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  1. it's not like i want boris to die or anything, it's just that if he did i wouldn't give a shit
  2. bulldogs are one of the most notorious rugby teams and can't go a day without some sort of scandal. to be fair, i think the underrage thing was a different team and they're all basically just as bad. legendary aus comedy satire team the chaser once set up a "merch stand" outside one of their games offering bulldogs branded knuckle dusters and roofies. offered fans the "bulldogs discount" which meant they could knife chas and take the merch for free. man - yes seems redundant but it's common to refer to grown ass adults as boys / girls here, guess it's pretty weird
  3. fuck my bad just looked it up. apparently they are ex bulldogs players who have escaped from their contracts and let loose in the wild. this also explains their attraction to underrage girls
  4. well we're gonna need hog meat once the karen army have snapped up all the food from woolies and coles. fr though didn't know we had many wild pigs in australia, i've never seen one. do they escape from farms or something?
  5. yes you need a midi interface, and a midi cable running out of the interface into the JV.
  6. very cool sounds! a lazy but effective thing to do would be to dub a more conventional drum beat over the top. like a simple kick / clap pattern but louuuud maybe with sidechaining.
  7. hm idk, there's a real thing of people not wanting to say no because they think it will hurt their careers. is it up to them to still say no? yes, but it's also up to louis to recognise that this is a real thing and maybe a yes isn't really a yes in this situation. when you say analyse it case by case though, how do you mean? how does this affect this dynamic? i am curious
  8. especially when you consider he handled it in basically the only proper way you can. accept the allegations, accept why your behaviour was wrong, be a better person, tell people "now is the time to be listening, not talking over others" still gets thrown in the same pile as weinstein. it defs was an abuse of his power and position as a comedian of note. he gets that, but at the time did not occur to him. unlike weinstein, cosby, etc who were doing objectively worse stuff knowing how bad it is. there is just no comparison, sorry. it's still gross and wrong but he doesn't deserve to be compared with those literal rapists.
  9. gronk is a great substitute for retard btw
  10. we should burn boc at the stake for being witches. obviously they knew something and decided to tell us only with airy fairy hints with their cryptic music. not cool boc! very irresponsible
  11. tim where abouts is your boat atm? it's a cruise boat right?
  12. ay nice yr boi MGF AUDIO got a credit on this one 🙂 i noticed angel had bought a bunch of my samples from my website so i sent the whole archive for free because their music rocks.
  13. oh come on dude, harmless fun. it doesn't make the situation any less serious but some light relief aint gonna hurt.
  14. this is defs fucked but if you look at the charts you can see a bump in cases long enough ago that a jump in deaths is sure to follow at this point. obviously hoping this is as close to the peak as possible but unfortunately it seems we can only wait and watch.
  15. i half agree with you. saying their delay was 'minimal' is a bit rich considering the first case may have appeared in november. also they allowed wet markets to be a thing knowing the consequences for way too long. i don't think their 'minimal delay' response can make up for the fact that they tried to cover it up and deny deny deny. also they are defs lying about the numbers of infected and dead. wouldn't be surprised if they just started shooting infected people in order to deal with the problem. it's hardly out of character for them (tiannamin square anyone? Uyghur death camps??) i agree that we have been asking for something like this to happen in terms of neoliberalism only caring about personal gain and giving zero fucks about long term existential threats. the free market does not react quick enough to catastrophe and when it does price gouging and profiteering are actively encouraged. as well as competition for finding solutions rather than collaboration (leading to scientists repeating the work of others and wasting a bunch of time)
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