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  1. rode m3 condenser would be a great choice for what you're after. it's a good all-rounder mic, i daresay it's like the sm57/58 of the condenser world. super affordable and gets nothing but good reviews http://www.rode.com/microphones/m3
  2. i'm not necessarily glad that he died but i'm certainly not upset about it either. it doesn't really change much, but he was an evil man no doubt and it's symbolically positive in that sense. good news is hard to come by.
  3. i chuckled at thicc zucc for half a minute dr hibbert style
  4. in the subsequent years i've learned that a balloon burst is the best method for impulse capture. sure, a sine sweep is nice, but it's not always easy to lug a big speaker around for this. also sine sweeps mean stuffing around with voxengo deconvolver demo version which isn't very fun.
  5. cold brew is where it's at for me atm.
  6. why do you think it's sarcasm? do you really think he deserved jail for what happened?
  7. ah right, that's more reasonable and i suppose in line with how a lot of software works. but it does seem unusual in the plugin world.
  8. post is tldr but i don't buy the notion that "everyone is a musician". overwhelmingly, most people i encounter have no idea about music or how it is made. there is more visibility because of the internet, sure. instead of trading tapes and CDRs inside a small circle these can now be made available publicly. i think this tricks us into thinking there are more musicians than there have been in the past. even if this is the case, i don't think the increase would be all that significant. prove me wrong though, i guess.
  9. to be fair rocky should never have gone to jail in the first place. maybe overnight while they consider the circumstances. twas just a good ol fashioned beating on someone who was asking for it and almost definitely deserved it. nothing to see here. i'm sure rocky saw worse shit on a daily basis in harlem when he was growing up.
  10. being a white male between the ages of 20-40 having irreplaceable skills from all the hard work i do, incredible patience and intelligence, plus I am always reliable and responsive. people say I am a 10/10 employee!!!
  11. yeah i really like what tyondai brought to the band on mirrored. to me his vocals were the final ingredient that really made it all work so well and i don't think they would be as notable as a band without his contribution. goddamn that album is great, super ahead of its time. for so long i had detested "modern music" and wasn't interested in anything that wasn't from the 90s and hearing mirrored was genuinely exciting. and now there is the nostalgia bonus of being reminded of my late high school years where everything seemed possible and there was still some bloody hope in the world instead of this nightmare cesspool reality we've fallen into.
  12. yeah exactly. this is true of any manufacturer of course, but waves do have rolling sales on certain products year round. at least they're trying to make their plugins more accessible to people on a budget, though.
  13. he's in a great position to reach out to these loners and make it clear that shooting immigrants is not the answer to anything, and that their daddy trump does not approve. instead he distances himself from his own spawn and refuses to acknowledge white nationalists as terrorists and 4/8chan as terrorism hubs. what these shooters believe is simply a more sophisticated version of what trump believes. this is the logical conclusion of his bullshit. it's so obvious that he is sympathetic towards them, just probably thinks they "went too far". he doesn't deserve all of the blame, but he certainly deserves a lot.
  14. even though waves plugins are excellent in terms of what they do, be wary that you'll get locked out of updates after a year if you don't subscribe to their update plan thing. i think it's a ridiculous business model. also i find their plugins tend to use more cpu than they ought to, but maybe they are not configured right for my setup somehow. still, i bought the kramer tape plugin and it gets a lot of use. also their gtr pedal / amp sim suite is seriously fkn good!!
  15. whoah we can sell our plugins? i've got a couple i wouldn't mind unloading myself 😉
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