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  1. pretty sure this is the one i was talking about https://store.steampowered.com/app/230290/Universe_Sandbox/ - i remember it being super scary on some kind of existential level because everything is SO BIG. the stars are so massive i just had a sense of dread "standing" in front of one. this was pretty early days though so maybe it wouldn't be as bad now. also haha, this thread. my vive's been collecting dust for probably a couple years now. i still intend to get future VR devices though, but i'll probably sit out a generation or two.
  2. i love this stuff and have been actively searching for well preserved, non-yellowed old 90s setups just like this. i also love brutalist architecture however so maybe there's a correlation there.
  3. Is this your own material imported into the game or a default OST you can play with ? it's an old track of mine that i found the stems for, and realized the "game" had custom sample support.
  4. been messing about in soundstage on the vive. started playing witcher 3 again, it seems to have replaced skyrim as my go-to never-ending game.
  5. fauda - pretty good so far i guess? stupid bleepbloop CSI computer noises whenever there's a computer nearby, but other than that ..
  6. 11/10 holy shit, this is basically red dawn if instead of just a random russian cold war invasion, the enemy is the "globalist demonic elite". china and russia in cahoots with treacherous american liberals. it's basically 90 minutes of libertarian, concpiracy theorist / gun nut porn and it's fucking funny as hell. also, alex jones has a small role in it and it was directed by chuck norris' son. for reals.
  7. the wailing a 90 minute movie somehow stretched out to almost 3 hours. started out pretty good but holy shit did it drag on.
  8. was pretty happy to find out he's got a youtube channel. it's mostly gaming videos though.
  9. the most 90s thing i've seen in a while. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix7qeLBWkm4
  10. there's not much to do other than gather resources in order to upgrade your ship which lets you explore more, which is what i do. i love exploring in this game. it seems a lot of people complain about how they played it for 2 hours and everything looks the same. 2 hours isn't enough to upgrade your warp drive to tier 5 and reach the most distant star systems. everyone starts out in a yellow system, and if you just book it to the center without exploring or going off the beaten path, it's all just yellow systems, which look more or less the same. you can't even reach the other 8 system types without upgrading the warp drive. but yeah, it's still just exploring. some (most?) people seem to find that tedious as fuck, i love it. i keep coming across weird and wonky places.
  11. no idea what watmm's opinion is on no man's sky but holy shit, im 50 hours in and loving it.
  12. what don't you get? the show relies pretty heavily on 80s spielberg nostalgia and tangerine dream-like synthmusic, which obviously doesn't appeal to you. for me it would be a lesser show if you took away those elements. the actual plot etc isn't exactly original. it's mostly style over substance, and im completely fine with that (though i did like most of the characters and the writing as well).
  13. watched the entire first season of stranger things yesterday. so good.
  14. is it me, or does this season feel a bit "off" so far? things feel rushed somehow, like there's less thought put into certain events. earlier seasons seemed to move at a much slower pace, while in this one we get several seemingly random character deaths in a single episode, weird "comedic" dialogue and even the music feels out of place at times. even the sets / lighting looks cheaper somehow. as does the CGI / green screen stuff. mainly though im annoyed with the faster pace. like something absolutely crazy has to happen in every episode, instead of slowly setting things up.
  15. dooms is amazing. holy shit. i don't think i've had this much fun with a shooter since unreal tournament. bought it last night and already 7 hours in.
  16. the only problem with VR and first person games is locomotion. personally i have no problems with the teleportation mechanic as long as it's a walking sim or a fairly slow game, but it wouldn't work with a fast paced shooter. there are devices like this, but i can't imagine anyone with a normal sized apartment getting one of those. sort of like those racing game chairs. maybe if you have a spare, dedicated game room or something. controlling your movements with a gamepad, moving forward in the game while sitting or standing completely still in real life is out of the question for me. i don't get motion sick, at all, but it's still a very disorienting feeling. unless you're in a cockpit or a car seat or something in the game. something like what these guys are working on might be a future solution:
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