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  1. As a cohesive package the art is fantastic. There's a different one for each track, the record sleeves are beautiful, the typeface and format utilized is unique. Everything about the art captures the space the album encompasses.
  2. There isn't much that I feel I needA solid soul and the blood I bleedBut with a little girl, and by my spouseI only want a proper house I really just want a house that I actually want to live in instead of settling on something that is shit, but I can reasonably afford. Also I really like hockey goalie gear, but it's incredibly expensive. Just my leg pads cost $1500.
  3. Oh, nice. I totally forgot to pick up 2 and 3. CD pre-ordered, psyched to stick that in my car.
  4. Is this the most IDM thing 2020? Or maybe VHS Head's streams?!
  5. I think this would be a really appropriate thread for posting the default passwords adhered to modems cleverprairie376 bananaceiling431
  6. This song slaps, dude. The ABBA sample is great and it's built around really well.
  7. I hope one of them at least glances at this thread and grins, then has a good chuckle at how much this subset of people nerds out over their stuff. Wore my AELIVENA shirt to work today without knowing about this album's announcement, what a nice coincidence.
  8. Lol, I've got friends that still call it "Roversteps" because of what I showed them from the Oversteps thread. Also, Flepper.
  9. Reporting in to confirm that I do still use/have Youtube, even if I don't upload stuff actively anymore (I was afraid of losing my account like BATldsr and AugZF did). Let me know what I can do to help, I'm easy to find on here.
  10. Thanks. Everything You Do is a Balloon is what got me into them. It's so evocative.
  11. All of those covers are great. Also, Cichlisuite man. I love how much the art conveys it's a collection of material.
  12. It's great with the physical pieces too. All the recent artwork has really popped with the records and CDs, they're so cohesive.
  13. Everything You Do is a Balloon Sunshine Recorder Cold Earth Whatever this is actually titled as, the Warp10 track Bocuma David Came to Mahana'im, this track was my alarm for like 5-7 years. Later high school through all of university until the computer it was on more-or-less died. The Devil is in the Details An Eagle Insider Your Mind Korona Chromakey Dreamcoat
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