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  1. You are forced to save Ableton 10 projects as Ableton 11 projects in Ableton 11. And A11 projects are not backwards compatible.
  2. Fun one, hadn't heard it before.
  3. Yeah, you'll go from sine to saw to noise.
  4. Feedback gives a sawtooth, so then you're back to start. 😁
  5. No, I think the Rephlexions version is an edited one.
  6. 1OP that's not a sine wave, then?
  7. That was all the entertainment you got for a week.
  8. Missed it, only saw the notfication five hours later.
  9. Ready
  10. Mandatory spectral workout: Unstableton 11.mp3
  11. Saw them live in 1997 and that was fucking brilliant. Big fan of the two first albums.
  12. There was this story a couple of years ago: https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/great-big-spotify-scam-bulgarian-playlister-swindle-way-fortune-streaming-service/
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