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  1. 52 minutes ago, dcom said:

    Spotify streams at 128 kbit/s, and so does Bandcamp; Spotify is AAC, so in theory it's a smidgen better than Bandcamp, but if you're not using Spotify HiFi, the difference is negligible. Why not just listen from Bandcamp?

    Spotify Premium = 320 kbps

    Spotify Hifi = lossless

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  2. 3 hours ago, Braintree said:

    Makes me feel like getting one more instrument from them and call it a day.

    I own a Digitone. If you could pair that with only one other piece of Elektron gear, what would it be?

    For flexibility you'd need one of their drum boxes. I'd say the Rytm for analog sounds (does nice mono synth sounds too) or the Octatrack/Digitakt if you wanna sample.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Wunderbar said:

    sounds nice.  U have a midi file of that bass by any chance  ?


    Btw whats the reason  u split it up to the left and right channel ?

    I'll have a look for a MIDI file.

    Regarding the stereo pan, the patch was described that way in the Syrobonkers interview:

    "that 1.54 is a conventional europatch but dual path , so like 2 mono synths, so 2 filters,2 osc's 2, vcas etc i rek it was mostly doepfer modules, there wasnt many other eurorack modules out then anyhow, you can make the doeper modules sound much smoother/delux like that, 2 of everything and pan it"


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