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  1. In the download section there is the complete one, but different source. Would love to find the complete source of the Re-broadcast. The Re-broadcast is a way better audio quality version of this one:
  2. Maybe some already stumbled upon this version? Download link: https://mega.nz/file/6c9A1KIZ#oSdapmBWycTQJp-RFT-IrsqafWgWbmIjbXDyMSBGcSY
  3. Just to kill time till Digit is done. Mixed what we have so far with the original LA bootleg. https://www.zantman.be/-music/AE_LIVE_LA_MIX3_040408.zip
  4. Zantman

    Domino Set

    The 'Domino' mix is updated in the download section with this final version.
  5. Zantman


    I have this file 'AE_LIVE_TASMANIA_220618 ––– AMNI - REMASTER' and it is recorded on the 22nd. It is shorter and does not sound the same
  6. Zantman


    I noticed a small (not important at all, but still it should be corrected) error. 'AE_LIVE_MELBOURNE_220618' should actually be 'AE_LIVE_MELBOURNE_210618' - Source: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/autechre/dates 22 is for AE_LIVE_TASMANIA_220618
  7. Zantman


    The new batch has the album name 'AE_LIVE 2016/2018'. It make more sense to me (cause I love to organise) to name the AE_LIVE batch 'AE_LIVE 2014/2015'. Even for older live recordings/bootlegs/soundboards it seems logical to me to add the year (like..AE_LIVE 2008, AE_LIVE 1995/1996, Etc.). And of course for future AE_LIVE releases. >Example
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