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  1. Animal Collective comes to mind, their vocalists often play off one another / highlight their different styles within the same track
  2. Some of my recent favorites that come to mind are> Pender Street Steppers show, im a fan https://www.nts.live/shows/pender-street-steppers Zuli for more experimental club stuff, also check out Lee Gamble's show for similar vibe https://www.nts.live/shows/ZULI https://www.nts.live/shows/lee-gamble There was a great Haruomi Hosono and YMO special https://www.nts.live/shows/haruomi-hosono-ymo-day The Do You Breakfast Show is a daily but Charlie manages to keep it fun, im always down for his banter and track selection. https://www.nts.live/shows/the-do-you-breakfast-show I think one of the things that keeps me coming back over other online radio stations is how well organized the archive is. Also they archive stuff within a day or so, so if I catch something good on the live stream but am busy at work, I can just check back the next day to give it a closer listen.
  3. https://www.nts.live/ has come up a lot here with their Warp collaborations, and bearing the name and debut of Autechre's mega-release. But as far as I can find NTS doesnt have a general discussion thread. I have shifted to using it almost exclusively for work and occasional home listening. The amount of quality radio shows archived and streaming live is pretty staggering, IMO. So it would be good to have a thread where we can share our latest favorite shows, or discuss if you think they are great/overrated/whatever.
  4. ive only played the snes mini but it has border around the gameplay so that the games are presented in original aspect ratio. on the snes mini it was a rather distracting red curtain. I dont own one but imagine that in both cases you can turn them off to just have black on the sides
  5. can preview all at https://radiohead.bandcamp.com/album/minidiscs-hacked
  6. Worthy of rerelease, it was one of the last and best on 1080p label.. It has kept me coming back since it came out and is one of the most succinct releases from ex-t. Just 4 fire tracks that sound like they could have been dug up from an unlabeled dat from the idm heydey
  7. bass bin = subwoofer? been listening on headphones which can ususally transmit an aspect of sub bass but this (im referring to this release aka the above rip, and some other burial) sound thin as paper
  8. For home listening i agree. My last post I was super excited still because her dj set was so damn good. This sort of raw hardware electro sounded really great on a basement club soundsystem, so that helps methinks.
  9. markedone


    i have nothing against the current logo, but i do prefer/like this one as well. my idea for the ´big event´: a 20 page thread of commemorative rolling lol, strictly enforced by threat of bans from our loving moderator overlords.
  10. im not familiar with the genre.. but are really thin sounding drums part of it, or is that just a burial thing? some burial tracks with that type of drum mix work well (when it plays off the sub-bass as in street halo) but this track it just sounds like something is wrong with my speakers and i need to keep turning it up to get any punch. I know being a radio rip isnt helping but still.
  11. ^ yeah AS's whole discog is great. He's had a few rather distinct phases but somehow you can feel his fingerprint throughout. Im catching up on a pair of Patricia EPs that somehow slipped under my radar.. and digging them https://www.discogs.com/Patricia-Free-Lunch/master/1425644 https://www.discogs.com/Patricia-Heavy-Merging/release/13324212
  12. Really enjoying his latest record that flew under my radar, was released on honest jons in march. He seems to be playing more with the melodies later on in the tracks, once you are in full trance-mode. Its lush stuff. https://www.discogs.com/Dont-DJ-Laniakea/release/13388155
  13. he dedicated it to madlib and egon but not Alain Goraguer? Smh.. gotta respect the foundations you're building on. Im referring to the composer of planete sauvage who wrote the piano line that was sampled in the quasimoto track, then again sampled (very prominently) here. also.. from a production soundpoint this track is a bit lazy, almost like something an anonymous producer would pull out for a rap album. And it doesnt do anything interesting or new with that sample.
  14. For context i was only talking about the collaborations from youre dead. Havent had a chance to hear this new album, maybe it will flow better. On another note, I dont think any mods have posted in this thread but if any see, please change title to Flying Lotus - Flamagra
  15. +1. Part of what made los angeles such a great album is it was all his world. The features on there (laura darlington and gonjasufi) sounded like they were inhabiting his track rather than the other way around. Collaborations like the Kendrick track on Youre Dead for example really break the flow for me, despite being good as a standalone track
  16. I fall in the mixed-bag camp on this one. It definitely has its standout moments but it is a bit scattershot on the whole. My favorite bits> etchogon knife sharpening, the woody sounds in iris and elmo, and the fact that this video exists: but it also has some of my least favorite tracks theyve released in pce and rew
  17. Been on binge listen of his music (all aliases) lately. Found an unreleased track that i somehow missed, apparently it was a soundcloud upload a bit before For Those of You came out. It sounds very much like gas/volfgang voigt, which is maybe why it didnt make it on that album (also the 15m runtime). But its some really delicious textures to get lost in. Also I would be remiss not to shout out (again) his 24 hours from culture mix. Almost 1hr of amazing and mostly unreleased ambient. I listen to like an album as such.
  18. Yes @ subject, but the style of these over-produced yt documentaries really irks me: The generic building piano muzak, timed word art emphasizing the narrators points, quick cuts every second. I appreciate that its well researched, but then they just drown that effort in buzzfeed style tropes
  19. Its probably been mentioned, but soundcloud embeds are quite big (they are half of my screen tall) and they take ~half a second to load, which distracting when you are scrolling and they cause the page to jump
  20. i had to listen to this track twice in a row its too good and.. not youtube but you can play it https://www.casadehaiku.space/
  21. Vagabond is a really great film; its on mubi right now along as part of their Agnes Varda retrospective. As with her documentary shorts, Varda was masterful at pacing and creating a compelling narrative from a realistic subject. Also, even though they are different, the format of this film must have influenced Twin Peaks..
  22. I imagine its hard to find official aphex merch in senegal.. The shirts for the recent shows were 50% awesome, basic logos and such, with exclusive colors for the various shows. i dont think any of the shirts you linked are cooler than the official stuff but i do agree, in general, that unoficial merch has its place and can be great..
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