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  1. Would be great if he would put his tour stuff on his websites or anything.
  2. Yeah, she used to be super active on all the IDM Facebook groups. Rather pleasant individual that would get unnecessary hate, from what I recall.
  3. I'm not trying to be dismissive here when I say the following: fuck it and release it digitally with a potential goal of a physical if that's the real desire. Sitting on someone's albums for multiple years is shitty.
  4. I mostly agree. I'm glad he's doing what he wants to, but This Bliss through The Triad (which I think is pretty overlooked) are what really resonate with me. I've put one sample track that I adore from each album below.
  5. "Black Noise" is one of my most listened to albums of all time. I got through university with that on the bus, albeit "Welt Am Draht" did put me to sleep quite a few times when I was struggling to wake up. He's a lot of fun live. I went to his DJ tour some time around The Triad and he spent the show dad-dancing on stage to his own tunes. We were the last show of his before he went back home/wrapped the tour and he played about an extra half hour until the sound people at the venue were nicely begging him to be done lol. Yeah, he seems to have moved away from being techno, or at least into some spiritual space. I do enjoy his plinky-plonky stuff though, "Conference of Trees" and "Elements of Light" are both really pretty listens. Playlist of the album since it just released:
  6. New release from Pantha du Prince with three videos on his official channel. Been a pretty big fan of his output for awhile and this all sounds very pretty and "on brand" thus far. For anyone looking into or considering getting into Pantha du Prince, I'd really recommend starting with "This Bliss", but you can start anywhere since none of his output is terribly challenging or difficult, mostly pretty. His first album "Diamond Daze" is definitely the roughest sound overall though. CD: https://modernrecordings.shop.musictoday.com/product/Y9CDMR04/pantha-du-prince-garden-gaia-cd?cp=null Vinyl: https://modernrecordings.shop.musictoday.com/product/Y9LPMR04/pantha-du-prince-garden-gaia-vinyl?cp=null
  7. This is a pretty fun video and this guy seems like a pretty level headed music nerd.
  8. EP7 is the one that made it all make "sense" for me back in the day. I think we may have talked about it at some point, that was the first one I went and truly hunted down for purchase from having tried to piece together what I liked about this "new to me, exciting artist oh wow!"
  9. Exai was their first album that released after I moved into the new place (where I'm still living now), and was thus also the first album I got to listen to on proper speakers and not only headphones or a laptop when it was new. Exai was their second album that I got to experience as a brand new piece, the day that is dropped as I had only started listening to their stuff around when Quaristice came out. This album is a monster and I loved it the second "Fleure" got going. Maybe it's a bias/bit of fanaticism, but I feel like every album of theirs starts super strong and has a really well curated tracklist, Exai being probably one of the most cohesive in that manner of their recent catalogue. As others have said, L-Event cannot be ignored, I adore tac Lacora and give that a spin on my record player every so often because it's so good incredibly loud.
  10. Please, MDX, I want to throw money at VHS Head releases. It cannot be that difficult to do a digital release with a forthcoming physical as an "eventually" pre-order if that's the desired release style. Let me buy the man's damn music.
  11. The video for Dropp and Pir are what got me into Autechre back in like...2007 I think it was.
  12. I never would have thought 5 years ago that I needed to go catch up on Mike's output, but here I am. It's been fun coming back to it and remembering why I loved it to begin with, it's pretty, fun, thoughtful, and relatively easy to listen to; it really scratches a particular itch that I forget is down in my mind at times. Mike has done so much to shape my music tastes with both his output and his label, and with how I consume (the early Planet Mu online store was such a good platform for its time, it was unreal).
  13. I haven't listened to the second set yet (nor the entirety of the first one), but this is like the exact opposite of "never meet your heroes." I don't know that I ever idolized them, necessarily, but fucking hell have I loved all of their art and respected them for so long now. It's so nice to hear the stories of certain pieces and the small tidbits on how stuff's made, or bits about lost media that never was. These little outside chats with Sean are so rad.
  14. I really caught on with him through "Hyper Opal Mantis" and he's been so steadily producing more music that's both clearly his and evolving with each release. What I've sampled of this on Bandcamp is really good, he did excellently.
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