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  1. Yeah!
  2. Yeah, this is an interesting point in discussions like this. On the other hand - my first meeting with this work was at one of my country's most prestigious fine art institutions, with an academic framing - a panel discussion - and a seated, servile audience during the performance. So in my experience the "topicalisation" of the music is actually an attempt to elevate the work from exactly lowbrow to highbrow. And this is one of my main gripes with it.
  3. This would be a topical/thematic/whatever treatment of the subject. Reflection and time has been invested after the fact of the event, as with the Guernica and Trains examples you mentioned earlier. The book/art itself contains elements/themes that refer to the subject. Edit: It would be interesting to see an art history survey of famous works that were attributed to some historic event that happened after their creation. There are probably loads.
  4. 9/11 is a very powerful example of the subjective/objective dichotomy. We all globally watched it live in real time on the TV and have a shared experience. And we all remember our own experience of that day vividly - where we were, with whom, etc. We all have our own story of that day. And this is where I think there's a flaw in Disintegration Tapes, in that Basinki's attachment of his music to that day is just as random and subjective as all the other insignificant things 6 billion of us did that day. All these auxiliary events don't hold any real claim to an elevated, shared significan
  5. I didn't mean the intrinsic relevance of the work itself, rather its relevance as a factor in successfully communicating Disintegration Tapes to the world. Yeah, something like that. I was referring loosely to Jungian theory.
  6. Four Sundays this coming week, I am Le Optimiste.
  7. The work is linked to the historic event merely by synchronicity. While the synchronicity may have profound meaning to the artist who experienced both these events in that very moment, the significance doesn't necessarily translate well from the subjective to the objective realm. The two success factors here are simply that 1) people buy in to the back story and 2) the historic event was so outrageous and tragic. The work itself is close to irrelevant. For my part I think it's 1) bullshit and 2) tacky as hell.
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  10. I once saw him perform Disintegration Loops live on two tape players that didn't even work. Pure theatrics.
  11. Yeah, the reposts make it impossible to keep up.
  12. The goatse page on Wikipedia is probably the best one on the entire site.
  13. Yeah, they've been nagging for money pretty much constantly for the last couple of years. Limited time offers are regularly extended, etc. Seems desperate.
  14. That's fast, I just received a shipping notice an hour ago.
  15. If you think of the notes as binary bits you don't need to know "all the scales" any more than you know all the numbers between 1 and 2048 (which is the possible combinations of two to twelve notes, excluding enharmonics). It's simply an incremental system, you can pull them out at will. Another angle is that they are all variants of the diatonic major scale, which you can notate as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. The minor scale then becomes 1-2-b3-4-5-b6-b7. The chromatic scale becomes 1-b2-2-b3-3-4-b5-5-b6-6-b7-7, the blues scale is 1-3-4-5-b7, the lydian scale 1-2-3-b5-5-6-7, etc. They all have t
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    1:18:13 ^ Funny how anti crypto he comes across a couple of times in that interview, too.
  17. Yeah, and Christies did the Beeple thing a couple of weeks ago.
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