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  1. multila or vocalcity are good starters. both different ends of the spectrum. see what you like and go from there, his catalogue leans more towards experimental multila vibes rather than vocalcity's pop overall though.
  2. he creates great moments of entertainment for us all whether he means to or not. i think life would be more dull without him.
  3. PUMPED 4 this one. danny is the real deal.
  4. really great! songs are well paced and move along in a fun, natural way. i prefer vcplx to stuart but this is more a personal taste thing. gr8 job!
  5. so you're saying you don't think american people work hard enough to deserve any of these things? how? don't you think they deserve these things regardless of how much money they're making for their bosses?
  6. i always liked the idea of having regular, official watmm compilations. i know it's a pain to organise, perhaps we could get a few people putting their hand up to help with the admin side of things. i know i'd be happy to master the whole thing if it helps!
  7. this is cool however i noticed they didn't make LA a giant steaming tan-brown crater and instead put some hollywood lights about 150 miles east inland from there.
  8. PG8X is an awesome emulation of a roland JX8P. i don't have an original jx to compare it to but based on other analogue synths i've heard it sounds pretty tip top. defs a suitable synth for fans of watmm artists though it manages to have more of an elegant vangelis vibe. https://sites.google.com/site/mlvst0/
  9. eventide ultrareverb for general clean and professional verb m4l convolution reverb for realistic spaces and emulating old hardware / plates / springs audiority xenoverb for dirtier / older sounding verb and experimental stuff. also tal-reverb II which is their best one (at least much better than III)
  10. awesome! very recently when going thru my squarespace orders i noticed angel had bought some things so i sent them pretty much all my sounds 4 free like 'pls use these lol'. we exchanged a few emails, it was a very pleasant surprise. album is quality of course!
  11. yeah it's been said a few times but sasu deserves way more props. obviously well adored in places like this but most people would ask "vladislav who?" even if the music is right up their alley. everything he creates is uniquely him even though he's explored so many styles.
  12. far out caze you spend way too much time and effort going out of your way to stick up for the status quo where possible. the amount of assumptions you built on top of my comment is really quite ridiculous and insulting all at once. firstly, get stuffed you gronk. secondly, i can barely be bothered going out of my way to write anything further but let's see how we go shall we. fuck people for caring about the environment i guess. i don't care if the 'lungs of the world' thing is fake. i don't care if co2 emissions are exaggerated. my comment is pretty irrefutable and not at all a suggestion that i know exactly every single detail of this story unlike your arrogant ass. bolsonaro is a fucking cunt and you're a cunt apologist making you a cunt by association. the fucking cheek of you to call others out for believing in fake news when your own arguments are built upon cherry picking the news sources that suit your own agenda and ignoring the fact that the slightest oversight in this supposed evidence makes your entire point fall apart. imo it makes more sense to listen to the people who live in brazil and who might actually have a clue about what's happening in their own bloody country. apparently i'm not allowed to point out the convenience of these fires coupled with the rhetoric coming from bolsonaro without being a liberal fake news npc. you fucking arrogant ass.
  13. it does seem as though there is more money to be made in letting it burn than saving it. especially considering the rhetoric of bolsonaro thus far. you'd have to be pretty naive to think this was an accident tbh. maybe it started as an accident but you can't tell me there aren't some greedy opportunistic fuckers taking advantage of the situation and aiding the destruction. if there's one thing we can learn from history it's that nothing is too low for some people.
  14. yeah mellow gold still gets props but is mad underrated nonetheless. defs my fav album from a dude with a solid discography. also re: thread title...why no electronica? it's kinda the best genre for chill music, no? why not just say no watmm feature artists cus we've heard all their songs already.
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