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  1. hope you guys are doing well got a new one for yall please take care, be well thanks so much for the support, we love you very much phil & felicia https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/smooth-operator https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/smooth-operator https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/smooth-operator https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/smooth-operator https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/smooth-operator
  2. 彼が話す言語に関連して彼の環境を理解する必要があります。彼の口の外には出てこなかった、彼の心の窓の外で起こることはほとんどありません。\ Download here: https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-orchestra 彼が話す言語に関連して彼の環境を理解する必要があります。彼の口の外には出てこなかった、彼の心の窓の外で起こることはほとんどありません。 Download here: https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-orchestra 彼が話す言語に関連して彼の環境を理解する必要があります。彼の口の外には出てこなかった、彼の心の窓の外で起こることはほとんどありません。 Download here: https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-orchestra 彼が話す言語に関連して彼の環境を理解する必要があります。彼の口の外には出てこなかった、彼の心の窓の外で起こることはほとんどありません。 New 5-Track E.P. on Biosoft Records Recorded at Weyland Studios in Dallas, TX & Takamatsu Recording Group in Amagasaki Prefecture, JP Mastered in Weyland Studios, Dallas TX and in Sheffield, UK 100% revenue share fees waived for today 6/5/2020 , Appreciate all support and generous offerings. Hope you are all doing well !
  3. Haha dope to see Greg posted up in here. Did you know that he's my roomate ?
  4. 90 minutes of music 6 tracks, 2 live sets ----------------> https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/colecovisions <----------------------- hope you are all doing well, and are happy, healthy and safe thank you for all of the support. it essential and never forgotten please look out for yourselves and enjoy the music, peace phil
  5. Download here 1. Konami Codes 2. Emerging from the Void 3. Temporary Feelings 4. IBM Minus 5. Journey Outwards 6. SAMSARA 7. Cloudy Style 8. The Xenon Bridge 9. Icasean Robotics Lab 10. OA.SYS merry xmas - thanks for all of your support and love, hope you guys enjoy the music . it is full of pure love .
  6. cygnus

    Rare pics of Ae

    Yeah it was quite a time. Best time of my life - but it was such a rush - had never done anything like it before. First time I’d been out of the country. Lotta “firsts”, so my brain recalls the memories in a unique way. Feels like I never left in a way. Looking at one picture just floods my whole brain with recalls “oh that’s the day this happened” and “oh wait but someone said this Funny thing on this day” and its endless
  7. and tbh the discussion about cultural appropriate is worth having , i just dont think its worth having between, like, a super angry person and the oblivious person who pissed them off . you need a Data, a Picard, a Worf ( and bfic worf is irrational but wholesome, his logic is grounded), you need a Guinan, you cant have, like, "twitter consciousness"
  8. from my pov the clickbait circuit is taking advantage of what might otherwise be easily resolvable misunderstandings. but, the way that it's all arranged on social media/twitter,etc, people fucking come out the door SWINGING. so its hard for there to be any resolution. its more like Mad Max than it is like the bridge on Star Trek TNG there's just no grease on the wheels. the tension between folks just builds up until it reaches infinite density, black hole forms and swallows everything up and next day everyone forgot wtf happened. lol
  9. cygnus

    Rare pics of Ae

    ah fuck it heres some more, theres so many . just been sitting on my drive for almost 5 years anyway, might as well share the good memories 1) rb,rh - i think, seattle or portland 2) sb, me, rh, rb (Chicago) 3) rb,sb, rh (florida) 4) rh, rb, ??, sb, nr (p sure this was LA) 5) rh, sb, me, chris cunningham (this this was LA)
  10. cygnus

    Rare pics of Ae

    wow took hundreds but heres a small handful of good ones. they contain anecdotal value. sorry would have posted earlier but the sheer amount ok so the cracker barrel thing, what was notable about this was an insane & comically huge tricycle outside of the restaurant. believe we were passing through Florida. thats mark,sb,rh in that pic. sean said something about the monster bike that made me die laughing but dont remember what it was think next one was seattle or portland. chancellor booth and herr clark. think clerk had played decibel fest the night of or before. cant remember third pic was in vancouver . not special just a wholesome photo moment. some lore; beginning and end of the mezzanine recording is herr brown helping me try to record my set at the vancouver gig which didn't turn out right . the sound of the clinking bottles is the bar closing up. funny thing is i took a nearly identical picture 4 years later with andy ceephax and gareth clarke. should find it but this is rare AE and dont want 2 get banned fourth is the best one i took that whole month. florida again, we had 2 soundguys. jamie harley and nikhil ranade . jamie was first half nikhil was last. pic os nr, rb,sb . anyway, mark was on me about talking about conspiracy theories and nikhil noticed it within a day of joining, and joined in on me trolling mark , just ramping up the conspiracy talk, etc. absolutely hilarious. i have done a grotesquely poor job in keeping up with these guys and i am comprehensively ashamed of it. greatest time ever last pic is shameless/plug, pic of my gear onstage
  11. "there is, CURRENTLY, no digital version"
  12. hey guys! Good news - Machine Funk Volume 1 is now shipping in the USA! Now you can get it through Biosoft Records without the prohibitive Tax, Customs and insane shipping costs from Europe. have to get in on it though cause there are NOT VERY MANY and they will absolutely, without a single doubt, sell out very quickly Click here -----> https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/machine-funk-vol-1 <------- 3x12" Vinyl records, 79 minutes of ludicrously nerdy electro & funk inspired by the 1984 comic book mini-series by Barry Windsor Smith Purchase of the Vinyl does not include a digital version! There is, currently, no digital version. Part 1 in a 4-part series! You will want to collect all of them!
  13. cygnus


    ooh nice. last omelette i had had kimchi, meatlof and mushrooms in it. tasty . best omelette i ever had
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