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  1. Re: 73-75, apparently the sequencer panel/kit is just around the corner.
  2. Portable means you do the running.
  3. I did two quick and dirty versions of Cirklon3 and Cottage3 E five years back. 2548736_01AFXJacksonSmoothCirklon.mp3 285866103_02AFXJacksonSmoothCottage.mp3
  4. These Ad Vanz and Roel Funcken sets have kicked ass.
  5. Proof of stake through the heart of the capitalist vampires.
  6. Didn't fall for it. 😄
  7. Yup. https://bleep.com/release/225675-my-bloody-valentine-my-bloody-valentine-reissues
  8. Yeah, could be as pedestrian as that. Or vinyl reissues.
  9. Yeah!
  10. Yeah, this is an interesting point in discussions like this. On the other hand - my first meeting with this work was at one of my country's most prestigious fine art institutions, with an academic framing - a panel discussion - and a seated, servile audience during the performance. So in my experience the "topicalisation" of the music is actually an attempt to elevate the work from exactly lowbrow to highbrow. And this is one of my main gripes with it.
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