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  1. Hmm, I first heard SAW II on cassette, few years after it's release when some friend borrow it from other friend just for me, he gave me it with some little bonus, jar of shrooms, so my first listening of this album is forever connected with delusional dying experience, still beautiful, exceptional but also frightening ... Waiting for repress
  2. It goes exactly where new Igorrr should go but failed.
  3. After some thinking, Friday 13th probably will end as shitty and repetetive game This two could destroy my brain, with proper VR support, psychiatric hospital will be my new home : Agony Scorn
  4. So far not deleted http://www.factmag.com/2016/05/18/autechre-alaskan-radio-appearance/
  5. He did ! I saw him live right before Battles at a Warp party in Paris like 4 or 5 years ago, it was awesome - he played tracks live on a MPC, I remember his set being like a hip-hop take on the Ambivalence Avenue/Mind Bokeh tracks plus an amen break murdery to end the gig. It was really great. If he ever plays live again and you have the opportunity to see him then go, you won't be disappointed ! Similar set at Warp25 in Kraków, I was going to upload it over year ago, hoping to finally hear it on some new his project or is it someone else, anyone would recognise it ? It started nicely, I stopped my recording but then it evolved smoothly to some freaky d'n'b. 1/2 2/2
  6. I hated it after first listening, but now starting to like it which scares me. Mood of this album reminds Ambivalence Avenue with some new funky touch from Mind Bokeh + a lot of crossed barrier from more popy sounds : 7,8,13 Some recycled ideas, like : C'est La Vie sounds like rearranged Anything New (from Mind Bokeh), Wren Tails (Vignetting ?) but not complaing about it.
  7. Just realised that Sue and Girl Lovers Me could be prepared for unreleased Outside continuation.
  8. It was fucking brutal yesterday, just like listening to Ventolin for the first time, this tones and samples was something new for me , sound structures somehow known. This was my first Ae live and I prefer their earlier works, but I hopefully wish new album will be released soon.
  9. Skip to 5:15 Seem to be the same squarepusher track but premiered 4 months ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAnqTJiKsds
  10. It actually could evolve into something more complex. Look at this, nice guitar shredds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRnyw0tsi58
  11. Waiting for this release. Merry Christmas Aaron
  12. I realyy like this album, waiting for a new tracks, and Merry Christmas Travis
  13. Let's guess. Splinter Cell - Blacklist, judging from previous Ninja Tune/Amon Tobin cooperation in Chaos Theory and Amon Tobin - The Clean Up (Lorn Remix) to the same game. I hope I'm wrong but what did I won ? this turned out to be the new Killzone game on PS4 Good for him, but sad that's PS4 exclusive title.
  14. via Imgflip Meme Maker instead of digital copy but do not regret it ;) great album
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