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  1. nth dafuseder is the strongest to me. Well everyone has got his favorite. Great ep. Love it from day one.
  2. This is the complete set live https://archive.org/details/Ae2001-05-09.flac16 And part 2 is not on the soundboard https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1587-autechre-2001-05-09-canada-torontomp3/
  3. Part 2 (EQ-ed version) missing on the soundboard of Toronto http://zantman.be/-music/P2.zip
  4. Dublin 2018 - Play it as loud as possible. (don’t get in trouble with neighbours)
  5. https://youtu.be/GlRQjzltaMQ Lol (mine are warped too, but play fine)
  6. Today 3 and 4, at this very moment ‘all end’ half way (less loud, neighbours are back home). Yes! Feels so right!
  7. It’s also ok because I see no ratings (6.7, 9.7 or 7.1523 stuff)
  8. Those options also needs to be explored lol
  9. Haven’t tried the option with shrooms.. yet
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