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  1. words cant describe how much i love this track. elseq has certainly grown for me over the years as an incredible era in their ouevre, but this one in particular is god-tier. next next next level ae
  2. these two artists have put out some of my favorite records in the past few years, and this new project/group sounds like they are really up to something great. i highly recommend cranking it on speakers. lush
  3. In terms of the age old question 'Is it washable?', an lp5 CD case would most probably be more washable than lp
  4. Good points. I have not listened to this new jerry seinfeld record BUT I had that exact experience with Homespun.. I remembered loving Glenn Astro's early albums, so I excitedly put it on. But it left me with an uncanny feeling, like it was checking boxes. My brain couldn't identify it as 'bad' per-se, but it was providing limited auditory-interest-stimulus. There was at least one track I remember being quite good in the middle, but it was stranded in a sea of meh.
  5. Atliens is a such a solid album, my fav of theirs
  6. interesting take. Imo, that self-awareness and subconciously forcing themselves to put things through the wash led to a shift in their songwriting style, culminating in In Rainbows where the studio tendencies and songwriting coalesced into a totally new type of band. So i'm just happy to have the studio versions represent the trajectory they wanted to take
  7. This album is so dope, I second the opinion that it gets better with every listen. Stott is so good at pushing forward his really unique sound. Not unlike autechre; where you hear a track and right away can tell it is an autechre track, but they are always methodically probing into new territory and pushing the parameters of their own sound. Loving the reverb drenched tones and the ambient tracks; they make the drum work stand out when it comes back around.
  8. Bump to say i still love this album. A couple tracks are reminiscent of some of the best early Biosphere material. Looks like the 2lp got a repress this year as well.
  9. markedone

    170871 50

    oh god ew. i just read the descriptions on some of the posts on the instagram of this 'unified goods'. they appear to be building hype, using his birthday, so they can resell their own collection of 'rare' records and memorabilia. its like the evolution of discogs sharks - hypebeast 'sneaker drop' culture meets nft-fomo-inducing meets social-media-influencing commodification. disgusting
  10. Despite my skepticism upon hearing yet another 'generic ethereal female vocal hook'... I enjoyed that first track more than i thought I would
  11. from https://www.instagram.com/p/CS9lNZfAY6Y/ "I originally recorded these basically a week after the first Pendant album was completed and just sort of sat on them for ages, a bit unsure what to do with them. Indebted to Indigenous American dream songs & poetry, songs of memory & improvisation."
  12. Yessss! His first album under this alias has had real staying power for me.
  13. this thread is great, shall it skitter on. a nice simple hat pattern anchors the beat on this tune, with just the right amount of echo and reverb (ie, loads) in the mix
  14. ceephax videos always deliver *Doots the glorious Eurohörn
  15. Friday, August 6, just around the corner! What's on your lists?
  16. This came out earlier this year and somehow slipped by my radar until now. I've listened to a couple versions so far and all were excellent. But the Kara Lis Cloverdale version takes the cake, super lush. Going to buy this tomorrow for bandcamp friday
  17. imo: I'm somewhere between you two. I think it was his worst directorial effort, but i wouldn't go so far as to call it it boring. his other films do tend to have more depth and layers going on to keep me interested. I could see someone really latching onto Hollywood's world-building.. but curious why you think it's his best? Have you seen pulp fiction or resivoir dogs?
  18. imo this resmaster nailed it; totally retains character of the mix, wihle just adding a bit of low end in a few areas. the 90's ness is in the music and the raw-sounding mixing that tom put together, which hasnt been hampered with at all
  19. came to post this, gat damn! also pulls off the vx swag without being contrived
  20. dig his stuff but still havent (yet) got around to check out any of his solo albums. i guess igor is a good start? these new tracks are not bad - but is it just me or are his vocals a bit low /muddy in the mix? adore his feature on this track from last year
  21. Thanks / and agree on the first paragraph, it was a multi year process of going on slightly higher objectives and a mix of formal classes, knowledge from peers, and lots of practice to get to those objectives; I don't want to make it seem like it came quick. (I also feel weird posting just the 'epic' or cool photos because they capture only a tiny pieces of what it is like to be on something much larger than you.. It does no justice to the planning, long slogs, sometimes suffering, as well as inherent dangers) I agree with your point that elevation is important to take seriously in regards to how your body reacts, but it is also meaningless in terms of why we climb and what makes a worthy objective. Rainier at 4300m is worlds more difficult/complex than Orizaba at 5600m. It helped that living at elevation in Mexico, we could learn how our bodies reacted through experience. For the 5000m stuff we planned it extensively (getting extra hydrated and avoiding alcohol in the days before), and did an acclimatization push the day before, or set up a high camp where we knew we could get good sleep. Even with prep sometimes it didnt work out and I got some gnarly headaches and had to descend. and YES the people I have met, and the nature, are the 'raison d'etre'. I have been incredibly inspired by some older climbers who I learned from (in particular one of the climbing class instructors who is now 78 yrs old). They have kept the passion, and also a base level of fitness so that they can keep enjoying it despite not going for the most difficult objectives. Also the culture you mention is facinating, learning how they used to do things, etc
  22. i did say it was called monkey face... the mouth is overhanging so people rig a rope to it for a big 'ol swing. note i haven't done this nor am i particularly interested.. although I probably wouldn't pass it up if friends wanted to. I'm would not consider myself an adrenaline junkie, I prefer the methodical and technical aspects of climbing and rope systems. @zkomamazing landscapes. did you get to stay in that earthen hut? or is it owned by someone? @Soloman Tumpawesome to have that nature close to a city. I love the idea of doing only-human-powered trips, like biking from your doorstep into nature to go for a hike. Unfortunately everything in the US is for the most part very spread out and sprawling. I found it easier to do bike to trail hikes in Mexico.. @d-a-m-oi missed a naming opportunity for the thread.. those hills are sweet
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