asuna is interesting, like a physical all end playing with the sonic possibility of 100 cheap keyboards http://fonfestival.org/artists-2018/asuna/
  15. is this coming out as an album? the interactive site is from over a year ago. related/unrelated, i saw him perform Tristes Tropiques here in mexico, and it was incredible. to my understanding he creates much of visual aspects of his work. For Tristes Tropiques, there was a great video accompaniment with footage of forest environments overlaid into abstract compositions. And the live sound looked like a modular synth and sampler (op1) setup. Im no expert there, but it was a very fluid set that was easy to get lost in.
  16. looks like a newish venue (i left nyc ~2yrs ago) but man their events lineup is stacked.. making me jealous. you should go to any one of these shows instead. especially patricia if hes playing live, its not to be missed. https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1299325 https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1284802 https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1290542
  17. 'chre rdj miles jan jelinek brian leeds maybe bjork or kraftwerk or sun ra or basic channel or madlib or even bibio
  18. i disagree with the second half of your post. imo any dem is better than this shit and its an ignorant and priveledged position to say "they" deserve what happened if you are relatively well off and insulated from the policy ramifications but your point on primaries is a good point. especially with all states having different rules, i imagine many get lost in the cracks (in addition to ignoring independents as you say). I had just moved to a new state at that time in 2016 and couldnt navigate their bureaucracy (reregistering new address adn party membership) in time to vote in the primary, which was a bummer
  19. I feel dumb, I never tried to pronounce Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs as words.. For anyone not aware, its these releases that were mentioned, both fantastic. https://www.discogs.com/Jochem-Paap-Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs-9598-I/release/52641 https://www.discogs.com/Jochem-Paap-Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs-9598-II/master/313776
  20. all of their station-id tones are dope, not a bad one in the bunch. its a cool hold-over from broadcast radio, where they are required every so often according to fcc regulations. back in my college radio, there was a minidisc (!) full of the callsigns and as dj you got to pick which one to use. We had one from the 90's of bjork saying 'youre listening to kay, cee, pee, ahrrrrrh' that i played almost every time. there was also a trove of weird al ones, as he got his start at that station. Back on topic heres an excellent dub/reggae wackies label mix. So watmm can chill out amidst those dying and embarrassment threads haha https://www.nts.live/shows/not-waving/episodes/not-waving-8th-august-2019
  21. Came to post this, and Electric Transit. I knew both were good.. but listened again to this ep loud today and was blown away by both these tracks. So many great details in the mix
  22. considering we keep our doors and windows open pretty much all the time, stuff gets rather dusty and so yes the sleeves are obligatory. unless its a generic sleeve, i just keep those as-is
  23. Surprised United Acid Emirates has only been mentioned once. Ive always thought that was his most consistent and best album, and it was certainly what got me hooked. Ceeland, Unstoppable Phax Machine ep, Psychtapolis ep, also unmissable imo Agreed also to watch his videos to get into the mood. I also love the banter in this live set, a bit of roughness around the edges makes it even more enjoyable https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/ceephax-acid-crew-live-at-bombomatic-01-08-2008
  24. ^ as awesome as those two are, ive never been able to get into the instrumental band but with a bunch of guest vocalists style of album. mirrored they all worked as a cohesive unit which is part of what made it such a great album. on thaaaat note, i just realised i never gave ladidadi a chance.. partly because i thought the album art sucked. i didnt realise it was an instrumental and a bit of a "return" to their earlier stuff. am i missing out there?
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