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  1. Replaced p3 with the correct version 😬 All the final files have in the ID tag 'FINAL MIX' at the comment section.
  2. Zantman

    th red a

    Why no track called 'th green a' on PLUS ?
  3. Yes.. that Dutch crowd with their hands waving in the air is maybe killing the cover design of @jules
  4. About the cover design... Maybe this screenshot I took in the days of the Dutch ‘Hyves’ days... also for in the squares? The live vibe of Autechre captured.
  5. "this doesn't sound like autechre but... there's 2 guys on the stage." Some more words for the cover?
  6. Well not recent. I made these model drawings at art school some 25 years ago.
  7. I agree a slightly thicker cardboard would have been better. My record arrived already damaged on the top.
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