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  1. i still can't process the cybertruck... i'm sure it works fine but it looks so silly. and the name is silly. it's so obviously leaning into being a failure that i think they may actually be onto something with the idea.
  2. tx16wx is fantastic, i do think the old gui was better though, maybe i'm just a fusspot. i have live suit so I just use sampler, but I woulds defs use tx16wx all the time otherwise.
  3. sweet thanks for pointing that out, looks like an awesome plugin all sample packs on my website are 75% off with code BLACKFRIDAY but you can use the code HIVEVIBEZ to get 90% off not sure if those codes double up, try it out? anyway i have lots of samples of hardware synths including a huge library of multisamples www.mgfaudio.com
  4. ok thanks to this thread i have revisited midnite vultures and goddamn that is a good album.
  5. this is a great idea, how did it go? i want to visit melbourne soon and would defs check this out if it happens again
  6. lol took him a while to say this... also re: midnite vultures i was under the impression that this was a watmm approved classic, but i guess it is pretty divisive depending on your tastes. some people really love it, some really hate it. i'm gonna have to revisit some of his albums that aren't MG and odelay cus last time i really gave them a proper chance i was a dorky high school kid who just wanted distortion and breakbeats on everything
  7. competent music made by someone who clearly knows what they are doing yet it doesn't resonate with me at all no matter how many times i try to listen. tbh i completely forgot he existed until he popped up in my mind a month or two back like "damn, what is that guy doing these days?". certainly hasn't managed to stay relevant, that's for sure.
  8. nice, thank you for this! the way you put "classic" in quotes made me smile 🙂
  9. not a docco, but here's an interesting podcast series about "The stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds." https://www.20k.org/
  10. clams is the best, probably my fav beatmaker in the rap world at the end of the day. dude carved out his own style and is consistent af. 32 levels was decent, not amazing, but i'm keen to see what he pulls out for this one.
  11. multila or vocalcity are good starters. both different ends of the spectrum. see what you like and go from there, his catalogue leans more towards experimental multila vibes rather than vocalcity's pop overall though.
  12. he creates great moments of entertainment for us all whether he means to or not. i think life would be more dull without him.
  13. PUMPED 4 this one. danny is the real deal.
  14. really great! songs are well paced and move along in a fun, natural way. i prefer vcplx to stuart but this is more a personal taste thing. gr8 job!
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