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  1. I'm so proud of you guys, I'm literally crying right now
  2. Blank is turning into a memelord™ Good dump
  3. This is one is memory of Whylessmess, may his soul rest in peace
  4. https://soundcloud.com/npoess/1997a
  5. Npoess


    Best answer chillphin vid > delete all posts below > close thread
  6. Well, I discovered her self-absorption and egoism didn't really know any boundaries. So it probably is for the best. But man, that shit fucks you up no matter what. Right now I need to be an annoying little emo kid, but I'll be back in chatmm in time, don't you worry.
  7. Npoess


    WATMM is sometimes worse than a girl's teenage club when it comes to the drama.
  8. Girlfriend broke up with me... Self-pity is intense these days But now I have time for dank memes again
  9. Guess I should be a bit embarrassed to listen to this, but that fucking beat though
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