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  1. Neat. I just read about the Polygon Window rerelease. Make sure to get that in December too!
  2. Says it comes with a commentary too. I think Japanese editions do feature write and things like that. Would love to get a translation of that at sometime. Wonder if Sign Japanese cd has a similar commentary text?
  3. So M4 Lema has got a Windowlicker groove, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention it. Wish there were more of those on this album. I do really like it though and it makes me feel like I’m listening to the old stuff sometimes.
  4. Good job hijexx! heres one made redundant by those
  5. Best ending, abruptly, with just loud tape hiss
  6. So I asked Sam Prekop, who in turn asked his friend John McEntire, about the track. He said they asked Richard to remix a Tortoise track but he politely declined. that’s that then
  7. Aren’t the a and e overlapped on the cover.
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