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  1. I have placed the 80 drawings/series/sketchbook pages at my site. It is a grid and you can click to enlarge one page. The one that has coloured versions is made already years ago. Now 79 pages to go and make all kind of versions. My goal is a total animated grid. Will take maybe 50 years. http://www.zantman.be/series-superpositions-s001-s086.html
  2. Zantman


    Very naughty and fresh as ever.
  3. Zantman


    dubtechre - doesn't sound them like them at all = AE_LIVE_2008
  4. Zantman


    We have got the Berlin bootleg. I wonder if that can be topped with a soundboard.
  5. Zantman


    Philadelphia. I am curious. Never gave it a go. So many to go through.
  6. Well I tried different ways of drawing. More zoomed or more detail. But maybe also because of the format and the ballpoint that it makes it more coherent as a total.
  7. Sketchbook pages (2009-2019) combined as one work. I made scans of these separate and want to make coloured versions enlarged meant as prints.
  8. One work - 3 x 120 x 120 cm Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
  9. An exhibition with my latest works I had last year at a local cultural center. 2018 > http://zantman.be/-video/landvast-01-2018.m4v 2015 > http://zantman.be/-video/landvast-2015.m4v ( ps. I deleted my Instagram, just my own site www.zantman.be )
  10. nth dafuseder is the strongest to me. Well everyone has got his favorite. Great ep. Love it from day one.
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