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  1. I'd like the human race to eventually evolve to a place where we can program AI to make music in the vein of Untilted.
  2. 1 minute 43 seconds to be precise. I love this track. Really underrated. 'pay attention world'.
  3. We Bought a Zoo - A feel good film about a family's struggle to enslave animals. 4/10 Downsizing - Wish I could downsize this film. Yeah, so I'm half way through this and posting a review purely to make that terrible joke. It takes the most absurd idea and makes it as stimulating as watching an old man very slowly water some plants. Really tested to use vlc's playback option to speed it up. Everyone will speak like a chipmunk but it got me through Les Miserables over 3 days, and i want to get through this tonight. I keep winding it back because somehow i feel like I didn't get the most out
  4. Probably going to have to commit suicide in the future. It's not ideal, i wanted to see what culture will bring, especially the year 2049 (won't make 2097 *shakes fist*). I have no skills, no prospects, no job, dwindling money, and time running out. I mean I can be homeless, or close to it and permanently fast. Eat 20 grains of rice a day. I think if I was to sit and say to someone the above, they'd say oh my god what's wrong. the other bit. if you don't have a job you're nothing. Your job might be nothing, but you're being paid so it must have value, no one pays for no reason. I like to say t
  5. It's kind of sad I suppose but I'm claiming this sadness and owning it and I don't care what you think that i get a buzz out of thinking that people all over the world will be looking at Autechre and Aphex Twin and The Smiths and Joy Division and whoever -Karl Pilkington- and be fascinated about the places that these alien soundscapes/poetry/manc humour emerged from, cos I grew up here. UK members on wattm should be treated like gods really, or people who've walked among gods. You've all been to gigs, in close proximity, but i was within a continual 15 mile radius of sean booth and rob brown f
  6. click for gif. dunno how to upload from my pc straight.
  7. wow, thanks. I can't seem to split up the quote box into pieces to reply to different bits. I can't remember what I put up here, i don't know if it's the wattm theme but this thread is heavy to scroll and look through. It's a lot more interesting than the other photography thread i use (on a videogame forum) but I've rarely really gone through it. Hopefully a lot of the photos are still showing. I think if i put up the amount i put elsewhere it would grind the thread to a halt. I recently spent 2 then 5 months travelling around Europe in a van, so have a lot.. I think my frustration wi
  8. thanks a lot again too much? I kept adding because one particular photo jarred with another. This thread breaks upon opening on my tablet. I put up something like 110 photos in a row on a photography thread on another forum, mainly to annoy the people on there, although i do like the consistent mood it creates. Someone commented; 'Couldn’t you pick the best three! '.to which a man replied 'To be honest I doubt even he knows which are the good ones', which flipped me out and...i said some...things. 'I'm at a point where I have to think whether it's worthwhile, whether the privilege of an on
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