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  1. cygnus's post in Is Aphex the GOAT? was marked as the answer   
    richards got mad soul. people have been trying to imitate him for decades with a 100% failure rate. but that's just evocative of someone with soul. think of how many mofos were trying to imitate prince back in the day. you just can't do it . but like any truly inspired and at-ease musician, they can teach you about yourself, show you yourself and inspire you and really help you to bring out your OWN soul.but thats the same with everything/everybody, like, you typically want to surround yourself with people who serve as a mirror and not an opaque surface. you want people in your life who show you who you really are so you can grow . if you don't grow you have to destroy yourself, you go catabolic , cause your energy has to be organized somehow, no matter what. everything in the universe does. do you guys know this dude andy puddicombe? hes like that, he's a plain, flat mirror - you have all the space to be yourself while beholding them as they reflect the light of the universe that touches them. 
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