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  1. Speaking of Voivod... This should be quite good: https://www.instagram.com/p/COA6-YIA1Eb/?igshid=36w0y8jwl060
  2. "remastered from the original DATs"
  3. No, that's cool. Tried to upload it via the post attachment function, but it was too big
  4. Recorded in Audacity. Will remove after a few hours. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w496s4a7iul1e59/01 20210423 SPYMANIA LABEL SPECIAL -.mp3?dl=1
  5. Went to their web store to pre-order the LPs now. Loveless is listed as out of stock. Isn't Anything is listed as in stock, but is not in stock upon checkout. Weird.
  6. Cheers! I was there just now and bagged a clear one. Been my go-to shop for VAT-less orders for a few years.
  7. Has anyone seen it available from other web shops? Bleep/Bandcamp doesn't subtract the local VAT, which means I'll be double-VATted.
  8. psn


    Yeah, the Roundhouse one was supposed to happen May last year, then October or whenever.
  9. Yeah, has a bit of that Jean Michel Jarre Small Stone phaser sound.
  10. Re: 73-75, apparently the sequencer panel/kit is just around the corner.
  11. Portable means you do the running.
  12. I did two quick and dirty versions of Cirklon3 and Cottage3 E five years back. 2548736_01AFXJacksonSmoothCirklon.mp3 285866103_02AFXJacksonSmoothCottage.mp3
  13. These Ad Vanz and Roel Funcken sets have kicked ass.
  14. Proof of stake through the heart of the capitalist vampires.
  15. Didn't fall for it. 😄
  16. Yup. https://bleep.com/release/225675-my-bloody-valentine-my-bloody-valentine-reissues
  17. Yeah, could be as pedestrian as that. Or vinyl reissues.
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