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  1. Wonderful album. All the vinyls are out, but I got the CD (since I never owned the thing).
  2. Oh yeah! The leaked version of Variance is very good. I do have a lot of thoughts on it that I'm sure some of you will share in. It's such a swath of music and WIP that it's actually great; it's probably a selfish thought but I wish we saw this happen more often, but only in the sense of getting to hear beta version of tracks/albums to see how they changed. This particular album has the mythos of how long it took after the leak to see light added to it on top of Jega's strong-but-few releases. Almost nothing sounds like his music, even despite so many of the sounds being all around the scene (
  3. Variance has grown on me so much over the years, it's an amazing album. Also the Type Xer0 mech has always looked a ton like a Shoji Kawamori design to me.
  4. I'm happy with what I hear, but I really enjoy EBM and industrial. I managed to get the gold and black swirl vinyl last week.
  5. Been digging this album for awhile. This guy's stuff is hard to find though.
  6. I don't think I'd call him breakcore, but I think I like his stuff because I like breakcore. https://exophobiaorgqebrus.bandcamp.com/music Again, rest in peace. :\
  7. I find the safest thing of his to go back to at all times for me is the Hospitality EP or The Chocolate Wheelchair album. Not that I don't personally still listen through most of his stuff, but those are what I would outwardly give to someone that doesn't want his Rossz style things or the other "this is too serious" stuff. This thread makes me feel old as fuck.
  8. Definitely a staple around here. I'd noticed his presence was lacking, though I don't have much else to add. What an awful thing to happen. Rest in peace, Salvatorin.
  9. I use the burger for things I view as shitposts. That doesn't mean I think they're good or bad, but usually funny in a way where I'm definitely thinking, "ahaha, what a shitpost, Mark!" Where is the jazzband react?
  10. I love this track. Big ups to @Capsaicin for turning me on to Jack Dangers in like 2008.
  11. Boy is there a large group that tries to make Oregon look terrible.
  12. Enjoying the remix, pleasant news in my inbox for sure. Nothing awful to say about the Sophie track. I find some of their stuff really hits for me, or I'm indifferent.
  13. Really glad I can finally hear Bathroom Tests without maxing out my speakers.
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