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  1. I mean, nothing in my opinion, but I've definitely been made fun of for it. It's like how I'm a huge Vsnares fan, but this forum used to have a huge hate train for him.
  2. It's very hard to make a 1D barcode do two different things in a discrete manner. By that I mean, I can't easily do two separate ones in the same line as most functional scanners would go "this is one line" when trying to read it.
  3. Re: a few items in this thread without quoting people directly. I worked at three separate pizza places in my life, none of them put pine nuts in their pesto simply because they are too expensive. As such, I really do prefer the taste of pesto without them, I can only tell by texture when they're included. My dad used to high small items in the produce bags at checkout to buy them by weight. Such as those Listerine strips mixed in with lettuce. Likewise, I saw my eldest brother do this with stickers on jars and stuff way back in the day. I have a coworker that constantly uses el
  4. Do y'all want the barcode to output actual information? If yes, what? I work with this shit every day and can easily encode a string in there that any basic 1D barcode scanner can grab. Shit, I can get you a 2D one, but this isn't EXAI related.
  5. Really wish there was a tracklist. The first bit right after all the found footage was absolutely amazing. Also the Psycho theme with Rsdio was sick.
  6. And now it's really sick ravey-breakbeat. If anyone knows what this actually is, I'd love to know because this is the shit I adore. I'm now aware that this is the one day a year that my little subtitle makes complete sense without extra context.
  7. https://www.amks.live/ Quite a bizarre supercut of found footage, genuinely interesting though.
  8. lux 106 mod is my favorite
  9. Timestamp, this is the part I'm most amped to blast.
  10. It's pretty nice to read a small retrospective that doesn't just completely gush over Confield for 3 paragraphs, even if it deserves it. I do agree that them skipping so much is bizarre though. @Hugh Mughnus Think of it like people having only bandcamp instead of most of us that have a Bleep or autechre.ws account going on. Bandcamp is super easy to use and can get a fair bit of exposure out for those that don't yet know there's something else they could love.
  11. Yo when can I post this on my Youtube and receive my sick ad sense revenue of $0 because I realized it would be super unethical to make money off the music of others as a teenager? Anyway, super looking forward to hearing it.
  12. Fold4,wrap5 Casual(counterdronal)
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