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  1. I'm on SubFM tonight, www.sub.fm 9-11pm EST/2-4am GMT. Tune in, dance.

  2. exp-noise podcast makes me wanna SHIT my pants! Cheers! ?

    1. ManjuShri


       The device consists of a generator the size of a matchbox that is implanted under the skin below the person’s collarbone. Lead wires from the generator are tunnelled up to the patient’s neck and wrapped around the left vagus nerve at the carotid sheath, where it delivers electrical impulses to the nerve.[2]

  3. mercury retrograde - watch out!

  4. picosong wiped their database and all my picosongs from 2014-2016 are now gone forever

  5. srry to all I've been an insufferable cnut to, embarassing.

  6. peace be with you brothren

    1. ManjuShri



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