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  1. https://thisistelex.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-telex 01. The Beat Goes On/Off 3:37 [ PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ] 02. Moskow Diskow 3:19 03. Twist À Saint-Tropez 3:27 04. Euro-Vision 2:44 05. Dance To The Music 3:35 06. Drama Drama 4:00 07. Exercise Is Good For You 3:56 08. L'Amour Toujours 3:32 09. Radio-Radio 4:05 10. Rendez-Vous Dans L'Espace 4:16 11. Beautiful Li(f)e 3:24 12. The Number One Song In Heaven 6:28 13. La Bamba 3:22 14. Dear Prudence 4:02
  2. an ep together with Blixa Bargeld coming next week on friday! https://modeselektor.bandcamp.com/album/mean-friend remixes by Telefon Tel Aviv, DJ Stingray and Giant Swan
  3. Yes, sorry about that, I should've been a bit more clear. I recently got this (very cheap) phono preamp https://www.thomann.de/intl/millenium_php_2.htm Together with that, I got the Audient iD4 MKII (USB-C), replacing my ancient Focusrite 2i2, only to figure out that the single Mic/Line-input was mono when I tried to listen/record some vinyl. >< https://www.thomann.de/intl/audient_id4_mkii.htm I just ordered the EVO 4 (which is also an Audient product) with 2 Mic/Line-ins + 2 x 6.3 mm Jack to 2 x RCA. Should do the job! https://www.thomann.de/intl/audient_evo_4.htm
  4. next to a burger we should also have a pizza!
  5. this is also huge ! smart! Colorado Temporarily Re-Bans Marijuana For Statewide Tolerance Break https://www.theonion.com/colorado-temporarily-re-bans-marijuana-for-statewide-to-1846644038
  6. out tomorrow https://www.monkeytownrecords.com/releases/extended/ https://modeselektor.bandcamp.com/album/extended Minibus Dentist Sekt um 12 Tacken Hood feat. Jackson & His Computer Band Rainy Hyena Dancehall Butlin’s Minehead Interlude Bangface 1000 Kicks Puls Soda Paradiso Kupfer U8 Ohm The Germs Stadtschloss Disc Movement feat. Paul St Hilaire Keller Mean KlangKrieg Cthulhu Drums Bilbao Lockdown
  7. any affordable usb audio interface out there with stereo lineins? i want to record some vinyls. or better solution for this kind of job?
  8. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-sun-6 ❤️
  9. you can do this with theta edge node https://medium.com/theta-network/theta-network-introduces-edge-compute-aiding-folding-homes-fight-against-covid-19-and-other-aac8742aeb12 https://www.thetatoken.org/
  10. since bandcamp is waiving revenue share again this Friday here's some more quintessential idiosyncratic excursions that easily fit my top202020, not present itt Ashley Paul - Ray https://ashleypaul.bandcamp.com/album/ray Josiah Steinbrick - Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue https://josiahsteinbrick.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-devotion-tongue-street-blue Okkyung Lee - Yeo-Neun https://shelterpress.bandcamp.com/album/yeo-neun Serpente - Fé/Vazio https://serpente101.bandcamp.com/album/fe-vazio Spivak - Μετά Το Ρέιβ https://spivak.bandcamp.com/album/- Sugai Ken - Tone River
  11. same here devastating news. strength to all relatives and friends 🕯️
  12. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-sun-4-ep-2b
  13. cear


    anyone know what this is? supposedly "easter egg" that came w AE_LIVE 2016/2018 https://archive.org/details/AE_ONESIX or https://rateyourmusic.com/release/unauth/autechre/ae_onesix_exclusives.p/ sounds like long fanedits of bits of AE_LIVE 2016/2018 to me. weird that someone would upload this as being legit / bootleg
  14. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-sun-4-ep-2a
  15. not (self-released) btw, released by AD 93 (fka Whities) https://ad93.bandcamp.com/
  16. damn! nice find bit of a reverse request but what track(s) uses the eva robot voice from pixar's wall-e again?
  17. all here
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