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  1. it's made out of the same material as the LP5 cd SOLD
  2. Ah too bad i would have loved to have seen/heard you Joyrex Hope i can check this out after it airs.
  3. live now bit of afx at the start https://www.facebook.com/MixmagMagazine/videos/10156562344142474/UzpfSTE2NTIyMjM4MTgzODAxNzg6MjEwODcwNzY2OTM5ODQ1NQ/
  4. yes Holy farts shiz gets HYPE at 12:45
  5. Very cool! Ceiling is an old mixtape favorite of mine. been blowing my mind for years. think i got it off an old comp bjork put together.
  6. I've been thinking of elseq as Eleven Sequence but Exai must be 11 right? XI
  7. Very sad to hear of his death. Unreal producer. rip here's the video of him enjoying his tune live https://www.facebook.com/tearxenon/videos/3425489445877/
  8. bro Jeffries is not a woodsman. he has been to "above the convenience store" though, apparently. btw that scene is from FWWM and is expanded in the outtakes released as The Missing Pieces and included in The Entire Mystery boxset. (or youtube)
  9. <3 u guys i'll spam a burial playlist again of goodies if you've got spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/confettihellgate/playlist/46bdi25N0YBMo0QwQ9onz6
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