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  1. wow you fucked up. he's a once in a generation talent and he doesn't even know how good he is. i love his music. he is also really fucking insane and definitely has abused women. i'm not really an r&b fan; it's just not my thing. but i did go through a moment where i really enjoyed maxwell and i think faith evans and all 3 girls from TLC are amazing (and very pretty). apart from that i find the rest incredibly arrogant and annoying- especially when they form groups like boys II men or jodeci I read an interview with r kelly a few years ago. He took the guy doing the interview up to the sears tower in Chicago when it wasn't open to the public. Halfway through the conversation he threw his arms out and belted two full verses of 'I believe I can fly' whilst looking out at the city. The image of this makes me so happy.
  2. a girl ordered an aeropress to my house, i've only used it twice but not impressed so far. it seems like you have to be very particular with these things which i don't like. i dont drink that much good coffee but those stovetop/moka pots are the best! like a delicious proper strong drug cup not just another thing you swig back throughout the day. minimal faff also
  3. Kamaal williams/yusef kamaal album is well worth checking out!
  4. Slacker

    louis ck

    lol that's my fave Metallica song
  5. if i saw the boc bros in NZ i would prob roll em, not even joking. by myself i wouldn't hesitate
  6. what happened to this blog? this guy was one of the last few trusted hip-hop writers in these dark times. found a website under his name still running but his old blog was an archive of amazing old interviews and rare gems. I remember seeing that video of busdriver on blind date on there. also made me aware of classics like these;
  7. Never even heard of this, is it replacing glade? Sounds v cool tho
  8. A Croatia win Im hoping for but not really expecting. Saw the first half of today's before I left for work, was feeling hopeful the whole journey. Not so much when I arrived and saw a lot of pissed off looking docs gathered round the big tv at reception lol. Can't be too upset with how we finished tho. We played well and weren't being whiny lil pussies writhing around on the floor like a good handful of other teams this wc.
  9. spain/portugal looked so exciting from the highlights. tried to stay up to watch it after uruguay/egypt which was pretty dull, it started at 6am here! so i fell asleep. all the times are atrocious in NZ. i forsee messed up sleeping patterns for the next few weeks. I wanna hate ronaldo but he's just too good lol
  10. That video was amazing, good job by the presenters improvising these rather nice descriptions of gay mice frolicking.
  11. Man I'm just now diving into this guy's discography, besides the Rabit collab I was unfamiliar with the project. I had no idea he was a left-field hip-hop producer and beat maker. I think it makes his approach to ambient/drone a lot different than his peers and it shows in a good way. apparently he decided to wipe all traces of that rabit collab from the internet? I really liked that one, very unique. shame we won't get anymore. edit: I'm sure there was a mix from them two played on bbc 6music or which i cant even find a suggestion of on the web, if anyone has a clue...
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