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  1. This is out now and got picked as EP of the week by Bleep.com which was nice of them as the title had previously broken their website text formatting: https://bleep.com/release/246203-splitradix-515343nord-82509waldorf I also made a music video of me recording a take of the first track on it "3350 Beach Electronic": https://youtu.be/v0eIbuOPfgY
  2. I've got a track coming out on the D1 Records 25th Anniversary vinyl box set: Box set details here: https://www.d1.ie/shop/d1x25boxset
  3. Tickets are currently on sale again, I just bought another one for a friend.
  4. Some of the code at the start of the video is a slightly mangled version of the .json files that the Cirklon sequencer saves. If you freeze the track near the start you can see what instrument he named each output track of the Cirklon after.
  5. Sounds like somebody just fell asleep on a GX-1. https://i.imgur.com/KRA6kEAh.jpg
  6. It's an unreleased track just for the Sequentix Cirklon video. This is the Atlantis in case people were wondering: https://intellijel.com/eurorack-modules/atlantis/
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTbdGmVAg9q/
  8. Holy shit! Did Richard make Ryan his own, private song as a thank you? If so, Ryan is even luckier than I had originally thought! no, that's splitradix's cirklon AFAICT. Hi, I'm Splitradix. That's my Cirklon. Sorry if anybody was confused by the (in 8) but that's just part of the Cirklon interface, it tells you how many bars until the next scene. By default it's (in 1).
  9. http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/meet-the-12-year-old-dubliner-who-s-just-directed-aphex-twin-s-new-music-video-1.2694803
  10. It wasn't all done in one go. There's a track in there from 2014, some from 2015, one from this year. I made others during that time too but they weren't very good so I didn't bother releasing them.
  11. I've released a five track EP called "Community M.M.D.S." which is available on Bandcamp here: https://splitradix.bandcamp.com/album/community-m-m-d-s I've also put it up on Soundcloud here:
  12. Roland TR606 x 2 Roland TR707 Roland TR808 x 2 Roland TR909 Roland CR78 Elektron Machinedrum Elektron Analog RYTM Oberheim DMX Musicaid Claptrap Dinsync Drumdokta2 Akai MPC1000 Yamaha A3000 Korg Volca Beats
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