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  1. I dunno, but one of my teachers wrote "polypeptide" but the way she wrote it looked like "polypecticle", which is a fucking great word. So great that it derailed the whole class and was a formative moment in my upbringing.
  2. Gay Jewish docking through a bagel porn in 3D produced by the Vatican. Next level shit. I know Justin Trudeau's a fan.
  3. I was born in tha fuckin Cretaceous period and I’m cantankerous
  4. DJ Twat Waffle DJ Antifa Manatee DJ Fascist Hedgehog
  5. Look up “Critical Race Theory” and how it’s shaping the whole conversation about race. It’s almost as if it’s designed to misdirect and distract from the real race/class related issues. Class needs to be a much bigger part of the discussion, if we’re ever going to solve anything.
  6. The whole thing is one gigantic shitshow. Another weird thing is every corporation, every youtuber, etc all obsequiously presenting their willingness to search for racism and call it out like that’s some kind of worthy pursuit. Whoever wins the racism Easter egg hunt in 21st century America wins a prize! Your own “comedy” special on Netflix and a cameo as the one white person in a Jordan Peele production.
  7. So if Pence’s wife is mother and Trump is his father, does that mean he lets Trump fuck his wife?
  8. All it would take is the NY Attorney General.
  9. Not a minor, a miner.
  10. When I cum and it lands somewhere it wasn't supposed to land.
  11. A lot of those confrontation videos have black people that go out and contrive an incident with a white woman, post it on twitter, say "Karen" and then try to dox her. They are trying to provoke. I think the lady who pulled the gun had issues anyway but also knew they were up to something weird. You've probably seen this example, with a guy who does this just for attention. His twitter name is fucking wypipo_h8 for fuck's sake. This lady was straight up stalked. Basically, the people filming can and do make up any kind of racist accusation they want, act threatening towards the "Karen", and post a video of their whereabouts on social media, which actually does put them in real danger. And people are inclined to hate "Karens" these days.
  12. I may or may not recommend spray painting "Black Trans Lives Matter" on the foreheads of Mt. Rushmore with one word on each forehead.
  13. Your point was that police are primarily the killers of black people, which is false, and your response is a Wikipedia page on logical fallacies.
  14. The ones primarily doing the killing are other black people, not police. I can’t believe we’re still on this shit either.
  15. Trying to blame all of this on police completely misses the point anyway and it actually seems to intentionally miss the point. It's bad legislation that the American people naively ASKED for decades ago. They wanted to be tough on drugs and crime, but a lot of it ended up backfiring in a sinister way. Cops are killing less people than ever, but we have smartphones now. Not a popular thing to point out, I realize, but it's still true. The American public just isn't smart enough to have a nuanced conversation about fucking anything, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.
  16. Nope. For all the fucked up things the US has done overseas, we’re not currently committing genocide or trying to start WW3.
  17. Well, if someone points out that the USA is still a nicer country than China, they aren’t wrong. The USA isn’t even that racist compared to them, nevermind all the geopolitical fuckery. Never. We’re about to enter a new Cold War with China.
  18. USA and China are definitely not on the same team.
  19. Actually, a lot of countries wouldn’t like China becoming the global superpower, for obvious reasons. They’d end up actually getting fucked, even though it’s fashionable to demonize the USA.
  20. I bet China would love it if the bronys got their way and the CIA was abolished though.
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