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  1. Definitely a staple around here. I'd noticed his presence was lacking, though I don't have much else to add. What an awful thing to happen. Rest in peace, Salvatorin.
  2. I use the burger for things I view as shitposts. That doesn't mean I think they're good or bad, but usually funny in a way where I'm definitely thinking, "ahaha, what a shitpost, Mark!" Where is the jazzband react?
  3. I love this track. Big ups to @Capsaicin for turning me on to Jack Dangers in like 2008.
  4. Boy is there a large group that tries to make Oregon look terrible.
  5. Enjoying the remix, pleasant news in my inbox for sure. Nothing awful to say about the Sophie track. I find some of their stuff really hits for me, or I'm indifferent.
  6. Really glad I can finally hear Bathroom Tests without maxing out my speakers.
  7. I'm still waiting for him to formally release some of the Burnkane b-sides on his soundcloud. 😞
  8. I totally get it. I think I have a soft spot for some of the way she produces stuff. I found the new Cut Copy release by accident, didn't even realize they were still together. Totally a pleasant surprise.
  9. I got the job, I start my new position at the beginning of 2021.
  10. The "Da Funk" sample in at about 3 minutes has me all fucked up.
  11. Video is great, track is great, I'll grab this next Bancamp Friday.
  12. Small success, even if slightly premature: I have 4 hours of interviews this Thursday for a process engineering position at my company. It would be a huge promotion, like $25k/year (with uncertainty of course).
  13. Aside from this being the kind of music I'm into, this is an incredible realization and sequence of events. Musical act does live show, loses soundboard recordings. Years go by and they stow away on their part of their label's page all the patches used from that live set, and some people think "yo what if we recreated that entire live set we have bootlegs of?" Then that happens, and it's spot-fucking-on. What an incredible story and achievement.
  14. I would say it's not nearly as good as the Friday Syndrome albums overall, but that it's really pretty background music. It all swells and washes so nicely.
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