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  1. Yeah, that rapper needs to respect the source of every sample of every beat he's ever rapped on. Good sample usage and a good beat tbh
  2. Maybe it is Cheetah 2: Severely Difficult Edition
  3. Lol @ thinking anything you're experiencing is new "Back in MY day......................................."
  4. Huerco S. is probably the closest modern producer to Actress. Maybe some patten, Lukid, and Hype Williams maybe? And yes, Darren is my fave producer of the 2010s no doubt, glad you've joined the team :)
  5. Very nice, will be listening to it in the morn :)
  6. AOTY for me at this point, kind of like a 2016 R.I.P (which was my AOTY 2012 so makes sense)
  7. She say she like my car, she like how my forgi ride
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