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  1. From the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung, October 1799, columns 103-4.



    Our worthy Haydn, as is well known, found when he came to London a few years ago a not inconsiderable faction opposed to him. It was primarily Italians who attempted to stand in his way. A certain Giardini published two trios, in which Italian music is depicted with long, significant notes, while German music, on the other hand, is depicted with very short and insignificant little notes. The whole was intended as a swipe against Haydn’s music. Although the composer didn’t identify himself, choosing instead the name of a dilettante, everyone knew who it was. An English organist in the Royal German Chapel (the same one, in fact, who is now planning to publish Joh. Seb. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier) responded by having a sheet engraved in copper in which a sun of the German composers known to him is depicted. Joh. Seb. Bach is in the middle; immediately surrounding him are Handel, Graun and Haydn. The sun’s rays are filled with other German composers in the following manner:


    Underneath the sun is an Italian owl that cannot bear the light of the German composers. To the side, however, are an Italian capon and a German rooster, in a position as if they were about to begin a fight with each other.

    Our worthy Haydn is supposed to have seen this sheet. It is said that he was not displeased by it, was also not ashamed to be in the vicinity of Handel and Graun, and considered it even less of an injustice that Joh. Seb. Bach should be the center of the sun, hence the man from whom all musical wisdom streams.




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  2. Mongolia: Archaeologists Unearth Tomb Of Genghis Khan




    Construction workers employed in road building near the Onon River in the Khentii province of Mongolia, have discovered a mass ԍʀᴀvᴇ containing the remains of many ᴅozᴇɴs of human coʀᴘsᴇs lying upon a large rudimentary stone structure.

    The team of scientists affiliated with the University of Beijing has concluded that the numerous skeletons ʙuʀιᴇᴅ on top of the structure were most likely the slaves who built it and who were then мᴀssᴀcʀᴇᴅ to keep the secret of the location.

    After realizing an extensive set of tests and analysis, they were able to confirm that the ʙoᴅʏ belonged to a man aged between 60 and 75, who ᴅιᴇᴅ between 1215 and 1235 AD. Both the age, the date, the location, and the opulence of the site seem to confirm that the tomb does indeed belong to Genghis Khan



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  3. Parts of the moon have stable temperatures fit for humans, researchers find



    Although much of the moon's surface fluctuates from temperatures as high as 260 degrees during the day to as low as 280 degrees below zero at night, researchers say these stable spots could transform the future of lunar exploration and long-term habitation.
    The shadowed areas of these pits could also offer protection from harmful elements, such as solar radiation, cosmic rays and micrometeorites.


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