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  1. This may have been brought up before, but did anyone notice that the numbers in his username are now his birthday? user18081971 18 August 1971
  2. yep Sekonda is my fave from today. Love this sound.
  3. Oh Wow! Organ is definitely top 3, with 14 07 B and 19 Ssnb. Im so happy
  4. Yeah I can confirm the area is fine at night. Pretty quiet and one block from a bart station.
  5. I got details on the Friday show in Oakland. Here it is: http://www.inticketing.com/events/445389 Again, "Special Guest" is Ceephax. Say hi to me if you go! I'll be running visuals projections for the stage :D
  6. I heard from a friend in Oakland that he'll be playing a secret warehouse party on October 24th.
  7. Stream it on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spectrumelectric/sets/golems I'm part of Spectrum Electric, but this album was mostly written by my partner [The Miner]. We think this one is pretty good... The tracks are all interesting in their own rights, but my favorites are Knights in Cairo, Golemspeak, and Welcome Ohm. We're offering free downloads until November 12th. You can download it here: http://gridwalklabs.com/audio/golems After Nov 12, we're going to ask for name-your-price, and include a bonus disk with 8 extra songs. Here's the artwork:
  8. Looking back on the first song in this thread, I'm not happy with it. The sound quality is much too heavy-handed. I need to go back over it and make it crisper. This latest song I just posted is a lot more crisp.
  9. http://soundcloud.com/thespectrumelectric/soft-womb-of-light New song. Dance elements, but more experimental. What do you think?
  10. Here's a new song that I call Black Locust. It's part of a dark/spooky EP that we're working on. http://soundcloud.com/thespectrumelectric/black-locust
  11. I think this song is really excellent! I was digging the beginning, and it really got my attention when the drums kicked in. I like the drum levels. Video is really nice too. I get that high speed motion, moving right a long feeling. Fadeout ending is a little unexpected.
  12. Th melody that comes in at 1:17 is really cool. Reminds me of a tree growing or plants flowering. I'd like to hear the HQ version of this to soak up all the bassy goodness that youtube cuts out.
  13. I like it. "Proper Street Style" is a cool way to describe it. I think it needs a slippery synth with portamento and modulation here and there to glide around the chords.
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