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  1. I've been making my way through their discog at work during these last few weird weeks. Since it's a bit loud where I work I've been hearing the tunes a bit differently and it all stands up so well.
  2. So I've got to say that my job has done really well with the whole pandemic thing. Non-essential staff are to not to report in. I don't know how I feel being deemed essential production support staff, since I do work for the operations department and whatnot. Apparently some people in our design and development group are getting tested for COVID-19 as they're exhibiting the symptoms, which has caused me a huge amount of anxiety as someone prone to that garbage. The solace is that I do not work closely with them in any degree at all. It does make me feel important, but I'm about 80% of the way to an anxiety attack/breakdown similar to when I watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and freaked the fuck out at age 7 while my school was in lockdown due to a dude with a gun walking the premises. Anyway, I wish I was valued enough to have someone force me to stay home, because I clearly do not value myself enough to do so as I report in and spend more than 8 hours each day at work despite being non-exempt personnel on the daily; I make an income that can be considered a borderline joke for my credentials, yet I feel cherished by those around me as an example and proverbial de facto leader despite my flaws. The place has become a ghost town except for our manufacturing floor in our class 10,000 cleanroom, which has been kept well stocked of sanitary supplies. My drive has gone from 9 minutes to 7 minutes as I don't even have to wait at the two traffic signals I encounter. I've spent my few days listening LPs and EPs lost to my past while I organize materials for the materials department to aid heightened production, which we've managed to ramp despite all odds set in stone. I've managed to affect the culture of our quality notices since there are less people to get in the way; I feel empowered in the husk of a company that's marching along as the chassis of its former self. I'm not sure why I wrote all of this, I'm a stressed small man who doesn't feel like he knows what he's doing.
  3. It's neat seeing what the crowd here does. I work something like 8 to 5 or 6 any given day. I'm the incoming receiving material review board coordinator for a implantable medical manufacturing company. If some electrical component is acting up, I'm the one handling it on a batch management level. I'm trying to become a data analyst for the company, since that's something I already do a ton of in house; I'm one of the main ad hoc report creators and editors for others, I have a reputation for having a bunch of my own little databases that are stitch-ups from multiple sources. I've also started volunteering to be a hockey goalie coach.
  4. I remember enjoying Piety of Ashes a fair bit. He was also pretty good live when he and Cygnus opened for Plaid.
  5. I went to a record store with a girl once. I told her to pick an album and I'd buy it along with whatever I was getting. She chose Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" and I still have no idea if she was fucking with me. Never had another date though, her choice.
  6. I had been meaning to make this thread. Got the CDs for both in my car set-up to play back-to-back. Part 2 is definitely much slower, but still good. I love the closing track a lot.
  7. Man, me too. There was so much good stuff on his Soundcloud that seemed to just fade away and I can't find it anymore. I will say I still love all the music that comes from all these guys, it's a lot of fun and does so many things I only hear in their little niche. It's like visiting a small region.
  8. Yeah, like maybe not calling people autistic or treating it like an overtly negative trait. Shit, I shouldn't have to explain to my supervisor at work that calling things "retarded" is not a acceptable but boy does he keep doing it anyway.
  9. Pre-ordered it but didn't get the bonus disk? Oh well. Had this playing in my car the last few days, really solid album all the way through. There's a lot of feeling in there.
  10. A coworker and I have been swapping albums. He first gave me Hans-Peter Lindstrom's "Smalhans" (great album), so I gave him EP7. He told me it gave him anxiety, but in a good way.
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