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  1. look at all these buddies i got on binding of isaac lol the red 1 shoots red bloods the maggot does a flying attack and does mega dmg the black 1 shoots black oil and slows badguys down the red maggot gives me extra hearts i was doing so good but i died on the last lvl :(
  2. rixx come 2 the mumu!! http://www.mumuplayer.com/revenge_of_the_pebbers from maximus mischief
  3. ill get my big bro to beat u up hes friggin strong way stronger than u i bet
  4. the only way i believe that is if u have like schizphrenia or something do u ? if acid and mush rooms work u go to friggin LALA LAND u have 2 do at least 5000 grams
  5. im not tring to make fun of you sheesh... holy u are angry when ur on drugs lol
  6. sparkling water is full of aspartame isnt it??? the intellecutal side of u should realize its POISON
  7. i wanna play that soo bad but i dont have 2 friends who have good enough computers lol seriously ppl its 2012 get a good computer already!!!!
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