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  1. We Bought a Zoo - A feel good film about a family's struggle to enslave animals. 4/10 Downsizing - Wish I could downsize this film. Yeah, so I'm half way through this and posting a review purely to make that terrible joke. It takes the most absurd idea and makes it as stimulating as watching an old man very slowly water some plants. Really tested to use vlc's playback option to speed it up. Everyone will speak like a chipmunk but it got me through Les Miserables over 3 days, and i want to get through this tonight. I keep winding it back because somehow i feel like I didn't get the most out of the Matt Damon stretching a woman's leg scene. Sleep inducing, nigh insomnia curing. ... Finished. How did this film get away with its racist caricatures of anyone European or Asian? It's like with Gervais' Derek, somehow if you smother your offensive reduction in sentimentality no one cares to notice. 2/10 Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle - Loved the original Jumanji at the time and it still is one of my favourite Sunday background tv watches. Jumanji, The Mask, and Men In Black are all original classics not been surpassed by any live action family entertainment films of the 21st century. Found the over reliance on them using their strengths and weaknesses for jokes (and forced emotion) a bit grating, really, as well as the references to the quirks of videogames which felt too easy. It was still occasionally funny and fun, but very much an expected modern film; looks like a TV show, devoid of visual flavour, the CGI is so predictably shit you wonder why then even bother anymore, the villain is a waste of space. This is nowhere near the original. It discards all the interesting ideas in terms of being trapped inside this nightmarishly dangerous jungle that the cartoon expanded on. I mean, in this you get a gang of bikers leaping over a hill in chase, it's not exactly evocative. A million miles away from a burning hot, lush insect filled jungle of real mystery. There's no turns, no attempts at cheating that further express the grander sense of being trapped, no puzzling clues in those tentative suspenseful moments as you wonder what horror it's referring to before you realise what havoc they've wreaked on their quiet town, no escalating anarchy. It discards the whole premise of the original so i will stop there. Maybe what they did is a better approach than just repeating, if you're really into the obvious character development where they jump into another body and are able to express qualities they suppressed as their real selves in the real world. 5/10 Thor: Ragnarok - I came for the Taika Waititi and left thinking Korg was the best thing that had ever been in a Marvel film and the best thing that will ever be in a Marvel film. Complaining about the film trying too hard to be funny doesn't make sense to me because if it wasn't for the humour there wouldn't be anything there. 5/10 Mute - Central relationship at the beginning is so trite it made me wonder if Duncan Jones' whole desire to make this film was because he found it poignant and moving. [sort of like how David Fincher's old man who grew up with young girl, he de-ages, she ages, at some point they meet isn't it moving no actually it's creepy. That..except none of the evident technical skill in the execution.] Mute man who carves dolphins out of wood with dangerous woman who disappears and despite being unconvincingly mocked wherever he goes by Noel Clarke and that guy who used to be Eastenders he's committed to finding her. And was that Charlie from Lost? And paedophillia was added to be edgey and dark. Feels more like the pilot of a TV show than a film, and if it was I'm sure the critic response would be more positive, suggesting 'if you just cut out nearly everything there's a decent show in here'. I had a break an hour in knowing there was an hour left yet it seemed to find an extra 15 minutes two times when I was sure it would end, like a magic trick. The more it went on the more flashbacks I got to The Snowman. 2/10 The Snowman - I thought The Mummy would win the Best Shot Worst Film Of The Year award, but this out bores it. It wasn't the execution but the material that I thought was terrible. I don't know why so many good actors were attracted to a nothing script, in such peripheral nothing roles. I like thrillers for their mystery, suspense, procedural nature. Fassbender beautifully shot sat all cool in a library smoking a cigarette. But equally I can find myself not caring about the mystery because it's never ever as interesting or intriguing as the film thinks. And mysteries like these seem to be popular when people read them as books. Sometimes a film is so boring you have to resist the urge to eat biscuits while you watch, because the act of crunching food is more stimulating than the visual tedium in front of you, and it is a resistance when your stomach is so full just the thought of eating anything makes you feel sick. A film so boring you ache with the awareness of every living thing, you just want an endless void to swallow you up and obliterate your mind from being conscious because that is the only way to cleanse your soul from being molested by such tedium. A film so boring it challenges whether being free to make whatever art you want should be allowed, because it lures you in and exploits your faith that all the people involved wouldn't just waste their presence for no reason. A film so boring it could be a dramatized true account of my own life, revealed to me for the first time upon waking up from a deep coma not knowing who I am or what my history is, and I'd still not care one iota. 2/10
  2. Probably going to have to commit suicide in the future. It's not ideal, i wanted to see what culture will bring, especially the year 2049 (won't make 2097 *shakes fist*). I have no skills, no prospects, no job, dwindling money, and time running out. I mean I can be homeless, or close to it and permanently fast. Eat 20 grains of rice a day. I think if I was to sit and say to someone the above, they'd say oh my god what's wrong. the other bit. if you don't have a job you're nothing. Your job might be nothing, but you're being paid so it must have value, no one pays for no reason. I like to say to people who want to enforce a life that wouldn't be mine with; 'you know what most people say on their death bed? That they wished they had the courage to reject living the life expected of them' but, really, at least they reached a death bed.
  3. It's kind of sad I suppose but I'm claiming this sadness and owning it and I don't care what you think that i get a buzz out of thinking that people all over the world will be looking at Autechre and Aphex Twin and The Smiths and Joy Division and whoever -Karl Pilkington- and be fascinated about the places that these alien soundscapes/poetry/manc humour emerged from, cos I grew up here. UK members on wattm should be treated like gods really, or people who've walked among gods. You've all been to gigs, in close proximity, but i was within a continual 15 mile radius of sean booth and rob brown for every year of their music making upbringing. I might have even walked past them unknowingly in manchester arndale or laid eyes on the same things as they did, like the batmobile behind glass that was in there for years. Or maybe I've been handed change that was once in their possession. Their bacteria inside me at some point.
  4. click for gif. dunno how to upload from my pc straight.
  5. wow, thanks. I can't seem to split up the quote box into pieces to reply to different bits. I can't remember what I put up here, i don't know if it's the wattm theme but this thread is heavy to scroll and look through. It's a lot more interesting than the other photography thread i use (on a videogame forum) but I've rarely really gone through it. Hopefully a lot of the photos are still showing. I think if i put up the amount i put elsewhere it would grind the thread to a halt. I recently spent 2 then 5 months travelling around Europe in a van, so have a lot.. I think my frustration with photography is if people submit to the idea of the Perfect Photo, and then measure everything else against that. So like Stewart Lee says, there are people, even his family who don't get him, and almost assume he's doing it wrong, like there's only a few ways to tell a joke and he's just failing at it. He's really inspired by a kind of anti comedy. So I asked the guy in the thread which photos of mine were most boring and uninteresting, because the four he picked out as liking I actually find the least interesting. And he picked out a shot of a pretzel stand, and compared it with a Vivian Maier pretzel stand shot, who i like, but he missed the point. With photography, or art, for me it's just the surprise of it. I love Moriyama more than anyone else because he can do lots of ordinary shots like it's part of a travel journal, and then he'll show something that is so stark and alien it's like it's from another planet. The Maier shot contrasted the downbeat seller with the affluent New Yorkers, mine obscured the seller and customer, Maier's shot is composed, uses depth of field to draw your eyes to the seller. Mine is this shitty raw aimless shot. But looking at the two together I still prefer mine, it's more about reducing the objects and subject to shapes, so there's energy and movement, the two piles of pretzel's are stacked high moving outwards. I like stuff that's alien and sci fi. It might be a blunt simple shot of someone stood against a wall, but in a high contrast it evokes an anxiety, a kind of horror. Subject and background is broken down to shapes and vibrate off each other, create movement, an angular edginess. Now i guess to respond to that you need an appetite for art and desire for more aggressive imagery*. This is sort of the argument for Venetian Snares and the aggressive aspects of Autechre, that they as musicians are so invested in their music where its violent sound is a reflection of their desire to scratch an itch, and everyone else if they're to engage with their music that's so uncompromising needs to match their desire. So through that it just becomes this other level of an experience, that's purely visceral. I love snares' My Half so much because I've still not heard anything that feels so much like someone taking their anger out through sound, it's not just a racket, there's a forcefulness to how he keeps going, it's devastatingly emotional. You can deconstruct how he did it technically from afar, but it's not like he's grappling with the means to create himself, he's expressing his anger through music and i care more for the passion to push through and evoke than anything else. *I dunno, the transformation is exciting to me. If it's staid and sterile it's mainly due to zooming in, I can't get angles unless I get close and can't get close unless i have intimacy with subjects. I want photos that are low fi, punk, raw. I just go around mostly touristy places, pedestrianized spaces, with shops, so a lot is about needling at consumerism and modern life. I think it's really obvious what they're trying to evoke, it's not an accidentally violent approach purely due to the high contrast. Loneliness, alienation, depression should all be in there. Should I link to the thread? I don't care anymore really. I've been there a long time, put up several hundreds of photos. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/278472-the-rllmuk-photography-thread/&page=545 https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/278472-the-rllmuk-photography-thread/&page=546 https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/278472-the-rllmuk-photography-thread/&page=547 I think there's a hyper sensitivity to civility with some people, the point to be more forceful with words is to provoke because i thought eventually the quality of the shots overrided whatever taste people have. I think ultimately, it kills me for others to not share the same passion for something fresh, in contrast to the norm. I don't want to be so sure there's nothing that will surprise and excite me, i don't want there to be a ceiling. I mean i go into every new Autechre album wanting something that makes you go; what the fuck is this?! I listened to Tankakern the other day and still thought; what is this? My favourite films are Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer and Bullet Ballet. That girl was maybe in a good mood, happy on the phone. I've kind of butchered the edits, scribbling black on the left to get rid of some scratches, and didn't try too much getting the edits similiar. It wasn't easy at all to stand there as the bus stops. I've never done it. It came accidentally, there was a homeless woman across the road with two rabbits, so i stood directly across next to a lamp post. Only had a few days left and there were no reflections on the window at all in that spot, a bus lane, a bus stopping every 5 minutes, never had that, being seen is like being exposed naked but the opportunity overrided that... I dunno, when a photo works I get excited, after a few weeks and many views later it becomes normal to me, and maybe that normality is what most people see. 'Freshness' doesn't exist to them, they're just like; 'yeah, no big deal, woman presented as a goddess of death floating in a dark void of nothingness, eyes hollowed out yet gazing into your soul. Average street shot'. So if that is the response I'm not thinking; maybe he has a point, or I've failed. I'm thinking; what is wrong with you. It's just not possible to want certain outcomes and then expect them taking random shots in the street. So when something does work out of many many thousands that don't, i get psyched, and think; i can't top this really, you've got to respond to this ! Dunno if that's arrogant or deluded.
  6. thanks a lot again too much? I kept adding because one particular photo jarred with another. This thread breaks upon opening on my tablet. I put up something like 110 photos in a row on a photography thread on another forum, mainly to annoy the people on there, although i do like the consistent mood it creates. Someone commented; 'Couldn’t you pick the best three! '.to which a man replied 'To be honest I doubt even he knows which are the good ones', which flipped me out and...i said some...things. 'I'm at a point where I have to think whether it's worthwhile, whether the privilege of an online place to show can offset how upsetting it is'. etc etc a few words i can't remember what i said. Man replied and the gist is/to directly quote him he said it's 'average street photography, with the motion blur and heavy silhouetting on some photos it looks like a sixth form students take on it at that. Boring compositions and un-interesting subjects where you haven't really captured anything, and have just silhouetted them to try to create interest'. So yeah it kind of means a lot for the response on here to be more receptive, i think because i'm really chasing boldness instead of accepting it's futile unless I get intimate access to subjects, shoot on film, find a war zone, maybe travel back in time to the 70s. man it cuts deep to be described as average. That's the worst thing anyone has ever said to me. I'd rather he hated the harshness. I dunno, I'm surprised with the edits because they're often beyond what I can hope for, although the freshness only lasts a few days for me. Transforming the ordinary to something unnerving is the addiction. I dunno, I've been surprised, that's probably enough. Your blue hued urban England shots are beautiful, i don't do colour so don't know, how much can you do in camera? That to me is England. London is urban. England isn't countryside to me really. Also! Got this. Which made my day/week/month/year/life/afterlife
  7. Really liked the thai film about organized exam cheating Bad Genius.
  8. I can't compute this. tbh, you're just wrong. I don't think I've ever said that on the internet in 14 years of reading forums and I've read a lot of wrongness. You've pushed it too far this time.
  9. Suffocate Peon


    I love this album, and not that I've listened to enough other electronic music to say this but..it has a particular use of repetition that I've not heard elsewhere. It's this hermetically sealed thorough workout where each segment of a track persists to the point you anticipate the transition so that when it occurs its doubly satisfying. The sound is so dry, so meticulous. I never really took to Sublimit like others until the aquatic bit at the end changed my mind, i think by that point of the album I'm sort of done. I like that the album is 8 tracks though, with every track being distinctive after just a few listens. It's one of the best sequenced electronic albums I've heard, and I think Chiastic Slide onwards they were brilliant at that, i think it's just the increasing variation in their sound and maybe they were more conscious of it. Maybe not. I first listened to this album through earphones while taking my dogs for a walk. Really the worst way to listen to it. I don't think it's an earphones album, but others might disagree. and pro radii is beyond anyone anything, without the use of drugs I've really flipped out listening to this track, it's so extraordinary in my mind it eclipsed everything, so i try not to listen to it anymore unless I can do it at ear splitting volume. It contributed to the death of my cd player, and all other listening devices I've had since have been lacking. It just submerges you deep into an alien ocean and drags you around, it's so transformative it's probably beyond being demystified, but i don't want to think of it in terms of the software/hardware used to create it. It justifies any time i might push autechre on to people, because i want them to listen to this track in pitch darkness very loud and think it's the greatest art ever created, be in total awe of it, be absorbed by the all consuming sensation of it. My favourite line in cinema is ''Even sex is a mystical experience for you. I feel like I'm being harpooned by some raging monk in the act of receiving God'. It's like that. It's so special. Nothing has had such an impact on me.
  10. not putting red dwarf on mute to listen to this
  11. I think I skipped this one. Better go back.
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