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  1. What in the flying fuck is going on in that photo? Not sure I want to know actually. Carry on.
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/01/12/an-ohio-fugitive-sent-police-a-selfie-because-he-didnt-like-his-mug-shot/?tid=sm_fb
  3. Beat is great, I would credit that mostly to Madlib since it pretty much sounds like something that could be on Madvillainy. But holy fuck the lyrics and vocals are pretty painful to listen to, as usual with Kanye.
  4. Memes are for losers. Personally I blast KoЯn to my salvia plants, hit fat dabs and do sex stuff. Here's a video: https://www.facebook.com/dadpatrol/videos/788446624614407/
  5. lol That will probably trigger a WATMM member or two
  6. If you get Simone, you won't get attractive/passing football than most United fans probably want. He's amazing at making fighters out of his players, and to be fair, that's probably what this squad needs at the moment. But play style-wise he won't fit Man Utd much better than Mourinho. But he will not leave Atletico, haven't he just extended his contract? - either way, he has said he won't leave, and I do believe him. I think the problem with Van Gaal is that he don't have the right player material, which is largely down to himself, but I mean one of the more well-performing players is Fellaini, but he don't even fit into Van Gaal's play-philosophy, so I think that says it all in terms of mismatch of players and playing style. But I actually don't think giving him a bit more time would be such a bad idea, I mean I don't believe constantly sacking managers is the solution, and who's really available that's so much better at the moment? - maybe actually Van Gaal just needs one more transferwindow to fix it (but I know it's hard to believe in him considering how he has spent the money so far). But he's also very good at letting young players come through, which is more than can be said for clubs like Chelsea and Man City, and that shit just takes time - but tends to pay off in the long-run. That has always been a part of the United dynasty's identity. I mean we all the know the class of '92 have been maybe their most prosperous period ever, why not try to replicate that with a manager who's great at developing young players?
  7. Npoess

    DJ Khaled

    Why on earth does he think taking so many shirtless selfies in the mirror is a good idea with that gut? Maybe he's darker skinned version of Randy from Trailer Park Boys... Or maybe he's capable of levels of self-deprecation we are just not fully able to appreciate yet. Maybe he's just fucking clueless.
  8. This bloke is pretty underrated, love every single track he has made.
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