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  1. look at all these buddies i got on binding of isaac lol the red 1 shoots red bloods the maggot does a flying attack and does mega dmg the black 1 shoots black oil and slows badguys down the red maggot gives me extra hearts i was doing so good but i died on the last lvl :(
  2. rixx come 2 the mumu!! http://www.mumuplayer.com/revenge_of_the_pebbers from maximus mischief
  3. ill get my big bro to beat u up hes friggin strong way stronger than u i bet
  4. the only way i believe that is if u have like schizphrenia or something do u ? if acid and mush rooms work u go to friggin LALA LAND u have 2 do at least 5000 grams
  5. im not tring to make fun of you sheesh... holy u are angry when ur on drugs lol
  6. sparkling water is full of aspartame isnt it??? the intellecutal side of u should realize its POISON
  7. i wanna play that soo bad but i dont have 2 friends who have good enough computers lol seriously ppl its 2012 get a good computer already!!!!
  8. i think if u did like musrhooms or acid and they didnt work it means u didnt eat enuogh?? i thought thats how it was cuz why dont u eat even more!! ull have so much FUN!!! PS what r u on right now lol ur actin crazzy
  9. thats how it should be thats why internet forums are like the deepst darkest places of the world where ppl let out their horrible secrets and show how friggin silly and wacked out they are as human beings lol just friggin keep that weird stuf 2 urself guys u dont need to be all freaky and get mad at eachother for havin different opinions just be nice
  10. it seems like 1 of those randomly generated things who wants 2 read that no offense
  11. DO U HAVE EPISODE 2???? cuz i really want episode 2 i have the 1st episode and half life 2 (the game) but i dont have episode 2 that would be so nice if u traded me that or gifted me it :)
  12. merry christmas mine crafters!!!!!
  13. i can play that game4 hours and never get bored of the music!!!
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2-A6L2iV4M&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USNIVpn2E1g&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHwHRofrX44&feature=related
  15. u guys i dont even get christmas diner this year :( i thought we were gona have awesome turkey gravy mash potatoes carrots buns milk and all that awesome stuff but NO cuz my aunt is in fricken some place and my MOM is in some other place so basically its just opening presents :( :( maybe some restaurant can do turkey dinners and like deliver them or something
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