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  1. dunno about stinker but i do think it's his weakest release. we all have high standards when it comes to OPN / warp artists in general though. i find he hits upon brilliance regularly but has never quite fully realised this into a perfect release, but this one is less imperfect than the others. as for the best place to start with him replica is the obvious choice. r+7 has a higher chance of scaring people away or coming off as boring. replica is much more engaging and interesting on first listen imo.
  2. i can't tell if task failed successfully means the result actually turned out good or instead things went horribly wrong
  3. i listened to further harm again expecting to like it and i'm afraid it still doesn't click for me all these years later. it's interesting, but i wouldn't single it out as the best track or anything.
  4. it's really hard to paint anything the US does as noble in a broad sense. brave acts by individuals that protect civilians are noble, but their motives in the region are far from this. US have been explicit about the fact that their foreign policy is designed solely to benefit the US. of course this is obvious, and the nature of foreign policy, but it is still peculiar to use the word noble here.
  5. FM is perhaps a tad overrated in that you can have thousands of DX7 presets and they all somehow have that inescapable "boowwww" and "wowwww" modulation in the harmonics that is a lot less pleasing than a nice smooth lowpass filter. FM with effects can be quite dreamy though, i think it helps to have some more natural modulation. also in the hands of our fav watmm artists, FM is certainly killer! many synths from that time were already very capable and with just a few touches translate well into the modern era. Korg also released a VST version of the triton which has plenty of sound design potential.
  6. i wouldn't be so sure about trump's reaction... do not underestimate his ability to be a man baby at all times. he knows he can't downplay loss of US life.
  7. this is so fucking cool!!! perhaps a little more expensive than it ought to be (isn't the minilogue cheaper?). i would have thought going digital would have saved on cost.
  8. oi nah i heard it was the greens fault but
  9. probably wouldn't be able to do anything too advanced in real time with the technology back then though.
  10. where is the angery reacc joyrex??
  11. my mum is a registered nurse!! but spent the last few decades working part time as an early childhood nurse, maybe she got some sort of sweet deal.
  12. yeah that's exactly what i thought when i bought it a few years ago for cheap. it takes up a huge amount of space on the ol hard drive. EDIT: ooh i only had the strings, this is the whole thing. neat!
  13. Here's a device I made that works a bit like an old school sampler, at least in terms of saving sounds. It's a Max 4 Live audio effect. Whatever comes into it gets recorded to the buffers, and you can choose to save or discard the buffers. Everything saves to a folder that you nominate. I've also made sure there is as little silence as possible at the start of each file - usually less than 1ms. I've used it plenty of times for many of my sample packs over the years but finally cleaned it up a bit for a public release. Also if you're not sure what each control does, you just hover your mouse over it and you'll see a hint. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a_ejWTj6oif2scJgHLWtFBKC3rFBZpzD/view
  14. i'm not convinced that it's not sustainable, i think how it is implemented is more important here. i don't think the brits are necessarily exceptional BUT most have the luxury to pursue these ideas without having to worry about where the nearest source of fresh water is. i guess i'm saying if you're going to be privileged af, you may as well be productive with it. i would say the same about australia too.
  15. the reptile thing was a hyperbole btw just in case anyone actually thinks i'm off the deep end with the conspiracies.
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