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  1. Some fun bits in this https://daily.bandcamp.com/label-profile/planet-mu-25th-anniversary-guide?utm_source=notification
  2. The label boss said in the comments that preorders go up 4 weeks before release, always so somebody keep an eye on that for me
  3. Fuck you that’s brilliant! Great mix!! I wonder if it was the start of this track in a Xmas mix posted on the old mu board or something.
  4. Hey I can’t remember which snares track maybe samples Walking in the Air maybe it’s something off planet mu? Just trying to remember and it’s killin me.
  5. I totally agree. It’s extremely controversial I suppose, among the knobs that love to thumbs-up or down stuff here, that Come Down To Us is my favorite burial track. And the ep that it’s on is very special. It’s like he touched the monolith with that one.
  6. Me too. Track sample is too wild to say love yet lol.
  7. Various Artists IDMEMO: A Future Of Nostalgia compiled by Vladimir Ivkovic and Ivan Smagghe Above Board Projects ABPLP005 December 11, 2020 2xlp in 2 volumes https://bleep.com/release/202991-various-artists-idmemo-a-future-of-nostalgia-compiled-by-vladimir-ivkovic-and-ivan-smagghe https://aboveboarddist.co.uk/vladimir-ivkovic-ivan-smagghe-various-artists-idmemo-a-future-of-nostalgia-vol-1-above-board-projects/ https://aboveboarddist.co.uk/vladimir-ivkovic-ivan-smagghe-various-artists-idmemo-a-future-of-nostalgia-v
  8. I love his music and whenever one of you enters a thread just to say something negative about that music I wish you did to something different with your time.
  9. Why are people holding this to such a high standard? i guess the answer is they have all individually made tracks that are far more effective separately. its weird that if it doesn’t meet some kind of standard you consider it bad. imagine it’s just friends doodles. They can be precious but not necessarily perceived as amazing works of art. They aren’t pushing this. It’s black label releases of a couple tracks separated by several years time. With zero hype. enjoy!
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