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  1. I really caught on with him through "Hyper Opal Mantis" and he's been so steadily producing more music that's both clearly his and evolving with each release. What I've sampled of this on Bandcamp is really good, he did excellently.
  2. NOISIA have been around the block for awhile. They were doing the, "what if we didn't just make drops and focused on tight controls on our bass and breaks" when the whole brostep->mainstream dubstep scene was exploding. I really think they're worth at least shuffling through if slightly curious, but if it's not your bag that's fine too. I really dug their debut album "Split the Atom," and have been passively following them since, but I was way into breakcore, breakbeat, and jungle prior to ever hearing them. I always felt they exercised some really good restraint/discipline. Their first big track, Machine Gun, really put them on the map back in 2010.
  3. Do you mean only in recent years in terms of release or in general? No disagreement, but interested in the discourse, mostly because I want to throw how much Brothomstates grew on me over the years.
  4. I would just like to be able to support the artist that is VHS Head. 😞
  5. Loved Hexose, but I really want something back to how the Friday Syndromes were. Those albums are so...pleasant, fun, well made, and gorgeous.
  6. This thread is a treasure. My submission is all of (NSFW warning) Diccolo Picks. https://diccolopicks.bandcamp.com/
  7. I completely forgot to pick this up, it's a great listen. I've only bought two albums that came out this year, oops: Danny L Harle - Harlecore bye2 - Teeth Restoration
  8. Necroing this thread to give all my love to how lush New Chair is. This album is a treat.
  9. Completely agree. It's really easy to say something low budget or DIY sucks, but there's at least the charm of "this was made by like 3 people and one happened to have a GIMP installed" or something. When it's not ironic and made with a bunch of market research and soulless, then comes out the sphincter of its design firm as a piece of shit. That's when it hits like that Madonna or Metallica cover. Same with movies.
  10. Popping back into here to say every single Andy Maddocks set in these mixes is astoundingly good. The 31_10_21 mix is really good throughout, I bumped most of it at work last week and today.
  11. Some really good bits in there, not that I dislike any of it. Love some of the revisitations of older tracks. Thanks, Ade.
  12. I find the text-to-speech fun/charming.
  13. I noticed that immediately too! Absolutely wild, hit me with a huge "oh shit, that's where he got this!"
  14. I'm a very quintessential millenial that grew up on the internet, stuck in a house on a cul-de-sac because my parents were convinced, and thus so was I, that I would be kidnapped or subject to violence on the rough streets of an Oregonian suburb. Ipso facto I lived on a PSX, Gameboy Color, and eMachine with classic games of that era, edutainment (remember this?), Napster, and Toonami. I'm glad I could summarize it in a way that you agree with. It makes the world feel more connected.
  15. I really like a lot of things that have come out of the general "Hyperpop" sphere, if only for its artistic influence and how a lot of it feels like it's taking ownership of feelings that music that the producers (who are close to my cohort) shared when they heard the same electronic I grew up on. Maybe different for me being in the western states, but a lot of permeated was tied to video games or the Eurodance hits that would break into radio play. It comes across as a deconstruction and done with such a hyperfocus on meeting a certain aesthetic that I end up appreciating it, even if it's either taking itself too seriously or not at all (often hard to discern). One of my younger friends, that I met being confined to my room during my college years playing video games until the sun came back up and I would have to rush to get my school work done before catching public transit to my lectures, knowing full well I wouldn't be home again until after closing shop at 11 pm, was sending me early Hannah Diamond tracks and talking about it. I didn't think much of it sounded good, kind of like they were all unfinished demo tracks. I can't help but feel like some of this is like a(n) (more) electronic response to Death Grips. A lot of "interesting" min-max going on in the soundscape, maybe a weird comparison. It feels like there's a lot of talent in this production that's not set on chasing money and more set on chasing an idea, which I appreciate. I've been listening to a lot of Danny Harle (a producer in the early years of the PC Music collective), and he absolutely grabs the evocation of what I remember feeling when I first started hearing techno tracks that resonated with me. It really throws me back into being a tween and loving this stuff, feeling like a complete nerd-loser-outcast playing DDR in my bedroom because I wasn't allowed to have friends over when my parent wasn't home during my latchkey bullshit years with Dirty Vegas, Groove Armada, Ace of Base, BT, and Eiffel 65. Uniquely it completely avoids all the feelings that Daft Punk gave me in those formative years; prior to my delving into more experimental music that eventually led me here. I'm going to take this little moment here to say the Super Monkey Ball 2 soundtrack is full of nothing but breakbeat bangers, hot damn. The whimsy, chasing the nostalgia, really feels to have come out of the Vaporwave movement. I remember people wondering if early PC Music could still be considered vaporwave. I remember getting sent this awhile back, and it's not good (my opinion), but boy does it feel like a proto version of a lot of this, this is the shitpost part of my post (though there are a few good tracks in here).
  16. Ugh, I'm so looking forward to whenever this releases in some capacity.
  17. Rare picture of me. This is my roommate's mom's cat Westley, below is his sister Princess Buttercup. They are very sweet cats.
  18. SKAM should get that ad sense revenue from the AMKS streams to help releases. SKAM, hire me for the price of whatever you release that I want to have copies of for more business tips, thanks.
  19. It's still one of the albums I keep in my regular spin rotation. It's so fucking good, top 10 for me for sure in...I was going to say last ten years but it's older than that.
  20. Put my ass in Montreal. I took five years of French through school and I love hockey, so I will fit right in. Shove a steamie in my mouth. Myanmar is looking a little spicy at the moment, unfortunately. I'm sure you're beyond aware and know far more than I do about it though.
  21. Slade Treacher is a wonderful track, haven't heard the rest yet, but damn is that nice.
  22. Wonderful album. All the vinyls are out, but I got the CD (since I never owned the thing).
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