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  1. 1 hour ago, darreichungsform said:

    yeah, how did u manage not to change ur style for 10 years

    Well I tried different ways of drawing. More zoomed or more detail. But maybe also because of the format and the ballpoint that it makes it more coherent as a total.  

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  2. I just can’t stop listening to it all the time since April - all of them 1-4!


    4 is good for sleeping


    1-3 are great any other time


    . I feel like this album is extremely special and doesn’t really have any filler. That’s a feat for an 8 hour long beast!


    Also, April was magical checking out these new tunes on NTS.


  3. i lurk on his channel sometimes, cheers to wonky for promoting autechre and other great music but not gonna watch, 36 minuts dear god, that's like 2 nts songs!

    ae review are stupid anyway. If you love someone sooner or later you gonna stuff that ae shit in their throat with or without shrooms

    Haven’t tried the option with shrooms.. yet

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