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  1. i don't see why it's an either / or situation. they're all great. before opening this thread i was expecting typical watmm backlash against a classic album that pretty much everyone here loved at some point but because - shock horror- it's not the late 90s anymore it sounds - gasp - not quite current compared to the stuff it influenced!!! wow!! who could have predicted such a thing?? funny cus i was listening recently and was surprised at how well it held up considering how much i used to thrash it in high school. production still sounds fresh for the most part. and if it doesn't it's because everyone ripped them off because this album was so huge. i don't think it needs the deluxe treatment with remixes and stuff, meh. especially for the price....
  2. i mean yah but it doesn't just end at "going for a swim" does it. the whole blacking out and being urged on by nature stuff defs sounds like a mental illness. i thought the relationship with drugs and mental illness was well established, and that it doesn't create any new issues where there aren't any, just brings out dormant or existing ones.
  3. new forum design results in some accidental lols
  4. yeah i had to ask if it was a joke too.. if you watch enough there's just too many moments that have to be sincere and i guess there really are people like that out there so it's a bit of an occams razor situation. you could probably divide watmm into people who initially think it's a joke and people who don't. but someone should defs get adult swim onto this regardless. latest development is great. someone on discord said her 'babe' must think he's simultaneously the luckiest and unluckiest person in the world by being with her, and i can't stop thinking about how succinct that is.
  5. meh even if there's "no love in their eyes" they're still cute as heck and a lot of fun. the fact that they are pricks makes them more fun, actually. as for being allergic, i grew up with cats and dogs and only after moving out did i start to get allergic to the cat. when i go to housesit for parents i often get itchy eyes and sniffles from the cat, but after a couple of days that settles down. so if you're not deathly allergic but still want a cat this is worth considering.
  6. fuk, i completely forgot about this. infuriating. i'm sure she had many enemies so it could be anyone, and i'm also sure whoever did it knew that would create a smokescreen. a car bomb doesn't come from just any petty criminal, defs implies a high degree of organisation. silencing the truth with violence and intimidation because it is inconvenient to your own selfish means is truly one of the most despicable acts. really hope there is justice on this issue one day.
  7. he probably just learned his followers are too stupid to understand anything unless it's drilled into them, also when you're completely hollow as a person and have nothing substantial to say, repetition is your best friend to fill in the gaps.
  8. hey i like this idea, really expands on the mod matrix and makes a synth patch more than just what the knobs are set to. this would certainly be possible with max or max 4 live, it can grab a list of all the parameters and ranges, and then with that information you could make calculations and adjustments and send changes back, just make sure you structure the patch to avoid feedback loops (i.e. gating parameter changes with an event timer). if there's a synth with this sorta stuff built in then i'd also love to check it out.
  9. honestly overall things seem pretty good, at least on my end. there will no doubt be a few things to iron out but it's defs a step up from the old forum.
  10. new site is cool! lots of improvements so far. the images in the dank meme thread don't all load at once and make the page go as weird like they used to. also things just seem faster in general. nice!
  11. honestly it sounds like something is wrong with your computer. i bought live 10 last year and never had a problem with it, and my laptop isn't even that great. awesome program, no doubt much better than cubase for composition and workflow.
  12. peterson's writings and rantings remind me of when i was forced to do communications subjects at uni and had to reach that 3k word limit and sound smarter than I am.
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