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  1. very happy with this one


    the end of abundance makes me pray for him to get a move on with SAW III.... those last bars...... floating goodness ;)


    between from Cheetah to this feels like a nice cohesive narrative on the go (looming foreshadowing to being thrown into the midst and out again)

    - the older he gets the better the craft :aphexsign: 

  2. I find the varied references to UFO like experiences in Ayahuasca visions pretty fascinating e.g.





      In spite of the frequency with which Pablo depicts spaceships, he is sparsein his commentary about them. Pablo says that these vehicles may take manyshapes, are able to attain infinite speed, and can travel underwater or underthe earth. The beings travelling in them are like spirits, having bodies moresubtle than ours, appearing and disappearing at will. They belong to advancedextraterrestrial civilizations that live in perfect harmony.


    check out Pablos artwork(http://www.ayahuascavisions.com/index.html ), internet seems a bit lax on discussing this element




    an article chewing the cud on topic^^


    have quite a few friends who all have different experiences, My only reccall with aliens has been whilst lucid dreaming


    I reckon humanity as a whole is far too conditioned in sense of "me/I" identity and all the stories that come along with that, by and large there's too much restless churning of the mind for us to recognise these more "advanced" subtler forms of life that probably keep a beady eye on us - we're way too distanced from the present moment to grok em I reckon :)!


    I enjoy the work of this collective http://temporarytemples.co.uk/ lots of great effort in documenting crop circles - they publish a photobook of all the ones of the year they have photographed (I don't think there are any other such annual publications)


    if you're interested I'd recommend giving this book a read http://temporarytemples.co.uk/product/crooked-soley-a-crop-circle-revelation


    it makes the "crop circles as people DIYing" it look too heavy handed a theory (some probably are but all of them? year in year out for the entertainment of a tiny fringe of interested people?) - regardless the circles/craft/visions/experiences etc are an enigma of our times, they keep life exciting! they encourage us into relationship with the unknown and mysterious, they make us think.

  3. hard to tell what the full album would be like from one preview..... going back to one of his earlier efforts (Breaking The Frame)


    a 4x4 banger


    ^^ say that was in that case the preview for the album


    followed by a lot of tracks more like this



    a far more adventure driven sound design textural romp than just straight up dance floor fodder.... makes for very interesting mixing



  4. absolutely loving this release, it's massive!!! (in every possible way)


    and for me quite inspiring, it really makes me want to make music (not in the same style or imitation or anything) but hearing it feels like a volley of creative energy landing on my lap and shouting "your turn, what'cha gonna do now?" ;)!






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